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Choose The Correct Narrative

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3 months ago

How do you start your day?

I am not sure what you people do when you start your day in the morning.

Maybe, you eat your breakfast, take a cold bath, and start your work day with a fresh mind. In most common cases, people switch on the computer, or the mobile set, and start browsing the Internet!

  • When I open the Internet browser, I first check my email, then watch the news headlines, and after getting overloaded with complex visions about the world, I start my day!

My mind fills up with different views and opinions of the world. Sometimes, we also call them narratives. Some narratives are super positive, and some are notoriously negative.

The world is full of narratives.

There are so many views and opinions about the world. Yes, I am talking about narratives. The globe is full of narratives but there is no narrative that we may consider global.

  • The governments want some narratives to propagate among the common mass. They may have some vested interests.

  • The so-called pandemic and virus mania was one of the top narratives propagated under the active interest of the big pharma companies.

The mainstream news media are the main agents for the propagation of all sorts of narratives. There are collaborating allies, such as political parties, and the top religious groups who hold controlling power over the common people.

Choose the correct narrative.

Saying is easy. Great people always advice! Do this and don't do that, as if it has been proved that "this is good and that is bad."

  • Following famous quotes is a popular practice.

  • Who knows if the quote was told or written by the very person? But people are more comfortable taking advice from famous quotes than their peers!

So, it is not easy choosing a narrative.

Photo by Alex Shute on Unsplash.

How to know which narrative is genuinely correct?

  • Quotes from your lovely quote library may not help much.

  • Here, you have to decide it yourself.

In my humble opinion, it is your inner soul that can decide which one is correct, if and only if, you have a logical mind.

  • Your knowledge base may help.

  • But the superpower is your logical mind.

  • Courage is an essential element.

Your logical mind can detect which one is a "conspiracy theory" and which one is a real "conspiracy" against humanity.

Concluding thoughts

  • Having clarity about life around us is essential to our survival.

  • Let us use our knowledge base and logical mind to assess global narratives.

  • We have the freedom to accept or reject narratives.

Choosing the correct narrative requires knowledge and courage.

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Oct 24, 2022

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Written by   373
3 months ago
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We have to choose our right and our wrong and follow it through

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3 months ago

Of course, it is our responsibility to choose the correct narrative.

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3 months ago

Very true, and that is the topic :)

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3 months ago

Saying is good but choose the right thing Well said great information

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3 months ago

We have the freedom to choose a narrative.

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3 months ago

Just Imagine that ! :
I woke up this morning and
after finishing my morning routines
and beginning my day
this article popped up on my reading list.

I quit watching morning television decades ago.
A few years back I quit reading emails or browsing internet for breakfast.
My new routine mirrors this:
The best advice for waking up
is to not get out of bed until you have worked through:

  • realize who you are and how you wish to grow today
  • know what you hope to achieve today
  • and prepare your resolve to have a beautiful day no matter what.

Create your own best narrative and coat it with emotional teflon
so other "official" narratives have nothing to stick to on your soul.

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3 months ago

Your comment resonated a hundred percent with my inner thoughts.

I appreciate your valuable time in writing such a bit of thought-provoking advice.

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3 months ago

I agree with you: " it is your inner soul that can decide which one is correct, if and only if, you have a logical mind."

In this time of misinformation of infotoxication, it's confusing to know which one I should choose and believe, so first we need to open our minds, be curious, find different visions and then let our soul or intuition guide us... (and of course it's clear that official information is beneficial for them not for you).

$ 0.02
3 months ago

You correctly write:

so first we need to open our minds, be curious, find different visions and then let our soul or intuition guide us

Ultimately, we have to find out what is good for our lives.

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3 months ago

Anyone can build a narrative, we should be able to find a better and good idea. Narrative are no doubt are built by some great people but we can't follow each narrative untill and unless we are not able to differentiate between right and wrong things.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

It is not easy to decide which narrative to follow.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

I love reading inspirational quotes online too.I love to start my day with a good vibes

$ 0.00
3 months ago