Can Artificial Intelligence Promote Mainstream Narratives?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful technological tool in the hands of people. The people include the governments, the big tech corporations, and all other players of the mainstream world, including the mainstream news media and big pharma.

In recent days, I read so much news and views about the new AI tool called ChatGPT. Like "ChatGPT can solve" this and that. ChatGPT is indeed an interactive online tool to search for answers to questions on almost any topic!

What if ChatGPT is designed to propagate mainstream narratives?

The designers of an AI tool are not saints. The AI algorithm designers will have to do their job as per the guidelines and control of the government regulatory offices.

It is rather unlikely that ChatGPT will be able to provide correct, true, and unbiased answers for some debatable questions on topics such as,

  • Biometrics

  • Viruses

  • Medicines

  • Vaccines

  • Stock markets

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Politics

  • Religion

I will not be surprised if ChapGPT provides answers that align with governmental narratives and directives.


  • AI tools like ChatGPT will remain online attractions for global Internet users.

  • It will be wrong to expect that ChatGPT will provide unbiased answers and solve unsolved real-world problems.

  • Life problems may increase manyfold by the AI intervention not only due to its limitations but also due to governmental control on designing the AI algorithms.

The free flow of knowledge and truth is always a problem for totalitarian forces.

The only tool the common mass have is to ask questions.

The people must have the courage to ask questions.

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Jan 31, Feb 01, 2023

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4 months ago
Topics: AI, Knowledge, Truth, Freedom, Questions, ...


Guess the govt also handles this tech in most countries. Whatever that may bring advancement in people lives, may we able to use it and benefits us.

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4 months ago

Governments ARE controlling tech (and all) businesses worldwide.

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4 months ago

I wonder if Nikola Tesla's inventions was included in this tech. Crypto I guess will be part of this advancement....

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4 months ago

Nikola Tesla was not after money-making. Tesla was after innovations that contributed positively to human society. He was probably too ethical and humanity-loving to make business gains.

Cryptocurrencies were invented not to support the poor but to make rich people richer.

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4 months ago