Apps Settings Not Enough to Protect Phones from Cyberbully

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It is almost impossible to survive without using a smartphone in this Internet-driven world. You and we know that using a smartphone puts you in more trouble with privacy intrusion, cyber attacks, and data leaks.

  • People may say that they always keep their operating system updated and never use apps other than from authentic sources, such as Apple's app store or Google's play store.

  • They may also say that they are well aware of cyber problems and are very careful about the privacy settings in their apps.

  • Some people might even boast that they buy security software to protect their data privacy and security.

Knowledge about cybersecurity and using costly security software apps are not enough to protect your smartphone from cyber criminals and totalitarian intrusion of governments!

There must be more than the software app settings in your smartphone to ensure data privacy and security.

  • Your smartphone's software app settings are convenient for activating/deactivating the features and enabling device access.

  • Suppose one wants to deactivate the WiFi or Bluetooth in their devices, and it is easy to do it on the software app settings in the smartphone and the devices.

But, how can you be so sure that no external agent is trying to modify your settings remotely? Cybercriminals always try to override the software app settings and penetrate the device.

Breaking the security firewall and overriding smartphones' software app settings is not impossible.

  • In any instance, innumerable cybercriminals worldwide may continue to send control signals and try to modify smartphone software app settings!

  • The governments may also try to override the smartphones' default or users' selection in the software app settings and send unwanted controlling signals!

Have you read the recent news about how the most governments in the world are planning to send "Emergency Alerts" to every citizen's smartphone device?

The governments announced that they would override the settings of the smartphones and deliver the "Emergency Alerts" siren warning! Even if the citizens muted their devices' volume, a sharp warning siren would sound on every smartphone!

Concluding thoughts

  • How would you secure your smartphone software app settings from being overridden by cybercriminals and totalitarian governments?

The smartphone software app setting or other cybersecurity software apps can NOT help you protect your device privacy settings!

  • The app settings are software switches to activate/deactivate a device/feature.

Hence, you need a hardware switch to activate/deactive a device/feature, such as deactivating WiFi, microphone, camera, speakers, etc.

  • Does your device/smartphone has got such a hardware-switching capability?

I think it would be best to have a device/smartphone with hardware switches to physically activate/deactivate different devices/applications.

  • Then, cybercriminals and totalitarian governments can NOT override your privacy features set by you in your device/smartphone.

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Mar 22, 2023

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11 months ago


As we are moving towards advancement in Technology, we are less protected as we were before. Yeah, Cyberbully is a great danger to many applications in coming era.

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11 months ago

Thanks for your quick comment :) But, I am writing about a non-tech and a non-smart feature, i.e., hardware switches, to activate/deactivate devices/features in a smartphone. Have you read the article?

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11 months ago

Yup, I have read. I forget about my Admin Password on my laptop with Window 10 Education. Can you help me in its recovery?

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11 months ago

I would have loved to help you. I have no expertise in MS Windows. I have stopped using MS Windows since 1999. I have been baptized in GNU/Linux since the year 2000.

Search your question in support-dot-microsoft-dot-com, or in stackexchange-dot-com communities. You will surely get a solution.

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11 months ago

Now we cannot imagine our life without a smartphone. Security and privacy become a big issue. No doubt it is challenging to maintain privacy and security. If someone takes control of your smartphone somehow, that person/entity can do way more damage.

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11 months ago

No doubt about it. But, every smartphone should have a provision for hardware switches to physically activate/deactivate devices features (microphone, camera, wifi, Bluetooth).

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11 months ago

Sometimes I feel, smartphones have so many loopholes in security department like it would be a disaster if one gets hacked. There's so much data. Hardware switch seems to me the most safest option but that would kill the ease which smartphone offers I think. But I think security matters more to me.

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11 months ago

(1) No commercial smartphones have hardware switches to enable/disable camera, microphone, WiFi, etc. features. Very few freedom-oriented developers have started developing customizable open-source smartphones and computer devices.

(2) Hardware switches will be an additional feature and a more convenient tool than the app to enable/disable devices with a finger touch! People still be able to use the apps which cybercriminals can override easily.

(3) In the future, governments may legally sue companies selling smartphones with hardware switches for apps/devices features!

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11 months ago

Cyberbullying is so difficult to prevent as many people will always try to do that no matter what.

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11 months ago

"No matter what," try to read the article before jumping to support with a comment :)

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11 months ago