Perhaps we are all on a leash

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8 months ago
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Recently, I read the following text attached to a photo on a friend's WhatsApp status:

"If you need the threat of hell to be a good person, then you're just a bad person on a leash."

I would clarify the last word in the quotation, "leash," for those who might not grasp it. In the statement, the word "leash" has a metaphorical meaning of "to curb or constrain."

The quote's fundamental thesis is that if someone is acting morally upright just out of dread of going to hell, that person is actually a horrible person who is only being prevented from doing worse things.

Do you concur with the quote? Okay, let's examine the quote. First, I want to quickly discuss the concept of retribution in the hereafter and the belief in it.

Religions and afterlife

The majority of the world's main faiths embrace the idea of an afterlife. I'd want to explain what the afterlife entails for individuals who might not know.

The idea that there is life after death is known as the afterlife.

Different religions hold different views on whether there is an afterlife. Hinduism, for example, accepts the idea of reincarnation. But followers of the two most prevalent religions on earth—Christianity and Islam—are those who believe the most in the idea of Hellfire.


Hellfire is known as Jahannam in Islam, and like in Christianity, it is a place where the wicked and unbelievers are punished. Many Christian and Islamic groups believe that everyone will be judged on the last day and that those who are bad will be punished in hellfire. As a result, individuals must constantly work to do what is good and right.

However, the quote at the start of my post claims that prospective evil people are those who resist doing wrong because they fear going to hell. What can I say in response to that?

My response

My response is that since the majority of people are inclined to breach the law or conduct crimes, a system is required to prevent them as there are only a small number of people who always love to do good or the right thing without being asked.

Well, I'm not here to debate whether or not hell is real, but let's pretend it is for this post.

So, the question is:

Should those who are deterred from doing wrong by the thought of damnation be referred to as evil people?

My answer is:

No, they are not, is my response. Only those who act badly ought to be categorized as terrible people.

Laws prevent crimes

Man-made laws, which we humans enact to deter crime, are a good example. Imagine that theft and robbery are not subject to penalties. People can be enticed to go stealing.

There are a lot of individuals who are hungry and in need, but the only thing stopping them from stealing is the fact that it is illegal in almost every nation on earth. However, simply because they feel like stealing does not yet render them evil.

No one is free from bad deed

Every person has ever had a negative idea or done something awful. The severity of our deed is the primary distinction between what is terrible.

For instance, I recall stealing from my parents once when I was a child (lol). Yes, it is a crime. However, it cannot be likened to an adult taking someone else's money, even if both crimes carry penalties. If a youngster who steals is not disciplined or punished, the child will grow up to commit theft.

Laws and law enforcement officials (such as the police, customs officials, etc.) are the reasons why there is less crime in the majority of countries; without those two, there would be crime everywhere.


However, no one can be completely confident that hellfire exists because no one has ever visited hell and returned with evidence of its existence.

If the threat of hellfire keeps people from acting badly, I don't see anything wrong with it. No matter what they fear—hellfire, the law, the court, or the police—the most important thing is that they don't do anything terrible.

What important is that you should always act morally; keep in mind that there are always repercussions for improper behaviour.


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Thanks for reading!

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8 months ago
Topics: Religion, Afterlife, Hellfire, Law, Humans, ...


We must remember that our behavior speaks about our real persona. But, some people pretend as polite and good! They wait for the opportunity to cheat!

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8 months ago

That's true. That's why there are laws in place: to put check and balances to human behaviours. Without laws almost everyone on earth would be evil in some way

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8 months ago

Yup I absolutely agree with you. Because people are really constrain for the sake they haven't been financial stabilize... what if they are ??... hmmm this article is thought provoking...

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8 months ago

Thanks for the remark Cesca

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8 months ago

I don't know if hell fire exists or not. As you said, no one has been there and came back to tell us how it is. We were just told in Islam and Christianity that hell fire exits

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8 months ago

Indeed, no one truly knows.

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8 months ago