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Hi FAM! Yes i'm back to continue from where we stopped. I hope you all have been good. I have been tho, in case you're wondering.

If you're just joining on this topic's journey, welcome i'm glad to have you join us and do well to visit my previous article in order to catch the train.

With that said let's dive right in, shall we?

What is a love language?

According to American English dictionary love [1] is a profound and caring affection towards someone. [2]A deep or abiding liking for something; an enthusiasm for something. [3] A thing, activity etc which is the object of one's deep liking or enthusiasm.

Language according to the same dictionary is [1] The expression of thought (the communication of meaning) in a specified way. [2] Manner of expression

Therefore; from these two words, my own definition is...

love language is the expression of enthusiasm. That is a Language that arose deep enthusiasm(interest) from within.

Let's me expanciate.

For instance, if you want that crush of yours to develop feelings for you, you must be ready to strike his/her mumu button. That button is you knowing his/her love language and speaking it to him/her, that one thing that will make him/her show interest in you.

I hope this makes sense. As we move deep you will understand what i'm trying to pass across.

Types of love language.

There are 5 love languages like Mrs W mentioned in my previous article and they include;

  1. Word of affirmation: This is one in which words build a person up. That is he/she thrives on spoken affection, praise, encouragement, and compliments. Harsh words and criticism bothers such person for a long time. We all have that one person that can still vividly remember the harsh word spoken about 100 years(assumption tho). If you observe such person you would realize he/she belongs to this category. Those friends that are always on cloud nine when you post them on any of your social media handles with lengthy praises to back it up. Yes those also fall in this category.

  2. Acts of Service: This is one in which rendering a helping hand speaks volume for someone. Such person feels loved and cared for when his/her workload is eased. In contrary, unfulfilled promises or slothfulness can make such person feel unimportant.  An example of such is Mr Banky W in my previous article.

  3. Receiving gifts: This one in which a thoughtful gift lightens you up. Under this category are people that showering them with thoughtful gifts shows that they are loved to the core. On the other hand, fuzzy gifts and forgotten special occasions have the opposite impact. This love language isn’t necessarily materialistic, it could be as simple as receiving one favourite snack/drinks after a bad day. That one person that won't stop speaking or remembering a gift, if you observer such person falls under those category

  4. Quality time: This is one in which giving them undivided attention makes them feel important. Example of such is Mrs W in my previous article.

  5. Physical touch: This doesn't necessarily means romance. Holding hands, kisses, hugs, pecks and other touches are preferred way to show and receive love. Appropriate touches convey warmth and safety. Refusal to act as such leads to one under this category to feel unloved. For instance, some children prefer this especially in their adolescent stage. Also some friends preferred to be hugged instead of shaking hands with them when exchanging pleasantries.

With this I hope you can now tell between different types of love languages.

Myths & Facts about love languages

It is believed that love languages only exist between couples.

No, it doesn't. It also exist between;

  1. parents and their children;

Child: (teary) my parents are never there for me, they are just never at home, all they ever did is shower me with tons of gifts and luxuries. That's not what I want.

Parents:(frustrated) what else do you want, we are trying our best to give you the best of everything, some children out there would kill just to have a glimpse of what you have!

Such misunderstanding is as a result of not under each others love languages.

  1. Friends

  2. Siblings

  3. Coworkers/neighbors

  4. Teachers & students/pupils. (As the common saying a teaching career isn't just a career but a calling. To get along with your students/pupils you need to speak the language they understand.)

  5. Classmates, roommate etc.

It is also believed that a person is only entitled to a love language

Nope, a person can have more than one love language just as you can speak your dialect and English or any official language of your country.

Important of love language.

It fosters relationships.

From the talk with the W's in my previous article. Such misunderstanding between them could have led to a divorce. The lack of understanding each other's love languages is one of the major reasons why divorce rate skyrocket each year.

Probably, if you've taken your time to understand the love language of that friend/girlfriend/ boyfriend of yours both of you might still be together.

Perhaps, if you've taken your time to understand your grandparents, parents, children, siblings or cousins' love languages you all might not end up in disagreement every now and then.

One of the keys to any successful -ship( relationship, friendship, parentship...) is love language.


Phew! Finally I'm done. Apologizes that it's lengthy, I don't want to have to write a part 3 of this, that's why, so as not to bore you all.

Thank you all for reading up till now and following through from the very first one, your views, likes, upvotes and comments, gingered me to write this one. I really appreciate and I don't take you all for granted.

@Tomi-Ajax to answer your question, the other one is words of affirmation😉.

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