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Bermuda triangle

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The year was 1945 on 5th December and time was 2 in the afternoon 5 year craft who regular aircraft of the US Navy took off from Florida it was regular training program and the mission was now as flight 19 in which there were 14 crew members who were led by the flight leader a highly experience pilot he has experienced over so many flights these five planes flew in the east side in Florida . Everything was in control and the weather was so clear that it was not possible that any bad thing would happen in the future. Only after 2 hours of the take off sudden problem started to happen. The compass was not working through which they have to measure that in which direction they were going on. First checking the direction the y take out their backup compass but the backup compass was failed too. They are thinking that this is happening with only their aircraft and the problem which they are facing only their facing but when they ask to the other pilots they got to know that they are also suffering from the same things. The instruments of other aircrafts were also not working. Lieutenant Charles Carol tailor was the leader of the aircraft and he was handling everything. When there instruments were not working he send a confusing and paradoxical message to the radio transmission in which he said

"Both my compasses are out and I am trying to find fart Lauderdale . Florida , I am over land but it is broken I am sure I am in the keys but I dont know how far down ."

  • The weather is not going good at almost 5 O clock in the evening at that time he was thinking that that plane flying over the gulf of Mexico.

  • So he minded the rest of the plans to fly in the East but they were underwear that in East there is Bermuda triangle.

  • Some of the flying members were believing that they are already flying over there but the pilots have to accept the command of the squad leader

  • When the follow the order and they moved there after that all the planes were disappeared and the weather was getting dark .

  • Till now anyone have no clue about those planes where are they what happened to them?

Search operation:

After that disappearance of flight 19 search and rescue aircraft was also sent to the same area for the searching of those regular flights . In that search operation there were 13 group members. But when they were searching for flight 19 they also disappear. After so many days are large big scale search operation was carried out which was considered as largest operation of that time. That search operation was taken out for searching of both those flights which were missing. The interesting thing which comes here that those both flights which disappeared there , the area is now known as "Bermuda Triangle ".

Past fifty years:

From last 50 years 300 ships and 100 planes are missing and no one knows that how this has happened and where they have gone ? But the region is same " The Atlantic Ocean " The Region is also known as "Devil Triangle " because it engulf everything whether that is flying over it or sailing over this region. People always remain curious about the region and wanted to know about the Triangle . The aircraft which have disappeared their they were never found again.

The area of that triangle lies between Florida in the USA the Rico and the country Bermuda in the north. The area of Bermuda triangle is more than 5 lac square miles. The stories of Bermuda Triangle are circulating around 500 years ago.

When Christopher Columbus was curious about finding a new world and in his research he also told that when he was passing by that area his compass was not working he also reported that at that night when he look up to his head on the sky then he light which is coming towards him like a ball of fire. This was the beginning of the mystery over the next and decades several names are given to that area it was also considered as See of Doom graveyard of the Atlantic Ocean. These names were common in 19 and 18 century.

In the magazine named argosy, it was named as Bermuda Triangle for the first time. And that article was written by Vincent H. Gaddis in 1964 the author summarized to so many disappearance which happened in Bermuda Triangle in last decades. He also try to create a mystery he also try to link all of them. So it created so much height in the audience and Bermuda Triangle getting popular over the time so many songs we return over it and the games and books were written over it.

There was another horrifying incident happened in 1918 in which there were USS cyclops. It was one of the most important assets of US Navy. On 4th March 1989 almost 300 people were working on uss cyclops. The ship was going to Brazil and it was carrying 11000 tonnes of manganese. The journey was to take 9 days and everything was in control also the weather was so clear at the time of departure of the ship. There were no message received by US Navy whether it has reached to its destination or not! It was really shocking for all of them because it was huge lose for the US Navvy because it was their biggest Ship of that time.

Ellen Austin Mystery and Meta

Another incident which happened which was even more daunting and frightful for all of us ! "The Ellen Austin Mystery"it was also a ship which was travelling from London to the New York. But when the ship was on its way it come in contact with another shape near to the Bermuda Triangle from the outside though that unidentified ship was looking normal but till now there is no even a single clue.The commanders did not receive any message from the ship for two days but the mysterious thing was that the ship is still there in the sea and the ship continued its journey because they were afraid of pirates both ships continued ahead normally but then came a storm , They made their ways after some days when the ship is sailing the same story has happened to them that another storm came ! But fortunately the ship came back to its destination and when the whole story narrated to the owner of the ship he became so much terrified after hearing that story he is solved of that ship to the German company and the change the name of that ship to meta just like Mark Zuckerberg who named Facebook into Meta. Although the story is legendary in itself but the main thing that it is not verified because the stories which move chest to chest are most of the time just popular not verified properly.We call these type of stories , Legends .

Many rational thinkers also believe that Bermuda triangle is just one of the legend means this is just myth.

What lies behind the incidents of the Bermuda triangle ?

There are different type of theories which build up in that response and some people believed at this has happened to due to the aliens those alien came and abducted the aircraft and ships and had taken these with them. The other group of people believe that there is a giant Ocean monster under the sea which is the main reason behind that disappearances of different type of objects and different type of aircraft and ships. There are other type of theories who seems scientific one explanation is on the basis of magnetic poles. The north pole and the magnetic north pole of the earth are two different points but there are some regions in the earth where compasses show both north poles at the same place.These places are knows as Agonic lines .

The other scientific story when we see from satellite then we see that this area is shallow and it stands out from rest of the area , third point is the highest rate of hurricanes in the world if we rank the countries where we can see most of the hurricanes so USA will be on number 2 .

It also has large quantity of methane hydrates in Australia scientists have conducted a test over it and they see that it decreases the density of water and the ships down in the water. It is the same logic as when the salt content of the water is high the density of water increased as in the case of Dead sea.

Conclusion :

In this article I tried to explain scientific theories and myths about Bermuda triangle .thanks for reading

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Bermuda triangle always remain mysterious and people are curious about it

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