This is how it all started, when time stopped!

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I always thought that music was magic, that it was a kind of magic. Since this first memory, when I was 6 or 7 years old, and I could finally touch of this piano fascinating me every time I went to this old lady. A family friend. And she knew it. One day, she told me: "Do you like this piano? Just go". So, I pressed a random key.. And in this huge living room the reverberation of the note has spread almost to infinity. Time had stopped, and I just switched to another dimension.

This moment has changed my life forever! Because as soon as I get old enough to learn to play music, I enrolled in the music school in my city. Today, more than forty years later, I remain fascinated, more than ever.

Let's go sit at the edge of the galaxy, and contemplate..

Time can stop once more. :0)

Track: "On The Edge Of The Galaxy". "On The Edge Of The Galaxy" Album, track 02. Released on March 25, 2018.

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Love the pic for "In Slow Motion"! If you ever want me to do graphics for you I work for tips ;)

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