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Electronic "BerlinSchool" Patterns

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4 months ago
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Hello to all of you! :0)

Day 5. (Day 4).

I'm going to spend most of this week working to finish, I hope, quite quickly the album "Electronic Patterns". To summarize very quickly, it is a project that I started in May 2020 which is based on a concept of what I would call patterns, that is to say repetitive electronic sequences, with arpeggios or melodic lines, which create the base, the heart of the piece. With possible transitions, bridges, in order to link certain tracks together. Something very experimental in the end. Electronic Patterns is very strongly influenced by the BerlinSchool. Which is a completely new direction completely assumed. I've already released one or two things in this spirit, but this time I'm clearly announcing it as a BerlinSchool music Album!

For good vibes while reading. One of my favorite Album in this kind of Electronic Music: Klaus Schulze - Continuum.

Berlinschool music.

The Berlinschool music is an electronic music movement created in the 70's, itself derived from Krautrock, inspired by artists from West Berlin, in West Germany. Artists like Tangerine Dream, or Klaus Schulze for exemple are the precursors. Today, artists like Lisa Bella Donna continue to perpetuate this style which is still going strong and which I like to define as the "progressive rock" of electronic music. It's a musical movement that has always been very experimental.

Nowadays, modular or analog synthesizers are very fashionable again because the grain of these machines that were born in the 70s is very organic, very specific. The possibilities of approaching the work on the sound or the creation of sequences are infinite. Many companies market clones of these originals synths, whether they are hardware or software models. Some original models have been re-released. The software models of these legendary Moog or ARP 2600 synths, and many others models, come close to the originals to perfection, while adding a multitude of innovations and possibilities that were not available at that time. What a cool rebirth!

Suzanne Ciani in the 70's

Let's get back to the point.

When I started working on Electronic Patterns, I honestly thought I would finish it pretty quickly. I already had 4 or 5 potential compositions and I was very inspired. So the process was moving along normally. Then fate intervened, first with the definitive failure of my studio monitors. The crowdfunding campaign launched to be able to replace them only allowed me to collect a hundred euros in total. Initially, I had planned an amount of 250 euros (I will explain later why it failed.. unprepared). So I revised downwards the purchase price of the replacement of my monitors. I bought Presonus Eris 3.5 monitors, for about 90 euros. These monitors of 2x 25 Watts are of very good quality by the way. This power is more than enough for Home Studio work, and Presonus is a very famous brand, mainly for its Studio Live mixers. So.. Quality/Price, I recommend them!

Then, with hindsight, I can now conclude that this health crisis slowed down the project very strongly, and even stopped it for a while. Unconsciously, the mood was altered. I was no longer in the original vibes. I started to go in circles, not knowing or even managing to continue to move forward on the project. I had to completely detach myself from what was happening in the world outside the room where I play and compose music to find the trigger. The desire. The inspiration. I then recorded a new good dozen of potential ideas at the end of the year 2021. And took the necessary step back to have a global vision of this ambitious project. Ambitious, because it will be the most accomplished, I think, already. But also, because the Album will comprise a number of tracks much higher than what I initially published. A duration also superior by the same occasion. I hope to offer you a beautiful journey in this electronic music universe.

This is the artwork concept for the cover, which I created in digital art, and which will probably be the final cover. Very simple, but evocative with the title of the album.

I fell very ill at the end of December 2021 until mid January 2022 with a severe pneumonia which affected me enormously physically, and thus psychologically. I am still slowly recovering.

Finally, at the beginning of February, I took stock of what I was going to do for 2022, and I naturally started working on Electronic Patterns again. I have all the necessary tracks. That's a good first step! If I add one or two more, that will be a bonus. Who knows! To get back in the mood, I spent two days listening to the raw material over and over at the end of last week. I have a logbook with lots of notes and ideas. I can now move on to recording the missing parts of the different pieces for those that need it, and then to mixing. Then will come another phase of global re-listening. Mixing again. Then, if everything is OK: the Mastering! A release in March or April 2022 would be judicious.

A preview mix for the last year of Welcome To The Core. What have changed now? Mostly important: the drums parts added, some more arrangements added, and a small different structuration.

Wishing you all a fantastic week! :0)

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Written by   153
4 months ago
Topics: Art, Music, Culture, Technology, Sound, ...
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Interesting project. It will be interesting to listen to the final result. I like this style and the sound. The Berlin school was very much a part of my own musical development when it first appeared, and I still have a soft spot for the sound of analog synths.

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4 months ago

Hello man, thanks for your comment and your support! :0) It's cool to know you like this kind of music too. Interesting. I'm a definitive lover of this kind synths sound. Very organic, powerful! Keep in touch..
Have a great week!

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4 months ago