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BCH Weekly News #18 (Mar 08 ,2021)

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Source: Google Finance
  • The board of directors of 21Shares AG announced that they were planning to list Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) tracking two of the most popular crypto assets - Ethereum (ticker: 21XE) and Bitcoin Cash (21XC) - on the regulated market of Deutsche Boerse XETRA on March 9th, 2021. 21Shares AG is a Swiss ETP issuer and has over $1 billion in assets under management in February 2021. Currently, it has 12 crypto ETPs.

  • BCHN, one of the major development teams for BCH, tweeted that they received another large anonymous donation of 1,000 BCH. This follows an anonymous donation of 1,000 BCH they received on January 22nd.

  • Google Finance has added 4 cryptocurrency prices to the page, including the price of BCH.

  • Bitcoin Cash Argentina, a website dedicated to promoting BCH as an everyday currency in Argentina, is now live.

  • Komodo Lead Rust Developer Artem Pikulin has created a Flipstarter campaign to fund Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) token standard integration into Komodo DeFi Engine and AtomicDEX. The fundraising goal is 100BCH.

  • Jason Dreyzehner, a Bitcoin Cash software developer, joined Bitcoin Cash Site to discuss the potential of prediction markets on the BCH chain and how they can build more demand for BCH and open up new opportunities for growth for everyone across the globe. The interview video is avaliable to watch on Youtube. On another interview, the Bitcoin Cash Podcast, imaginary_username, a developer of AnyHedge talked about countering instability and volatility on BCH.

  •, a Bitcoin & multi-cryptocurrency mining service provider, has added BCH support for its transaction accelerator API.

  • Bitcoin Unlimited tweeted that it will release a weekly BCH news graphic called CashRoundup, which will contain all the most exciting things happening on BCH and some other key information.

  • As of Mar 6, the BCH position of Grayscale Trust is 292,271 BCH, an increase of 4,246 BCH compared to last week, and the current premium rate remains as high as 471.43%.

Japanese BCH Weekly News can also be found in more details on Coin Otaku:

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