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Flight Plan or Mission Statement.

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Just as a plane doesn't leave the airport until the pilot has a destination and flight plan, we also need our personal flight plan or Mission Statement. There are many ways to do a mission Statement. The correct and great mission statement is the one in which you can answer yes for this question: does it inspire me? I've seen personal mission statement as long as twelve pages and as short as two words. I've seen mission statements in which there were no words, because they had captured their mission statements through art, music, or objects. A personal mission statement is indeed very personal. Make it however you would like, so long as it is inspiring to you. A personal mission statement is something you revisit regularly and change as your life's experience and insights change.

For your first draft of your mission statement, however, consider the following approach. Your first draft will have four parts. They are:

  • The character traits you want to cultivate and emulate in your life.

  • The goals and achievements you want for yourself.

  • The culture you want to create in your family.

  • The contribution you want to make the community at large through your work life, family life, volunteer work, and any other roles you may have.

That's it! Keep it that simple. Again, you'll probably revise it over time, and that's okay, but this four-part first draft of your mission statement will give you a great start. I first wrote my first mission statement about eighteen years ago, and it has undergone some revisions. My mission statement, based on my experience and estimation, is probably 85 percent complete. I'm not worried about my mission statement being 100 percent complete right away, as much as I am excited about being the type of person I want to be and living my life accordingly. I'll make changes to my mission statement as I see fit. It inspires me. It's my personal flight plan, and I am excited to travel towards it. Your mission statement will also inspire you. So let's get started on your first draft of your personal mission statement!

Cultivate character. What are at least three character traits you want to live by? You wrote down a few consider on Learning from without article.

Identify the personal goals and personal achievements you want just for you. If you were the last person left on earth, what personal goals would you set just for your personal satisfaction?

Create family Culture. From your gut, what do you want your family culture to be like?

Contribute to community. With your unique talents, gifts, and interests, what are the contributions that you would like to make at work, in your community, in your church, and in other roles you may have?

When you consider and ponder these questions, and then give your sincere answers—congratulations! You have finished your first draft of your mission statement. Consider what each of these four questions mean. As you thought about all of these questions, you were in divine-brain mode. In answering these four questions, you have considered your three lives that we mentioned in the allegory of the three-combination lock: your personal or unseen life, your private or family life, and your public life or your life in the community at large.

By answering the first question about character traits, you identified the voice of your trainer that we explored in the allegory of the oxen pull. These may have even coincided with the character traits you chose on article Learning from without. By thinking deeply about the first question, you answered the most critical piece in the allegory of the four seasons and the achievement cycle—the character traits you want to live by.

When you answer the second question, you will express, by your personal goals and achievements, the unique you. You will lift yourself, which is the only way you will have the strength to lift others.

By answering the third question, you are on your way to your personal refining process that we discussed in the allegory of the five golden rings. You are being refined and purified in the crucible of the home.

By answering the fourth question, you are aware of the unique contribution you can make that would give you an additional sense of fulfillment and contribution. As you implement your mission statement, you'll see the allegory of the tree come to fruition. You'll have the defense from the fires that come into your life from without, and you will also have a strong immune system to fight disease from within. You'll find continued success for a long time.


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Written by   161
1 month ago
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