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Five Golden Rings.

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2 months ago

From the lesson of the allegory of the three combination lock, we know we are trying to balance three lives:

1) Our personal or unseen lives

2) Our private or family lives

3) Our public lives or our lives in the community at large

To unlock and unleash our individual potential, the most effective way to improve and change is to learn from without, meaning learning from other peoples and successes.

We learn from without by understanding and following the achievement cycle.

This is the lesson taught by the allegory of the four seasons.

We diagnose our lives or someone else's life, by moving counterclockwise in the achievement cycle, using achievement cycle as our starting point.

We then make the appropriate changes in our lives by moving clockwise in the achievement cycle.

The most critical piece of the achievement cycle is listening to and developing the inner voice of character.

From our character will flow what we think and feel, which impacts what we say and do,which will then lead to our achievements.

So now that we have covered how to learn from without, the next step is to take what we have learned from others and grow from within.

The question this brings up, however, is how to make sure we have a large enough resorvior of character strength when we need it, instead of finding ourselves lacking at critical times, and perhaps resorting to lizard-brain or monkey-brain thinking.

It would be beneficial and advantageous to develop character such that we can apply what we have learned not just to our own lives, but as part of our legacies.

When i mention legacy , I'm referring to helping those in our family and in the community at large.

In short, how do we continually grow outward (according to our three-combination lock allegory) from our personal lives to our family lives, and even to the community at large?

The development of character parallels the process of finding, producing, and ultimately making use of gold.

The five golden rings refer to the five processes needed to make use of gold.

The development of our character is also a five-part process.

The first three revolve around developing ourselves.

The last two parts of developing our character involve applying and strengthening our character development in two Areas—the home and the community at large.

The parallel steps are;






The final step (Use) depends on the use of the gold , whether for jewelry, in the circuitry of a computer, in surgical instruments, or a myriad of other uses.

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Written by   161
2 months ago
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