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Achievement Cycle.

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5 months ago

I refer to this as the Achievement Cycle.

Initially we looked at this model in a counter-clockwise direction to explain the way it works.

Go through your own counter-clockwise examination of your life and get a good sense of your current reality.

Then take a clockwise assessment and implement the model, Making the appropriate additions, Deletions, And modifications to be the person you want to be.

As you look at the four seasons and the achievement Cycle, Making changes begins with listening to the voice of character, Which to me, Is synonymous with the winter season.

Winter is a period of reflection and a new beginning.

The winter solstice marks the victory of light over darkness.

Winter begins the new cycle of light, Life, And growth, And so it is with listening to the voice of character.

A focus on the development of your character represents a victory and greater dominance of your divine brain over your lizard brain and monkey brain.

Listening to the voice of character enlightens our hearts and minds.

It marks a new beginning of growth in the achievement cycle.

Listening to the voice of character gives greater life to our divine brains.

As spring follows winter,So do our thoughts and feelings spring from our character.

Spring represents a time of blossoming.

Spring is a time when the weather becomes more temperate.

Spring is a period of optimism, Of a rebirth, And renewal.

Similarly, As you are going in the clockwise direction in the achievement Cycle.

And focusing on listening to your inner voice of character, Your thoughts and feelings will blossom and become more refined, Hopeful, And peaceful.

Your thoughts will become more temperate.

There will still be ups and downs, But you will discover that emotionally you will become more even and more temperate.

You will view of life will be more optimistic as you see the best in yourself and others.

You will have a rebirth and a renewal in your faith in all people, Of course, Not everything will change immediately, But you will see more of the potential in yourself and others.

Next comes the summer.

The summer days are also the longest days of the year in which daylight predominates.

Summer days are the warmest days of the year.

With the longest days come the shortest nights.

Summers are filled with activity and celebration.

Summer is a time of festivals, Holidays, Gatherings, And vacations.

Summer give the feeling that time is suspended, And everything seems possible.

The parallel for summer in the achievement Cycle is what we do and say. When your actions and words are deliberate expressions of your character, Then your actions and words are filled with that divine light that is within you.

Like the summer season, Your divine light dominates, And you act with faith and confidence.

When your actions flow from your character, Everything seems possible, And your actions are inspired and seem effortless.

The last of our four seasons is autumn.

Autumn is the season of harvest.

As you progress clockwise in the achievement Cycle, You will harvest greater achievements, And your inner voice of character will seem even more familiar, Nearer, And clearer.

With each successive cycle, Your confidence in yourself, Your character, And this model will grow.

With each cycle you will strengthen a culture and a mindset on how to be more and not just do more.

Let's do a quick review in my time-management journey from the allegory of the combination lock, To the allegory of the four seasons. In the spirit of learning from without and then growing from within, Make a list of people you admire.

  • From among the people you admire, Choose role models that exemplify the character traits you would want to emulate in your own life.

  • Go through the achievement Cycle and learn how your chosen role models and mentors realized their potential.

Examine their lives by looking at the voice of character they chose to live by, Followed by how your role models think and feel differently as a result of using these character traits as their moral codes.

Examine the behaviors that come from their thoughts and feelings. Also look at the words they say. How are their words and actions different, Compared to those who achieve less?

Look at the results they have achieved as a result of their behaviors and words.

Go through this process a number of times with different people. Choose people you know personally, And even take a look at great people in history and see whether the model holds up.

Ask your role models and mentors about their role models and mentors, And see how much merit the achievement Cycle has for those people as well.

Go through the achievement Cycle a number of times, Clockwise and Counterclockwise.

If you want to diagnosed how results, Good or bad, Came to fruition, Begin by identifying the results.

Let's start with good results.

Begin by examining the proudest accomplishments of your life.

Beginning with your results, Go counterclockwise In the achievement cycle and identify the actions you took and the words you spoke that directly led to your amazing accomplishments.

Now I want to isolate your particular behaviors and words.

Continuing in the counterclockwise direction, Identify thoughts and feelings that motivated you to act and speak as you did.

Finally, Pinpoint the character trait(s) you had to draw from as well as the deep desires that you had in your heart of hearts to accomplish what you did.

I hope you would take time the time and opportunity to celebrate not just your achievements but your strength of character necessary to achieve your remarkable results.

Can you see how all the components of the achievement cycle manifest in your successes?

It's important to go through the same examination with bad results as well as the very best results.

Seeing the contrast will help you recognize where your breakdowns occur and give you clues on how to correct them.

The more familiar you are with the model, the quicker you can anticipate where the corrections are most needed in your life.

If examining your bad results feels too painful or you think those experiences are too close for you to objectively examine them, Turn on the news on TV or the Internet.

There's usually a story or two about someone who has been very successful and has recently fallen from grace, Causing us to view them much differently than we did before.

Go through the achievements cycle to see if you can match the rise and fall of these people with this model.

You may get new insights.

Whether you examine good results or bad, This achievement Cycle will usually go back to the strength of character or lack of it.

I say usually, Because like the weather, We can have natural disasters in our lives that cannot be foreseen, or we may have wonderful weather that we didn't anticipate.

So, You may see an exception here or there.

In the long run, However, Our results will tend to follow this model.

Earlier I defined time as opportunities measured in units of possibilities.

Taking the time to go through this model will reveal to you where some of your greatest opportunities lie.

Now that we have “Learned from without” From your role models as well as your own experience, Take what you have learned and grow from within.

Now that you have gone through this cycle by looking at your successes, Ask yourself what else you want to accomplish.

Beginning with your goals and strength of character, Go in the clockwise direction.

Consider both the goals you want to attain and the strength of your character from which you will need to draw.

What thoughts, Processes, And strategies might you need in order to make the achievements you wish for, A reality? Identify and draw from the character traits you already know you possess.

Once you understand the achievement Cycle, You can see more clearly how you can diagnose your past successes as well as failures through the same model.

You can put this model to use in carrying out your future triumphs.

Think about your superhero role as a mother, Father, Or any other role where you are a Steward of other people, And how you can use this achievement Cycle to help you.


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Written by   163
5 months ago
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