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How to cook this noodles?

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1 year ago

Hi everyone! I write this article because I'm bored and at the same time I'm Hungry. I've got noone else here with me at our house So I will take care of myself.

I just go to The Kitchen to find some foods and then, I find this noodles.

It is from my OFW Auncle who just went home last month

There's no people eating eat so maybe I can taste It because I still didn't taste that (Btw. It will expire in October so Maybe I will rush to eat it if I like the taste, maybe I can finish 10 noodles in 1 day.) I am a little bit fan of Spicy noodles specially Korean food, so this time maybe we can Taste another country's Food.

So here,

  1. First Step, wash the Container that you will use to cook (I didn't take picture because I don't have company)

  2. Add Water and boil it in 5 minutes.

  3. Add the noodles and let it boiled with the same water you boil in another 5 minutes

  1. Mix it with Dinner fork so that the noodles will separated

  1. Add the Seasonings i'm surprise that their seasoning's pack is Different from what we have here in our country

  1. After adding the seasonings you can Now eat . Served it in hot.

And enjoy.

I also ordered Milktea But I already starting eating my Noodles and It's late but I still didn't finish eating it so maybe I can Pair my Noodles with MilktEa Drink

Sorry for where I eat Because It is my habit eating on the floor of my room

I can tell that I am Satisfied with My Food.

Just sharing. Thank you For reading.

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Written by   332
1 year ago
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