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The Prisoner

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1 month ago

The exchange at the empty warehouse went wrong this time. Mr. Floyd had been set up unknowingly. His closest business friend, Martins was the mastermind. They have been the most formidable drug cartel on the island. The police detective had stationed themselves all over the empty warehouse where the drugs will be exchanged for cash. Their camera could take any shots of the proceedings. After the exchange, the policemen appeared and said:

Hands up where I can see them.

Floyd, with the suitcase of the money, looked right and left, up and down, he was going to raise his hands when he saw a nearby door and phew, he ran. Immediately, the policemen chased after him. Floyd was a fast runner and knew his way around the warehouse. On the adjoining street, he took a bike parked at the entrance of a grocery store and eloped. One of the detectives spotted him and followed in a safe distance and radioed the other team members. He sped off.

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Jane, Floyd's wife was just at the garden of their home when he entered hurriedly with the face of someone unsettled. He quickly told his wife what the matter was and said he was leaving town. The just-concluded deal was the biggest in the series of transactions he had ever done. Quickly, he went to the study to his the suitcase on the roof.

The police arrived and met Jane in from of the building. They showed her their I.D's and requested that she produces Floyd. Rather, she surrendered herself to the police as the criminal. That was never in the plan.The police took Jane away and she was prosecuted for drug offenses. Jane was to serve twenty years of her life behind bars.

Meanwhile, James, John, and Joy, the children of Floyd and Jane felt so devastated that their mother will not be available to them. Their father had always been on the move, from one business meeting to another. As Jane served in the state maximum prison, Floyd would visit her in the company of the kids. They did this for three years after which Floyd took another wife and forgot about Jane. The new wife, Tina never knew that his wife was jailed. Floyd had presented the case to Tina as a divorce issue.

Tina was an expert business administrator. She assisted Floyd in setting up a public company with shareholders. It was all over the news that Floyd has the biggest capital base business in the whole of the country. They made a lot of money. And the kids lacked nothing. They would always go on vacations to the Caribbean and sometimes to Singapore. All the trauma of not having their mother had gone into thin air. While Jane was serving her jail term, she became very troublesome that her jail term was elongated. This made Floyd think less of her as time went on.

Joy graduated from law school and left home because she wasn't happy all the while that Floyd took another wife even though she wasn't aware why their mother was sent to jail. John and James stayed home. John was calm, as an Engineer, he was always in building a site and building a career for himself. Only James was lazily sleeping away at home and always demanding money from their father, Floyd. Tina wasn't happy about the nonchalant attitude toward James that she blatantly told Floyd not to give him any more money until he becomes responsible.

James grew angry and decided to make the business collapse. While he was thinking of ways to go about his evil acts, Janes was released from jail. She came home two days after she was released and met no one. She found out that another woman was residing with her husband and she walked away, angry. She never resurfaced because she went all the way to find out what had transpired in her home while she was away serving a jail term for her dear husband. It was on this mission that she met with her son, James.

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At first, when he sighted her, he contemplated whether she was his mother or not. Twenty-eight years is a long time, long enough to change anyone's looks. When they finally settled with the bonding, James and Jane became partners in this mission to bring Floyd down to the minimum. James agreed to supply all the information Jane would need to carry out the mission.

I know where all documents of futures and fittings of the property where the company is located are kept.

That was the first thing he brought to her.

The company shares went out on sale to the public and Jane bought the highest from her saving before she went to jail. After this was done, she sent a message to Floyd for the first time after she left the prison.

Hi Floyd. It's so sad to see that you could turn to be a fox. After going down for a crime you committed, you turned your back against me and left me to rot in jail. It is payback time.

The mail came to the house mailbox but Tina got it first. After reading it, she waited patiently for Floyd to return home that night. She wasn't calm enough and a fight ensued between them.

Floyd, read this.

He read it and tried explaining to her what had happened.

She was set to leave. All her bags had been parked in the car at the garage, she moves swiftly, entered the driver seat, and drove away, out of Floyd's life. That was a bad Friday for Floyd. He has until Sunday to figure out what he would say to the rest of the board members of the company.

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Early Saturday, Floyd's phone rang. Grin, grin, grin:


Yeah. Martins. What's good?

Someone just bought off the company. What's happening?

What do you mean?

Quickly, he logged on to the company site and say that the logo and many other things have changed. Quickly, he put a call cross to Martins.

What's happening? I have lost the password to the vaults. I think we are just being hacked.

This is not a situation of hacking. Someone bought the largest share and decided to take control.

There was nothing they could do.

Very early on Monday morning. Floyd came to the boardroom, wanting to speak to all board members but was locked out. The company's name had changed from Floyd Mayer Logistics to Jayjay Home and Appliances. The security guards walked him out of the premises and warned him never to appear there else he would be charged for trespassing. He lost everything.

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Written by   128
1 month ago
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That serves him right because he really messed up the sacrifice his wife made for him, he will learn not to be a betrayal in this life or his next but that was tough action taken by the woman. I believe that she was really hurt.

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1 month ago

He deserved such treatment. That was unfair of him. Jane risked her life and went to jail for a crime committed by her husband and all Floyd could do was to betray her. Such an ill treatment.

$ 0.02
1 month ago

Oh my if I were to decide, I think that suits him well. What goes around comes around and it's payback time for him

$ 0.02
1 month ago

That serve him right, how will he marry another woman just because Jane was in prison. She go to the prison because of him and he still went ahead to marry another woman

He's a stupid man, he did not think about it before going another woman, that can be so painful and who could it be that will not do more than what Jane did to him but if they have the opportunity?

$ 0.02
1 month ago

Floyd betrayed Jane's trust and got what he deserved.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Hahaha just like it shouldn’t come to an end again.. I was picturing everything like I am watching a Korean series

Hahaha. Jane came back with a revengeful heart and I think what she did was okay for the betray he did.

That’s just humanity for us. Most time we get betrayed by the closest one to us.

$ 0.02
1 month ago

Jane wanted a payback and she got it.

$ 0.00
1 month ago