The 2022 BCH Conference (Summary) - Important News And Surprise Announcements

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A Synopsis Of The Bitcoin Cash 2022 Conference In St. Kitts

The event of the year, for Bitcoin Cash, the 2022 Conference in St. Kitts, has been successfully concluded.

A day filled with excitement regarding the prospects of Bitcoin Cash developments and adoption, with pleasant surprises and announcements.

Members of the BCH community, developers, merchants, stakeholders, and users of Bitcoin Cash traveled to the Caribbean island of St. Kitts to be present at the event.

A community focused on building and developing Bitcoin Cash with the ambition of achieving a sustainable, non-custodialand permissionless P2P Economy.

A conference that sets high expectations for the future of Bitcoin Cash, signaling a new beginning with significant blockchain developments.

A summary of the conference follows.

The 2022 Bitcoin Cash Conference

Roger Ver broadcasted the conference live on his YouTube channel, and anyone interested can watch it again on this link with timestamps provided by Omar in the comments. This article includes timestamps from the key events of the conference.

Roger Ver and Sunni Gehani organized the BCH 2022 St. Kitts conference to the last detail.

Elliot Price announced the beginning of the conference with an inspiring speech and prepared the audience for the significant announcements and statements that followed.

Panel 1: Decentralized Engineering

1st Panel: (timestamp)

John Swingle (Attorney, Bitcoin OG Investor)Chris Troutner (, and John Nieri (General Protocols) are the speakers of the first panel.

John Swingle analyzed the serious threat CBDCs pose and the devastating economic conditions these instruments will generate for the public. Mass surveillance, financial authoritarianism, and centralized control of money are core characteristics of CBDCs, as analyzed by Central Banker Agustin Carstens.

CBDCs represent the complete antithesis of P2P Electronic Cash

  • John Swingle

P2P Electronic Cash is the mechanism to compete with fiat mechanics presenting hope for a better future.

John Swingle’s speech was the perfect introduction to the conference warming up the audience for what was about to follow as John Nieri walked onto the stage.

John Nieri (emergent_reasons) was the next speaker. He explained the work of General Protocols,, One.Surgery, projects and companies operating with the force of Bitcoin Cash.

The president of General Protocols briefly analyzed the specs characterizing the robust Bitcoin Cash network such as scalability, permissionless and trustless nature, instant transactions, and the capabilities of Cash Tokens, which BCH will integrate with the May 2023 upgrade after achieving consensus this month.

Quotes from John Nieri’s presentation:

Satoshi from the very first day Bitcoin had smart contracts. Simple, but we come a long way.

Bitcoin Cash is a platform. It is money. Some people make a distinction what's cash and what's money, Bitcoin Cash does everything. (Savings, Investments, Payments, Employment, Lending, Raising Capital, Identity and Contracts)

It's a whole economy that we are going to build with Bitcoin Cash.

  • John Nieri

John Nieri went on explaining the Vision, Mission, and Values of General Protocols, a company dedicated to building P2P, open-source financial tools on the BCH blockchain.

(Source of the Image: Twitter)

General Protocols researched the cryptocurrency sphere comprehensively and decided there was nothing like Bitcoin Cash.

General Protocols has developed disruptive applications for Bitcoin Cash, such as the Anyhedge protocol and Flipstarter. Anyhedge provides a practical solution to price volatility for BCH-accepting merchants, a mechanism to hedge BCH and provide stability in a permissionless and trustless environment (pure DeFi).

The next step in the Bitcoin Cash evolution is Cash Tokens.

This is going to blow people's minds!

With "Cash Tokens" the Bitcoin Cash chain will reach a platform state and revolutionize tokenization and NFTs.

With Cash Tokens, Bitcoin Cash will be the most powerful UTXO chain in the world!

A powerful combination of smart contacts and scalability will ensure Bitcoin Cash competitiveness in a leading position.

"Cash Tokens" is going to give us efficient, on-chain, global, permissionless, trustless, markets.

  • John Nieri

With Cash Tokens, Bitcoin Cash will present the opportunity for entrepreneurs to build services and generate vast opportunities in the field in the ultimate network with scaling potential to billions of people.

Smart contracts on Bitcoin Cash will facilitate applications that failed to grow property in other blockchains and sidechains because of scalability issues and centralization concerns.

An example is prediction markets. We have observed many failed experiments on smart contract networks. Another example is a “trustless on-chain identity systems for organizations”.

Chris Troutner ( dev and Bitcoin OG since 2009) was the next speaker with a high-level technical presentation of solutions that reduce cost in the technical spectrum of services infrastructure using the IPFS (Interplanetary File System).

More information about Chris Troutner's work with PSF (Permissionless Software Foundation) on GitHub: Reducing BCH Infrastructure Costs with IPFS

The Mission of PSF:

Make it easy for individuals to protect their privacy, circumvent censorship, and engage in economic activity.

Chris Troutner focused on the Cash Stack, which (similarly to Javascipt's Mean stack) is used to build BCH Web2 apps.

Panel 2: Payment Processing

2nd Panel: (timestamp)

Dejan Roljic, the founder of popular crypto processor GoCrypto, and Michael Martin (Go Card Inc) presented the payment processing solutions of their companies.

GoCrypto Dejan Roljic mentioned the importance of the support in funding terms his company received from Roger Ver, especially in its beginnings.

GoCrypto has been promoting the adoption of Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies in Europe for years and lately expanded worldwide. A payments service onboarding merchants into acceptance of cryptocurrency with multiple payment systems developed (GoCrypto POS, ePOS, e-commerce, cash register, wallet service).

The founder of the non-custodial Zapit wallet Romit Goswami, announced the integration of Zapit wallet to UPI (India’s unified payments system) and Bitcoin Cash adoption in India.

Anywhere in India with Zapit, anyone can make BCH payments.

With the UPI integration, Bitcoin cash becomes available to 100 million merchants (stores and e-commerce) and 200 million UPI users. The transaction changes BCH to INR and transmits INR to the receiver.

In India, we can spend BCH everywhere!

  • Romit Goswani

Panel 3: Global Merchant Adoption

3rd Panel: (timestamp)

Bitcoin Jason (Merchant Adoption, Content Creator- Bitcoin Cash City, Townsville), Ryan Giffin (Merchant Adoption, YouTuber, Business Owner- Florida), and Marcelo Fleischer ("majamalu", founder of Bitcoin Cash Argentina, Bitcoin OG - LatAm) are three influential Bitcoin Cash advocates promoting merchant adoption.

Quotes from the Merchant Adoption panel:

When Bitcoin (BTC) got popular, it became useless to buy a pie and a can of coke. I could not use it as currency anymore to buy things.

All those "Bitcoin Accepted Here" stickers, were dropping off.

When I came to Townsville I saw people buying beer, buying their meals, and I bought my own Bit-candy with Bitcoin Cash.

Don't lack the self-confidence to ask: "Do you accept Bitcoin cash?"

We are all Satoshi! Let's do our part!

  • Bitcoin Jason

We can go down these separate paths: 

Enslavement with CBDCs and government control, or we have this beautiful path to cryptocurrency as an alternative option.

Your students will actually learn better if you give them a project to present to the class. They retain 85% of the content when they teach it back.

I found this community of different people that are very passionate.

The sooner we can create more adoption, the sooner we create more economic freedom for the world!

  • Ryan Giffin

If you keep your integrity, you will have to pay the price. And we should pay that price with joy. Because what’s the alternative? 

Some day our kids will ask us: 

What were you doing when everything was falling apart or what did you do to avoid that, or what did you do to make the world a better place? And I think, if you don’t want to have remorse, you should be doing what we are doing. 

We are about to make it in Argentina. I’ve seen how it all began with a very small group of unbreakable people. We celebrated adoption. 

Without this small core, you don’t have this spark that lights the fire.

Even if you have lots of money, and lots of investors, that’s good, but if you don’t have these people, that’s not enough. You need this core.

And then a bigger circle of people will join.

We started again as a small group of committed people and surprisingly, lots of people wanted to join and pay attention.

The key factors that made this possible, the quick growth of Bitcoin Cash:

  • regular meet-ups,

  • education (written material, graphs, easily explained)

  • interviews

  • debates

  • podcasts

  • focus on direct use without middle-man or custodians

  • relationship with merchants 

  • reliable assistance to merchants (have at least one person on Whatsapp or Telegram responding to merchant questions)

We have to try everything. We have to go fast because the other guys are also moving fast. 

  • majamalu (Marcelo Fleischer)

Q&A (timestamp): The audience asked questions regarding tools merchants use, taxation, transactions reporting, and the wider government's opposition against cash transactions.

Panel 4: Citizenship With Crypto

4th panel: (timestamp)

Roger Ver (Bitcoin OG investor, Founder of, John Zuliani (CEO of Passports with Crypto & President of Royal St. Kitts Hotel), and Les Khan  (Citizenship by Investment) presented various citizenship options with the use of crypto.

Roger Ver talked about his past and how second citizenship helped him avoid a system that limited the potential of entrepreneurs.

St. Kitts is a safe place, a wonderful place, people are friendly, and somehow they managed to do all that without an income tax, without a capital gains tax, without even having to file a tax return at the end of the year.

St. Kitts is leading the world in terms of economic freedom. This is one of the last bastions of freedom left on earth.

  • Roger Ver

John Zuliani focused on citizenship by investment in St. Kitts and Nevis and shared information and advantages regarding second citizenship in the country.

What else are you doing to hedge yourself against the crazy world we are living in?

  • John Zuliani

Les Khan further described Citizenship by Investment, entering in details about the application process, due diligence, records required, and what results mean regarding automatic denial of requests.

Q&A (timestamp): The speakers answered questions from the audience regarding limitations in the number of petitions accepted, and the advantages of having an extra tool like a second passport.

Sunni Gehani was also summoned to the panel and discussed with Roger Ver the Bitcoin Cash adoption miracle performed in the Caribbean since 2021.

If you onboard a merchant, keep going there. Keep the fire on!

  • Sunny Gehani

Sunny Gehani is the person that made St. Kitts Bitcoin Cash adoption possible and discussed his onboarding plans and techniques.

  • Farad Mistry (timestamp), (DLC: Della Leaders Club)

We watched a presentation of the DLC business community with a video of DLC founder Jimmy Mistry, and Farad Mistry inviting Roger Ver as an honorable member of the DLC global community.

Panel 5: Bitcoin Cash As A Legal Tender

5th (final) panel: (timestamp)

The last two speakers of the conference are two high-profile politicians who recently discovered the purpose and a use case in cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin Cash: Dr. Terrance Drew (PM of St. Kitts & Nevis), and Rolando Brison (MP of Sint Maarten).

St. Kitts & Navis Prime MinisterDr. Terrance Drew, started his speech with a surprising announcement regarding the beginning of legal tender procedures and mining facilities for Bitcoin Cash in St. Kitts & Navis!

The cryptocurrency revolution is one such exciting digital advancement that has evolved in the world of finance. It has the potential to bring enormous benefits.

Many businesses in St. Kitts & Nevis have already begun accepting cryptocurrency payments, specifically Bitcoin Cash.

This is tangible evidence that awareness and confidence in cryptocurrencies among our local consumers are on the rise.

Our nation has always been a forward-thinking nation and a leader in exploring new industries which can advance our people.

Our government is serious about attracting innovative investments, modern industries and promoting the long-term economic expansion and diversification of our economy.

St. Kitts & Navis acknowledges that there are numerous benefits to leveraging Bitcoin Cash or other cryptocurrencies to promote economic growth.

We have even heard the calls from some to make Bitcoin Cash legal tender here.

We have observed other cryptocurrencies been made legal tender in other jurisdictions. Therefore, we will explore the risks and rewards of making a cryptocurrency legal tender in St. Kitts & Nevis. 

I can confirm that we are prepared to explore that possibility with the guidance of experts and professionals and after consultation with our regional banking system, financial and economic protection of our country’s industrious people is of utmost importance. 

And therefore I welcome the opportunity of dialogue, with the view of exploring future opportunities to engage in Bitcoin Cash mining and making Bitcoin Cash legal tender here in St. Kitts & Nevis by March 2023, once safeguards to our country and our people are guaranteed.

Dr. Terrance Drew (St. Kitts & Nevis Prime Minister)

Rolando Brison shared the stage as the final speaker of the Conference.

As a member of St. Maarten's parliament and the first politician to officially accept his wage in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash, Rolando Brison is a person in a position to push for the recognition of Bitcoin Cash as legal tender in St. Maartens.

Rolando Brison explained the hurdles and more support he will require within his parliament to proceed with the legal tender proposal.

Also, Rolando Brison mentioned some restrictions imposed by the legacy system, such as the bureaucratic difficulties even without cryptocurrencies being legal tender to receive his wage in Bitcoin Cash.

Conclusion - Bitcoin Cash Does EVERYTHING In A Decentralized Ecosystem

The conference ends here with Elliot's concluding speech:

In case anyone wasn't listening, two countries are looking into making Bitcoin Cash legal tender next year!

Sunni Gehanni organized the conference, a super-adopter of Bitcoin Cash onboarding hundreds of merchants in St. Kitts and around the world.

I recommend watching the whole conference.

As merchant adoption of Bitcoin Cash rapidly increases, the road is open for recognition of Bitcoin Cash by two jurisdictions, two different nations of the Caribbean, St. Kitts & Nevis and St. Maarten.

However, the focus is on the development side with Cash Tokens and the opportunities the next Bitcoin Cash blockchain upgrade will generate. A historic upgrade, that makes BCH unique as a blockchain in the field.

Bitcoin Cash is moving towards a P2P Economy with a robust network that will redefine smart contracts.

Bitcoin Cash Services Presented On The Conference (Links):

BCH 2022 Conference:

Bitcoin Cash Information:

Bitcoin Cash Developments, Services And Companies:

Bitcoin Cash Wallets And Payment Services:

Bitcoin Cash Merchant Adoption Conference Participants:

Prime Minister of St. Kitts & Navis:

Sint Maarten's parliament member:

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Oh man, that Zapit introduction with UPI can be the game changer in Indian market. I just had one doubt which I am not able to get that since the payment is done in INR are there any involvement of banks to do the transaction or it's completely done through the defi. I know he cleared that a lot of time still I don't have much knowledge on how such transactions work so I am not getting this process. Because if it's involved it may face trouble from the government. I will be trying out the Zapit experience soon.

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Zapit wallet is non-custodial. However, I don't know how the UPI system works in India. The reciever end is in INR, so at this point on the receiver's side there could be banks involved. However the Zapit wallet also offers instant BCH to BCH transactions as a usual wallet does. The UPI part is a latest development.

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I'm excited for the coming of Cash Token

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I will gladly read more more about it if you contact Romit. It could also do wonders for adoption if you tested the payment option too and bring content either video or written with your experience. Frankly, I've always wanted to visit India and this development made want it more! I could just use BCH easily anywhere.

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You are right. This is game changing development. Bitcoin Cash will be better than anything out there with Cash Tokens.

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