I Tested "BCH Bull" And Here's What You Need To Know!

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Top DeFi Derivative Trading Experience On The BCH Chain

Non-custodial derivatives trading web application BCH Bull is now live (in an open beta stage).

BCH Bull is a game-changer trading app offering decentralized leveraged trading.

The app uses the Layer-1 UTXO-level smart contract capabilities of Bitcoin Cash.

BCH Bull utilizes Anyhedge smart contracts (created by General Protocols) that ease the handling of high volumes and benefit from the minimal fees that characterize the Bitcoin Cash network.

General Protocols is a company developing financial tools on top of the robust Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

Each position is an independent UTXO smart contract on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

Long or Hedge BCH against various cryptocurrency assets, national fiat, and precious metals with BCH Bull with trades opening and settling in BCH.

I tested BCH Bull, so let’s see the results.

Be The Bull!

Directly to the testing of the platform. We begin with the trading pairs BCH Bull offers:

Bitcoin Cash BCH is the currency the trade opens and settles at.

We can open positions BCH long positions against USD, CNY, INR, XAU, XAG, BTC, ETH and DOGE.

These assets present large volumes in ForEX, commodity, and crypto exchanges, so the selection seems justified.

Required Steps:

Step 1: We begin by selecting a receiving address that the platform will use to distribute the outcome of our trade.

Step 2:  The website will also automatically generate a new Bitcoin Cash address the first time we visit.

App Menu / Account

Back up the key from the "Account" option on the BCH Bull Menu.

We describe the BCH Bull menu next.

The BCH Bull Options:

First, we explore the menu of the BCH Bull app:

  • Overview: With this option, we monitor our active and settled contracts with more details on our profit/losses, the results of our trade, as well as the maturity of our contract.

From this page we can extract further information regarding the status of the smart contract, and details about our trade:

  • Speculate: (LONG up to 5x) With this option, we open a long position using BCH as the base currency (BCH is also the settlement currency). BCH Bulls uses BCH as the currency contracts open and settle. The processes are pure DeFi on-chain smart contracts with no central authority. *I tested the platform, opening a long position in the next part of this review. (see below)

  • Stabilize: (SHORT) With this option, we hedge BCH. This feature also offers the protection option that selects the price target, and traders can adjust between 20% to 50% lower. If the price reaches the target, the contract pays off the trade. When our position matures (expires), if the price has not reached the desired target, the contract will liquidate the position.

  • Address: Here, we can change the payment address. Users can’t change the address on active positions.

  • Oracles: The Oracles operator is General Protocols. This option opens the oracles.cash platform which BCH Bull uses. (An Oracle is a service fetching real-life data like asset prices or weather data from trusted sources and integrating them into decentralized smart contracts).

  • History: We can revisit our trading history and find received notifications.

  • Account: The page we find the private key used (back up the key).

  • Theme: Dark mode.

  • Leave: Remember to save the private key before pressing this option.

The BCH Bull website also offers a user guide, plenty of explainer videos, detailed information about the project, and instructions.

The media part of the website also contains a charming collection of art drawings "The BCH Chronicles" and various BCH Bull posters.

Opening a Long with BCH Bull (BCHUSD)

I checked the charts, and it was all looking bad, so as a crypto perma-bull, I opened my long with 5x leverage and a 12-hour expiry with a testing amount.

The interface is slick and user-friendly, making the trade easy for anyone to make.

The platform described the exact price it will liquidate my position ($91,54), which is exactly minus 20%. With this trade, a 20% increase in the price of BCH will pay 100% of my initial investment minus the premium fees.

All the platforms I’ve used so far to trade were challenging to operate, at least at the beginning. All trading platforms contain options nobody uses and confuse their users.

BCH-Bull kept a 3.4% premium, which may seem excessive, although the platform fee is not standard but depends on market mechanics and the rate of leverage we use.

The bell on the top right of the screen notified me of my position status:

I paid $51,70 for the trade to fund my position and waited 12 hours for the result.

12 Hours Later

The market overall is not in terrible shape lately as we witness signs of recovery in various crypto assets.

My trade settled successfully, and I acquired a 4.9% profit. ($2,42 in BCH).

I received the payment seconds after the contract matured in the designated wallet.

My BCH Bull test was successful, and everything went as expected.


Pros and Cons

BCH Bull in this open beta version left me completely satisfied. Traders will love the app, and I undoubtedly recommend it. It also contains trading options not found in centralized exchanges or DeFi websites.


DeFi: Non-custodial decentralized derivatives trading. Traders will love BCH Bull, especially being aware of centralization failures and exchange issues.

Low leverage: A reliable trading app focused on the trader's needs with low maximum risk. Up to 5x.

Ease of Use: Self-explanatory Tools

Powered By Bitcoin Cash: Unlike Ethereum, fees of Bitcoin Cash are reliable and stable at less than a cent of the dollar rate.

Powered by General Protocols: The technical expertise of General Protocols guarantees continues development.

Variety of assets: Gold, Silver, Indian Rupee, Chinese Yuan, USD, Ethereum, BTC, and Doge.


A modern-looking UI would make the platform more appealing, especially with all the gamification we've observed in the DeFi field lately. Traders got accustomed to rooms like Uniswap, Pancakeswap, or exchanges like Binance. 

The platform still has room for improvement mostly in visual details that enhance the user experience.

Still, in practical terms, it presents a decent alternative to other crypto-derivatives options with a user-friendly approach.


BCH Bull restores the essence of cryptocurrency in the crypto trading domain.

The permissionless and trustless features of decentralized blockchains apply within a true DeFi app, promoting the highest crypto standards.

BCH Bull is a breakthrough trading app traders will find practical since it removes the middle man (exchanges) and the risk centralized entities bear.

No sign-up is required, and new users can easily adjust and open a position within a minute.

Easy to handle with carefully adjusted options to not allow common mistakes while trading.

I loved BCH Bull while testing it, and I’ll definitely use it again in the future.

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  • Coming next, I will test the Anyhedge integration in the Paytaca wallet.

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1 year ago


Is it different from bull market. A try is worth it! Thanks for sharing.

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1 year ago

let us see how it works

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1 year ago

I try to dowoad the apps and use as well ro know more.

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1 year ago

I have only tested the browser desktop version. I'm not sure if there's a mobile app, but it should work well via a mobile browser without issues.

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1 year ago

Ah ok thanks for that, maybe inwill test in my desktop as well.

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1 year ago

I thought you were referring to the bull market 😅.. Gonna check this platform

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1 year ago

I think you will love it! It has many options for derivatives trading. Betting with BCH either long or short against a variety of assets we can select from. All positions open and settle in BCH.

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1 year ago