I Tested Kim Dotcom's "CashRain"! Here's What You Need To Know

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CashRain is a professional service of the highest standards. More importantly, one with potential to elevate the work of content creators and social media influencers.

For a content creator on YouTube or Medium, a streamer on Twitch, a Twitter influential account, or an Instagram celebrity, what matters is their followers.

For two decades, Kim Dotcom is featured among the top internet pioneers and successful entrepreneurs.

With Megaupload, Kim created the first cloud service on the internet, a massive website “hosting 12 billion unique files for over 100 million users“ in 2012.

High quality and attention to detail are features of Kim’s characteristic work. But it is not just that. Kim envisions products for a hundred million people to use.

You do not achieve the top without perfection and the consistent release of high-quality products and services millions of people want to use.

Kim Dotcom had announced new disruptive apps utilizing the robust Bitcoin Cash payments network, and Kim Dotcom delivered.

I tested CashRain (beta) and present what I discovered in this article.

CashRain: Let it Rain Bitcoin Cash!

Kim announced plans for two new groundbreaking apps "Cashrain" and "Fileshop" a while ago.

A few months later, CashRain gets ready to dominate and modernize online payments and tips for content creators and social media communities.

The beta test lasted for a couple of hours, and the platform is not accessible currently, since devs and Kim are getting it ready for the official release.

CashRain is a modernized monetization service where online artists, Twitch streamers, YouTube content creators and Twitter/Instagram communities can use CashRain and reward their followers with BCH.

An example of how a CashRain works:

Kim tested CashRain many times, and it rained money (BCH)!

Plenty of beta-testers used CashRain, and the connected BCH wallets received dozens (if not hundreds) of BCH tips.

How It Works

Being part of CashRain as an influencer, streamer, content creator, or a community member is effortless.

Right after joining the platform, each user registers a Bitcoin Cash address. This is where any Cashrains from other users will be received.

Users can easily connect their accounts following a link to each community with just a few clicks.

The test was part of the CashRain Community.

Kim notified his community with a Tweet, adding the username and password to use for the beta test of cashrain.com.

Users joined the community and connected social media accounts, allowing access to the Cashrain platform as an external app.

I joined with my recent Twitch account, Twitter, and Discord.

More options like Instagram and YouTube will unlock with the official release.

Upon entering a CashRain community, every user can push the Cashrain option, type the amount of BCH to distribute and the number of receivers. A QR code will appear to scan with our wallets when we are distributing Cashrains to a community.

The rest is BCH-level easy. It only takes a second for the Cash to Rain.

CashRain is practical not just for an influencer or content creator, but for their community, too. It is a win-win since anyone can contribute with a CashRain to a community, and any registered and valid member can be part of a massive airdrop.

CashRain Highlights

1) Unique concept perfectly materialized. There’s nothing similar out there.

2) Allows content creators and influencers to bond further with their communities and thank the loyal followers with airdrops.

3) A Professional website (smooth and fast, with a pleasant interface) offering instant transactions speed and low fees, guaranteed by the reliable Bitcoin Cash network.

4) A stand-alone app that doesn’t interfere with other platforms. CashRain still has to connect with social media or streaming services to gather the required profile data.

5) Potential for mass adoption by streamers, social media influencers, digital artists, and all kinds of content creators together with their communities of followers.

The platform also provides a feedback option and development proposals by users with a voting option.

Why Bitcoin Cash?

Anyone unaccustomed to Bitcoin Cash can visit platforms that use Bitcoin Cash already for tips, fundraising, or payments, such as read.cash, noise.app, Flipstarter, Chaintip, Purse.io, and more.

For cryptocurrency users, Bitcoin Cash is the best option to move funds with permissionless payments.

Fast transactions instantly performed with 0-conf and fees lower than a penny.

Bitcoin Cash is a secure and fee-reliable network covering all the needs for payments or micro-payments.

Kim Dotcom also launched whybitcoincash.com two years ago, explaining the disruptive potential of Bitcoin Cash.

There are no maximalists in Bitcoin Cash but a community applauding any other permissionless and decentralized network developing to achieve the dream of global P2P Cash.


CashRain will introduce millions of people to the use case of cryptocurrency.

A few popular Twitch streamers joining the platform can trigger a cyclone of adoption.

The potential for global adoption is massive, and utility apps generate interest in cryptocurrency.

Anyone building on top of any blockchain, whether this is the BTC chain, Ethereum, or anything else, should take notes from Kim’s work.

The vision of permissionless internet money vanishes fast when price speculation is both the goal and the means to achieve it.

Developments such as CashRain demonstrate why we do not abandon crypto during bear markets but keep building to achieve the common goal.

Bookmark CashRain.com. We expect the official release soon.

Lead Image background by geralt on Pixabay

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