Hublot, Vueling & Bitcoin Of America Adopt Bitcoin Cash

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Beyond the rising Bitcoin Cash merchant adoption worldwide, the most recent news presents a wave of multinational corporations deciding to incorporate Bitcoin Cash as a payment method, with the use of Bitpay as a third-party processor facilitating transactions for the business side.

Recently two more established companies announced they were adopting a selection of cryptocurrencies as a payment option for their consumers (including Bitcoin Cash).

These are the latest big companies accepting crypto payments with Bitcoin Cash included among a few more cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, Bitcoin of America recently announced it integrated Bitcoin Cash into its fleet of 2500 ATMs serving 31 States.

They are constantly making updates to their BTMs to add coins that are high in demand. - Yahoo Finance

Cryptocurrency is slowly recognized as a payment method by corporations, with Bitcoin Cash almost always presenting a top choice, offering one of the most robust and secure decentralized networks.

The Rise Of P2P Cash

We've previously examined more high-profile brands adopting the use of Bitcoin Cash for payments in 2022, such as:

We witness an adoption wave of cryptocurrency for payments, although predominantly with Bitpay as a payment facilitator, without affecting the consumer side. 

Still, as adoption increases and cryptocurrencies rise in prominence, corporations will have to investigate ways to reduce costs. Considering every cryptocurrency option available, Bitcoin Cash is the one offering the cheapest fees and the one that can drastically improve the cost requirements set by third-party payment facilitators.

Bitpay is accomplishing wonders for adoption, although Bitcoin Cash already has the top infrastructure in apps for businesses and offers a variety of wallets eliminating third parties and presenting a user-friendly interface.

Rising Adoption for P2P payments

In 2021 AMC Theaters became one of the top companies adopting Bitcoin Cash, together with five more cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Cash is also sustaining a vast network of shops and merchants recorded on the map presenting merchant adoption:

In places like the Caribbean nations of Antigua, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Townsville (North Queensland), Caracas (Venezuela), and Buenos Aires (Argentina), anyone can live exclusively using Bitcoin Cash for most of their needs.

The rapid adoption of Bitcoin Cash will soon be possible to cover most major cities and capitals and even more isolated locations.

Meanwhile, high-profile tech tycoons like Kim Dotcom experiment with cryptocurrencies focused on materializing new ideas by utilizing Bitcoin Cash. Kim Dotcom has announced two new products that integrate Bitcoin Cash payments with the potential to disrupt the online entertainment industry:

  • CashRain &

  • Fileshop

(read more)

Institutional Interest

Any fund or bank can develop and offer financial products and offer to institutional investors and retail clients.

Multiple financial organizations have composed such financial instruments:

Paypal started supporting cryptocurrencies in 2020, focused only on four of them all this time:

Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Top payment facilitators have integrated Bitcoin Cash into their systems:

In Conclusion

Bitcoin Cash is the vision of modern digital cash.

The only way for a cryptocurrency to succeed is to secure a decentralized network far from the control of trusted third parties.

Bitcoin Cash defends its permissionless features and achieves scalability, able to host rising crypto adoption on the main chain.

  • Cover Photo by " QuinceCreative", on Pixabay

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Thank you for this article You made me learn new things about Bitcoin Cash

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1 year ago

long live bitcoincash kingdom It is slowly being adopted everywhere.

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1 year ago

That is a boost to all BCH holders and community alike, because the cross breeding will accelerate the growth of BCH beyond America.

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1 year ago

I have one watch from Hublot, they have brand name in their products. It is good news Bitcoin America will also served BCH through ATM. Congrats to all BCH Community for this big achievement.

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1 year ago

I hope there'll be more merchants in the Philippines too.. Most Filipinos are exchanging BCH for fiat because of a lack of merchants, especially in rural areas

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1 year ago

a new way to book flight tickets is not difficult for bch holders.

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1 year ago

I'm so glad to hear that Pantera. Every day every time bitcoincash more and more are adopting it. I'm lucky I started studying it a few months ago. Bitcoincash actually works as Satoshi intended in his whitepaper.

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1 year ago