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Bitcoin Cash was selected by SBI Bank for the First Crypto Fund In Japan

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4 months ago

SBI is a financial behemoth in the banking field of Japan. It has also shown interest in cryptocurrencies, being an influential investor of XRP (Ripple).

The financial giant has now selected five cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Cash included and offers them to individual retail investors (Bloomberg).

The cryptocurrencies selected by SBI are Bitcoin CashEthereumBTCXRP, and Litecoin.

Portfolio diversification is a key strategy in investing and the cryptocurrency industry has grown to market cap and volumes that are now significant enough to be included as part of investment banking strategies.

SBI is targeting retail investors with this fund since the minimum investment is one million yen ($9.100).

Bitcoin Cash is Always a Top Choice for Financial Organizations

The selection of Bitcoin Cash by SBI is not surprising. It is one of the top brand names in the crypto field and has been included by most financial institutions that offer investment exposure in cryptocurrencies.

Institutional and retail investors can find Bitcoin Cash available from regulated investing services like:

Established payment facilitators like PayPal are always including Bitcoin Cash as a top choice between the cryptocurrencies they select.

It is one of the first cryptocurrencies crypto-exchanges included and an option available in almost 99% of exchanges.

Bitcoin Cash has a massive brand name that should not be ignored.

As an investment option, it is currently the most underappreciated cryptocurrency. Its price is suppressed and should be considered a priority by investors since its fundamentals of adoption, network effect, and development are the strongest among competitors.

ECash and the Irrational Crypto Market

We recently watched ECash (formerly BitcoinCashABC) perform an incredible 10x and reach 6 billion dollars in total market cap.

It is an unreasonable price rise that has nothing to do with the fundamentals, development, or adoption of ECash. We have seen cryptocurrencies reaching undeserved places in the top-10 just from marketing. Some cryptocurrencies still don’t have a working mainnet and some are even still developing their testnet. Nevertheless, they’ve reached extreme valuations of tens of billions of dollars.

When setting the bar too high, there should be results, though.

Results that Bitcoin Cash is bringing with constant development, real consensus, and moving forward towards mass adoption as a modern financial network.

With developers working on sidechains like SmartBCH, bridging Bitcoin Cash with Ethereum, and providing solutions to the high fees problems of Ethereum DeFi, BCH is offering its robust network in this field.


Investors right now are pouring money once again with no research. The crypto-fund managers with ties to banks are pushing a certain agenda without looking at the technology and fundamentals.

Sadly, most retail and institutional investors are flocking like sheep into anything that "pumps" without understanding that other options like Bitcoin Cash are going to dominate the transactions sector and already expanding into the DeFi as a dynamic contender to Ethereum.

The powerful network with zero time required to transact and virtually zero fees is the perfect environment to support developers creating DeFi on side-chains, enhance the powerful decentralized finance and create additional infrastructure to facilitate the digital economy evolution.

Modern finance will require decentralization and autonomous networks. The Lightning Network or Liquid layer-2 solutions are far from that, and all current LN development is based upon regulated KYC/AML compliant wallets and centralized LN hubs that would supervise transactions under certain restrictions (government interference and control).

Bitcoin Cash achieves on-chain scaling and doesn’t require regulated financial hubs to operate as intermediaries.



Bloomberg: First Crypto Fund in Japan Targets Long-Term Retail Investors. Japan's Financial Giant SBI to Launch Cryptocurrency Fund

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4 months ago
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Bitcoin cash has been a very fast growing crypto currency in the past few months. It is good that it has been selected among the five. But the hard thing is to get the retail investor. I hope SBI get soon

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4 months ago

Who is SBI? For a long time, I was thinking about State Bank of India, the largest bank here, but looks like it's definitely some other institution you're referring to

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4 months ago

Yes, don't get confused. There is the SBI of India, but this one is a big Japanese bank.

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4 months ago

oh, oh, understood, thanks :)

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4 months ago