Here's To The Person Who Cries Too Much, and Feels Too Much.

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The person who experiences too much emotion, cries too much, and asks too much deserves this. Because of your unique innate sensitivity, don't let them ignore your emotional spirit. To the individual who was incorrectly perceived as someone who makes simple tasks more difficult. They were uninformed that all you expected to try not to struggle or overpower tumult was somewhat more explanation.

A toast is made to the individual who continues to cling to the relics of the past.It's hard, I know. However, I can guarantee that one day you will wake up feeling lighter and grateful for yet another start.

This belongs to the person who laughs around to hide their sad eyes.

May the chains that hold your tears together break. Keep in mind that the flood of your grief teaches you to let go, so no tear goes unnoticed. I apologize to anyone who was misunderstood.Your feelings are valid. In addition, no one is qualified to evaluate your experience.

Our hero is the person who is full of regret for the things they did or said that they did not do. You can't go back in time, but you can look forward to the future with optimism and be mindful of the present. To everyone who has a problem that keeps coming up. Clutch trust. Drama happens from time to time in life. Life sometimes has to teach you important lessons in order for you to advance and win any war that is waged against you.

Saying is easier than doing. It's easier to listen, hop a few meters within your comfort zone, and then press the restart button because you think it's easier to stop or pause for a while than to continue. And if you think that making this decision is the right one, then act on it.

It is perfectly acceptable to stop in the midst of all the issues. Being a little behind schedule is fine. It's fine to lose all sense of one's inner self. Bedsheets that are tangled and drenched are acceptable behaviors. It's alright to feel weak from time to time. It is acceptable to rethink or reorient your life.

  • Rest is acceptable during such battles, but always aim for your strongest return.

After looking for a place to stay, come back with a much more complete version of yourself so that every question can be answered easily, every direction can be followed smoothly, and every doubt, fear, and incorrect intuition can be put toward something more important in your life.

You shouldn't put yourself last because what they say or do seems to be more valuable or well-received. Stop thinking of yourself as someone who is below average, a second-choice candidate, or someone who would rather take a backseat most of the time. Instead, stop thinking of yourself in these terms. Because some people don't know you exist, you shouldn't question your worth.

Out there, there is a vast universe. We can still learn about and comprehend the many facets of life, even if we do not have the opportunity or luxury to see each one-of-a-kind architectural structure or natural wonder during our lifetime. What brought us to this point? What is our real objective? Why suffer now and rejoice later? Why should you be the happiest person if nothing is missing? Or, why acquire wealth when nothing is ever sufficient? There are a lot of other questions.

As you get older, you'll realize that you can choose happiness right now and that your life shouldn't just revolve around material things or anything grand or fancy, like expensive dinners, roses, cars, or parties. Even if some of these things haven't happened to you yet or if your greatest goals haven't been realized yet.

As you advance, a lot of people will eventually leave, and probably half of those who remain cannot be trusted. There will never be anything, however, that you cannot handle. You should not think otherwise if you want to process your thoughts.

Make the right choice. Keep having faith in what is truly important.

  • Your viewpoint is considered.

  • Your choices matter.

  • Honesty is important.

  • You play a crucial role.

Final Toughts

I long for closeness with my own inner peace, development, simplicity, contentment, and joy at this point. Set up home in a place where no one knows my name. Navigate the deepest waters of the ocean, meet new people, and gain fresh perspectives as you discover previously undiscovered nooks and crannies for new adventures. I want to be very close to the ocean, the mountains, and the trees. I want to be loved by the smell of the sea, river, and rain. I want to stand out a little from the crowd. Maybe I should commit to a cause in which my soul is deeply ingrained and just follow my own path no matter what the outside world wants.

Just a change and a break from everything that holds me back from moving forward is all I want. I want to experience and appreciate life by giving life, to let that kind of soul out by living.

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I like your final thought. It echoes with mine :)

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1 year ago

This write-up gave relief in me. I don't know how I related to it when I couldn't figure out if I'm either sad or not. I just found myself reading the whole article, with an immense emotion coming right up. Probably I'm sad. I'm just unconscious about it. Or probably, I got used to it, and for the longest time, I've read something that truly tells my emotions.

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1 year ago

True langga. Pag we are emotionally and physically tired we need some rest but we should always remember na we must be stronger when we are going to return already.

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1 year ago