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The Government's Obsession On Privacy: How It's Affecting Our Freedom

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3 months ago

Privacy and freedom are concepts that have been debated for years, with the government and private corporations always looking for ways to better monitor and police citizens.

Privacy isn't just about having something to hide. It's about having boundaries. But in today's world and age, the government is always looking for ways to invade our privacy—whether it's to monitor our phone calls, read our emails, OR access our social media accounts.

What started as a necessary means to protect citizens from terrorist attacks has now become a nearly all-encompassing obsession.

Privacy and Freedom

As I wrote in the introduction of this post, many governments have and are currently doing these things and there are many reasons for it.

First, governments seek to "protect" citizens from harm. When there is a threat of an attack, as we have experienced many times, the government wants to take away our liberties in order to prevent something from happening.

The Government's Obsession

Privacy is a slippery slope. In today's world, once something is out in the open, there's no turning back.

We're now living in an era in which the government can read our emails without warrants, hack into our phones and social media accounts, and even monitor our social movements. According to the ACLU,

"there is virtually no area of our lives where we are beyond government surveillance." 

And it's not just the government that's catching on. Other tech giants like Facebook Google, Twitter, and Tiktok are also part of this obsession.

Why Privacy Matters

Knowing your rights is the first step to protecting yourself and the liberty you cherish. When our constitutional rights are restricted and when our privacy is being violated, we are denied our most basic freedoms.

This includes the right to freely communicate, to assemble, and to have anonymity. As a result, this has led to government surveillance and harassment of countless citizens—even the smallest of infringements such as the Patriot Act has been used to target, surveil, and intimidate Americans.

My Verdict

The average person, for the most part, enjoys more freedom than many realize. However, the government's obsession with privacy may soon have disastrous consequences.

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Written by   87
3 months ago
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It is true that the real essence of government trying to gain access to our privacy was for our protection

But it has gone beyond the lines for most countries. And the various monopolize social media entities are not left out

We deserve to have our own privacy as it relates to boundary lines, not just because we are trying to protect our secrets

The government should allow us to breath

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3 months ago