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Bitcoin Cash – Simple Fundamentals

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11 months ago

As long as the price for Bitcoin Cash remains affordable, I will continue to buy them every month. And with each Bitcoin Cash my friends and I accumulated, we became more passionate Bitcoin Cash supporters because we have more skin in the game now. It feels good to be able to own 1 full Bitcoin Cash than 0.015 Bitcoin, especially when Bitcoin Cash works so much better in many ways (eg. Privacy / Tokens / Cash Accounts / Network Effects / etc).

This is really super simple to understand. Try sending $10 worth of Bitcoin or $10 worth of Ethereum or $10 worth of Bitcoin Cash to yourself. You end up with only $2 of Bitcoin because $8 went to transaction fees. You end up with $7.5 of Ethereum because $2.5 went to transaction fees. But you still end up with $10 worth of Bitcoin Cash. If Bitcoin with its high fees slow unreliable transactions is a brand new coin today, I bet you nobody would want it. This is nothing complicated, just simple common sense. Would you want to use a slow unreliable service that charges you $8 just to send $10? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that’s ridiculously stupid.

I am unshakable in my conviction that Bitcoin Cash will overtake Bitcoin in the long run because there is no rationale where humans would prefer to pay higher fees for an inferior unreliable slower service. And businesses will discover eventually these fees eat into their margins and it is no longer feasible to accept Bitcoin, but it is still feasible to accept Bitcoin Cash!

The pyramid scheme for Bitcoin can go on as long as it takes, just like Bitconnect used to, but eventually the truth tends to prevail. And in this case, the truth is not difficult to know, all it takes is for a person to send Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to themselves to experience it. I have been through the Internet bubble, the Enron scandal, the Madoff scandal, the Bitconnect scam, Friendster/Nokia/Kodak era and I know they may persist for some time, but eventually the truth almost always prevail.

People like to think, “Wow, if only I could go back in time to buy Bitcoin at a low price.”. Well, if you cannot see that Bitcoin Cash is how Bitcoin has always been, then you’re going to miss the opportunity, twice! What makes Bitcoin popular in the first place is exactly what Bitcoin Cash is today, the ability to transact freely onchain peer to peer with anyone anywhere in the world for less than a cent. You can’t do that with Bitcoin anymore. You can still do exactly that with Bitcoin Cash today.

Update: I'm literally shaking from the generosity from @MarcDeMesel. That's super motivating and I will work harder to keep growing the value of Bitcoin Cash! Thanks Marc!

I'll also take this opportunity to thank @RogerVer for everything he has done.

I'm really proud to be part of this community. And I'll do everything I can to make Bitcoin Cash successful, whatever it takes and however long it takes.

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Written by   313
11 months ago
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