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Quizzes & Puzzles 12

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3 months ago

Some new problems with which to exercise the brain. But first a look at answers and solutions to Quizzes & Puzzles 11. New problems below the image (cartoon).

Answer to Quiz 11:1

Countries sometimes change name. Although it doesn't have to be so, this is often done to mark some fundamental change in the country's status or a major change of its policy.

Below you find seven old names; what are the names of these countries today?

a. Upper Volta

b. New Hebrides

c. Siam

d. Persia

e. Burma

f. Ellice Islands

g. Rhodesia

Upper Volta is Burkina Faso, New Hebrides is Vanuatu,Siam is Thailand, Persia is Iran, Burma is Myanmar, Ellice Islands is Tuvalu, and Rhodesia is Zimbabwe.

Answer to Quiz 11:2

Which ruler ruled the largest connected empire in human history? "Connected" here means one single connected territory - not pieces of land spread out with sea or other countries in between.”

Ögedei Khan

The answer is Ögedei Khan (1186 – 1241), successor and son of the great Genghis Khan. His empire reached from the Pacific Ocean in the East (including China), all the way into eastern Europe.

Answer to Quiz 11:3

Which Japanese artist is often, rightly or wrongly, said to be the one who originally created manga?”

Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), probably the internationally most famous Japanese artist ever, created something called Hokusai Manga. This was a collection of sketches, and the first time the word “manga” was used. Based on this, it is often claimed that Hokusai invented manga, a claim that can be questioned. In Hokusai, Manga & the Most Famous Japanese Artwork Ever, I wrote:

In contrast to common claims, Hokusai did not invent the artistic style and form that is known as Manga today. He called his sketches “manga” and several later artists also came to create their own collections of manga. It is possible that this art had some influence on the development of modern manga, but to say that Hokusai would have invented modern manga is to take it too far.”

Answer to Quiz 11:4

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, but which was the first altcoin?”

It was Namecoin, about which you can read more on their own website:

Answer to Quiz 11:5

What are we talking about when we call colours "tinctures"?

Then we are discussing heraldry. You can read more about heraldry and tinctures in my article Vexillology & Heraldry.

Answer to Quiz 11:6

Let's also take a question about sports. It is soon time for the yearly ice hockey world championship. But which national team won this tournament last year (2021)?”

It was Canada.

For those of you liking ice hockey or if you want to acquaint yourself with this sport, why not watch the present world championships! All games are available for free, streamed live at

And now some new exercises for brain & memory...

Quiz 12:1

Which is the oldest national flag still in use?

Quiz 12:2

What causes the illness schistosomiasis?

Quiz 12:3

“Guernica” is famous, but what is it?

Quiz 12:4

What is “the Pythagorean comma”?

Quiz 12:5

A great author, one of the foremost novelists of world literature, is said to have spent 12 hours per day writing, 6 hours eating, and 6 hours sleeping. While he wrote, he drank coffee all the time. Sometimes it is claimed that he died by overconsumption of coffee. That conclusion should be taken with a grain of salt, but he did indeed drink a lot of it, probably 50 cups per day or more.

He expressed his devotion to this beverage in "The Pleasures and Pains of Coffee", where he concluded:

“Coffee is a great power in my life [...]”

Who was this author?

Quiz 12:6

Last time we had a question about ice hockey, let's take one about another sport on ice. Which sport are we talking about if we say it is...

“... a team sport, played on ice, where two teams take it in turns to slide stones made of granite towards a target – known as a House.“

The source of this definition will be given in the next “Quizzes & Puzzles”. I cannot state it now, because it would immediately reveal the answer.

You'll find answers and solutions in the next “Quizzes & Puzzles”.

Quizzes & Puzzles has now its own label in my Index, where all issues of the series can be found.

In my INDEX, you can find all my writings on Read.Cash, sorted by topic.

Copyright © 2022 Meleonymica/Mictorrani. All Rights Reserved

(Cartoon by Christian Dorn/Pixabay, CC0/Public Domain.

Portrait of Ögedei Khan. From an album in the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. Public Domain.)

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Written by   664
3 months ago
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Que buena tu creatividad para crear post diferentes y darle mas color al contenido de la plataforma y seguir aprendiendo de temas interesantes, hay muchos personajes interesantes de la historia que desconocemos.

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2 months ago

Me alegra que le guste. Espero que usted y muchos otros lo disfruten y aprendan algo nuevo. Eso hace que sea significativo escribir.

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2 months ago

Waikiki it's amazing session you write. I have read complete about Genghis khan. He was great emperor he won many empires .

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2 months ago

He did.indeed. But Ögedei still managed to expand the empire further.

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2 months ago

I like to attend in that Quiz . Maybe I will fail hahahaha.

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2 months ago

You can always test yourself with my Quizzes!

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2 months ago

This is educational. I did not know any of the answers

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2 months ago

Yes, it is intended to be educational.

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2 months ago

This was nice quizz.

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2 months ago

Thanks for providing the answer Mictorrani, I didn't even know the first altcoin was Namecoin. Also, I find quiz 11:2 quite revealing. Thanks a lot

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2 months ago

My pleasure. I hope everyone can learn something new.

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2 months ago

Wow I didn't know about namecoin and I have to be honest it's my first time to hear about it. Maybe I'll research about it, just curious about the existence of that coin.

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3 months ago

You can start with the link I give above.

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2 months ago