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Songs are stories put into melodies. Emotions that can be cried out from a tune.

While Lil B is asleep and I have a few hours alone, I turned on my pc, opened my free Spotify account in one browser, and put on shuffle mode on my liked songs playlist.

Hmmm, I took a screenshot and thought of something. This may be a good topic to write about.

I would like to pick and share a few lines from the songs listed above.

Heart Out by The 1975

It's just you and I, tonight
Why don't you figure my heart out?

Hey Barbara by IV of Spades

I don't care what they say
I'm just trying to be one of the boys
So you can't change your mind
You can never stand alone in the dark, oh, baby,

Voices by Saosin

I miss the part when we were moving forward now
(On our way down)
But maybe someday I'll be something more than love
Just know I'll never tell

Scars by Papa Roach

And my weakness is
That I care too much
And our scars remind us
That the past is real
I tear my heart open
Just to feel

Gone by *NSYNC

There's a thousand words that I could say
To make you come home, yeah
Seems so long ago you walked away
And left me alone

Crazy In Love by Beyonce

When I talk to my friends so quietly
Who he think he is? Look at what you did to me
Tennis shoes, don't even need to buy a new dress
If you ain't there, ain't nobody else to impress
It's the way that you know what I thought I knew
It's the beat that my heart skips when I'm with you
But I still don't understand
Just how your love can do what no one else can

Skyway Avenue by We The Kings

'Cause if you jump I will jump too
We will fall together from the building's ledge
Never looking back at what we've done
We'll say it was love
'Cause I would die for you on Skyway Avenue

I've been MIA for a week because I wasn't feeling good, got UTI again but this time it was categorized as acute UTI. I am now feeling better now.

Just a simple post for today. I was able to post an article a day the last few weeks because while we were in Manila, I was able to draft articles but now that I am back in the province I barely have time to draft articles huhu. I will still try to keep up.

Are you listening to music now? What's on your playlist?

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You have good taste in music madam ha. Familiar ako to most of them ♥️

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Hihi thank you, mejo maemo lang dn ako ung teens ko HAHAHAH. Baka magpost naman ako ng mga dance-able songs soon hahahha

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Uy, Hey Barbara! Thanks for this, napanuod ko ulit at naappreciate yung visuals hehehe

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Wahahaha no prob!

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Yung nsync lang ako familiar hehe. Iba kasi hilig ko sa music, mas nahahatak ako ng mga old at classic songs. Para sakin malalim yung mga meaning ng lyrics dati. Ganun naman talaga, kanya kanya tayo ng taste kahit sa anong bagay pa hehe.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

True yaan. Best era is kung ano yu g naabuyan mo na songs.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Ganda ng mga music ni Beyonce sis, Until now favorite ko yang mga songs niya.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Syemprreee beyonce yan ih!!

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Totoo sis. Basta Beyonce na walang kaduda duda ang gaganda ng mga music.

$ 0.00
7 months ago

I don't listen to music that much now but I used to listen to kpop a lot..

$ 0.00
7 months ago

Me too. I got stuck with the songs I know years ago, i haven't updated my playlist for new songs from my favorite bands and singers

$ 0.00
7 months ago