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15-min rush: It's just a mannerism.

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3 months ago

Struggles anyone? I have a lot, writing is not my strong skill but I have a lot of things to share but the thing is, I don't know how.

I'm just going to try to do an article within 15-mins. Just type or post whatever comes into my mind. Let's try it out.

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Eto na naman tayo..

Let me just take advantage of my 15-mins while little b is asleep. For today's rush, I will tell you about my mannerism. Nail biting.

I actually tried to do a little research about nail biting but due to the lack of free time, I only searched through google and here are the results. I know that most website specially if medically related, hindi natin sure if legit. But let me share what I saw:

I stopped at 2.19pm little b cried huhu

I don't know why, but when I was a kid I would always bite my nails. Teka, ang sabi ko bite ha hindi eat. Baka isipin katulad ng ibang cases na kumakain ng buhok or eklat. I only bite my nails, yung tipong ginagawang nail cutter ung ngipin.

I know that it's very unhygienic, pero di ko pa rin mafigure out why or when did I started biting my nails. Lagi ako pinapalo or hinahampas ng nanay ko ung kamay ko kapag nakikita nyang kinakagat ko na naman. Pero again, hindi ko alam how and why it started. I would bite my nails yung tipong kapag di sya nagpantay kakagatin ko ulit hanggang magpantay sya, which never happened.

Then I was in college I found a way to avoid biting my nails. Syempre I was already getting insecure na dn because my friends have long nice nails. So I always put nail polish as a remedy. Yung colored, kasi di uubra sken ung colorless or top coat lang. I started to buy nail polish in different colors and since may parlor ang mother ko dati, we still have a few tools na panlinis ng kuko. I always DIY my nails, mani or pedi man. Putting nail polish prevents me from biting my nails all the way. Pero syempre kapag bagong lagay hindi ko nagagawa pero once nagbakbak na sila, heheheh mababakbak ko din sya ng ngipin ko and then nail biting starts again, so palit ako ulit ng bail polish.

Kaya dati halos every week ako magpalit ng nail polish. Many times naman na di ko nabbite ung nails ko and napapahaba ko naman kahit papano. But once na may isang mabahirang kagat jan sunod sunod na sila.

A few years ago I just noticed that, I started to bite my nails if Im bothered or kung ano....

stopped again at 3pm. The little b woke up na ih.


I noticed that I would start to bite my nails if, I am worried about something. There are times naman na I don't bite them and I hope it's just a mannerism. Just a mannerism and not a sign of whatever.

When I was pregnant, of course bawal din nail polish because sa scent nya. The nail biting continues, upto now.

Sometimes I dont notice that I'm biting my nails na pala. When I was pregnant, lagi sinasabi ng husband ko na baka ipaglihi ko sa kuko anak ko. Hahahahahaha!

ended at 3.16pm


do you have any recommendations how to stop or avoid nail bitting? Help me, hahaha!

Here's how my nails look like.

If you're reading this, I don't need judgement. If you think malinis ka, think again.

Ikaw? Do you have or know someone that has tge same or other mannerism/s too?

Share mo naman, kanya kanyang trip lang tayo.

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Image/pictures used are mine.

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Written by   62
3 months ago
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i didn't develop this habit sis.. but i have seen a lot of friends do this especially when they are thinking a lot of things...

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3 months ago

Since i was a kid pa ako nito, i dont know whyy huhu nakakahiya nga minsan magpamanicure eh hahah

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3 months ago