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1 year ago
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Hey folks. It's been two weeks since the last Supportive post. Which means we have missed out on two weeks.

There were reasons the two weeks were missed, they are personal and I wouldn't want to go into it at the moment. So I apologise to the users who participated in the last combination round but never got to get the result of the nomination.

Though I have posted a couple of articles within that period, I spent little time on the platform. I just login in post and leave. Things seem better now and I believe I can commence from where we stopped.

Since its a new week, it'd be fair to announce the result of the last nomination round while we await for the next round which will be announced on Wednesday.

But before we go into the outcome of the nomination round, let me share this with y'all.

God will always give you opportunities to prosper. Those opportunities are the answers to your prayers but it's up to you to either take them or not.

Goliath was an opportunity that David acted upon, nobody forced him, but it was his Challenge of Freedom, he knew that if he could win, he would have the king's price, marry the king's daughter, and at his family free.

While Israel saw a big challenge, David saw an opportunity.

When I saw people making money online, it looked impossible but I was determined to face that giant. If I win, I would become my hero, at least be able to afford the things I want and help others. If I lose, I would learn and become better.

One of the worst things in life is not just about being down, but also not being challenged.

You see an opportunity right before you, instead of finding out the price of being successful in it, you come up with a thousand and one excuses why you think it might not work...continue.

One of my favorite mantra is "All things are possible to him that believes..."

It doesn't matter who you are, your race, colour, religion, family background, tribe, etc, as long as you can believe, it's possible and achievable. So all I have to do is believe.

Some of you ain't asking the right questions. You ask;

What if I don't make it?

Change you what (ifs) rightly because you'll eventually become it.

2021 has been the best year for some people. I know some of you might not be able to say that, your only reason to be grateful for the year is that you are alive.

The difference between you and that successful friend is simply your choices. You may have chosen to be indecisive and they took the bull by the horn.

Indecision is still a decision. Inaction is still an action.

Back to Being Supportive

The last two beneficiaries were @James2k21 and @JuanyChelme and that was two weeks ago. I want to believe I sponsored and engaged in as many articles as I could.

Let's have a look at the outcome of the last nomination round:

  1. @PVMihalache nominated @infinity and @CoquiCoin

  2. @Jumper-01 nominated @Olamidenotola and @Slash-1

  3. @James2k21 nominated @Mofif

  4. @Kike9781 nominated @leidimar011319

  5. @JuanyChelme nominated @heymaria and @susurrodelmisterio

  6. @Mofif nominated @Mofif and @danny24

  7. @FarmGirl nominated @Kike9781

  8. @Alborhada nominated @rodriguezpct

  9. @CoquiCoin nominated @Kike9781

  10. @rodriguezpct nominated @Kike9781

That's all we had.

In the end @Kike9781 topped the list with 3 nominations, followed by @Mofif with two nominations.

Congrats guys you are the beneficiaries of Round 2 of the Supportive.

Now its up to you to get writing and I will come supporting with the little I can.


Benefits of Being Supported

  1. Subscription: I will subscribe to you and other supporters are encouraged to do the same.

  2. Sponsorship: each beneficiary will receive a sponsorship offer from me. It's then up to them to accept or reject it.

  3. Post engagement: I will engage with at least 7 of your posts within the week and upvote/tip them too. The amount will be random and will be based on the quality of your posts.

  4. I will make a post about at least one of your articles on Hopefully, more people will visit.

That's all I have for you today. Have a lovely week.

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1 year ago
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Thank you very much friend, I was away from the platform for some problems, but I will do my best to meet the dynamics and do a good job. Thanks to my friends @farmgirl @coquicoin and @rodriguezpct for nominating me.

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1 year ago

Thank you very much for the support, I do not take it for granted. This has really encouraged me.

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1 year ago

I'm definitely trying out on the next round. This is really good work you're doing

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1 year ago

Well, it will come soon. So follow and get notified.

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1 year ago

Thank you McRonald for all that you do!

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1 year ago

And thank you for the support. I hope for more of the same.

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1 year ago

You know, I really liked your words because I felt identified with you. I always give up very easily and this time I am convinced that I must continue.

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1 year ago

And thank you for supporting this with your nominations.

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1 year ago

Welcome back, this is a nice initiative 😍. I'd like to participate in the next nominations.

I'm a newbie here on

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1 year ago

Well, stay tuned, the next nomination comes up on Wednesday or latest Thursday.

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1 year ago