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Sharkboy and Lavagirl: An unexpected kiss...

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3 days ago

After seeing Gus arrive at the entrance of the pavilion where we had classes, a sea of ​​nerves came over me, so strong that as he walked with Ross until he reached us, it increased.

If I'm honest, it wasn't because of him that I was like this, it was because of Sharkboy, I didn't mean to make him jealous, I just wanted someone to help me fill that void that Sharkboy was leaving.

However, things were more unexpected than I could have imagined.

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Hello, I'm Gus, nice to meet you!...

That's how he introduced himself to everyone, but he greeted me in a very different way, while he shook my other classmates' hands, he had given me a kiss on the cheek, I don't know if I liked it very much, because I'm very shy and nervous, so I don't think it's the best way to get to know a person.

"You're so pretty" as he stroked the hairs on my forehead.

I, as usual, didn't know how to react, so I just didn't do anything or say anything.

Gus sat next to me, and he used to see me a lot, at that time I didn't feel so uncomfortable because Sharkboy hadn't arrived but I knew that at any moment things were going to get rough, since Sharkboy and I had never finished our relationship.


Lory said, after seeing a message that the teacher had sent her directly.

Of course, they were the most anticipated elections for a long time in the university, so it was to be expected that the professor gave the class by sight.

"Let's go to the deanery" said Nath...

Nath and I wanted to change majors, since both of us had entered there with the intention of changing, but we had had many problems because being a public university and one of the most important in the whole country, there was a lot of demand for places, so there was very little chance.

When Nath tells me that, Gus and Ross say they're going to join us.

Sharkboy hadn't arrived and he didn't know if he would either because as it was the elections, he was surely with the political party at the electoral box office.

I was a bit calm about that part, but something inside me didn't feel comfortable of course, with the presence of Gus, I realized that I couldn't do that, I liked him, he was Sharkboy and he had made a boy come from so far away. I didn't like it one bit.

On the way to the deanery, Gus walks up to me, while Ross joins Nath as if to leave me alone with Gus walking behind.

Gus was a very romantic, intense and passionate boy, it scared me a little to see someone who didn't know me hold my hand all the way.

Nath was surprised, as was I, only he didn't react, God at that moment was so painful...

We reach the deanery, there I take the opportunity to remove my hand from Gus's and join Nath and Ross more.

I decided to go vote...

After going to the deanery so as not to solve any problems, we went back to our bus stop, the university is so big that we had to walk a lot of streets to get to the stop.

Nath realized my discomfort, Gus was a very strange boy, he wanted to hold my hand every so often, and we had only met an hour ago, he didn't understand what he was up to.

I was uncomfortable all the way, but at the same time I was thinking about Sharkboy and the elections.

Nath and several colleagues did not want to vote, there was so much corruption in the governments that no one had hope anymore, but something inside me had the need to exercise my vote and contribute my grain of sand.

So in the "Dome" which is a field for physical education activities, which is exactly in the middle of the university, I decided to go vote.

I tell Nath to come with me but she didn't want to go that far if she wouldn't vote, of course she wouldn't ask Gus to come with me for obvious reasons so I just dared to run to the mirror building.

I was running so fast, not to miss my route home and also to be on time to vote, that I felt like I couldn't breathe anymore.

So as soon as she gets to the mirror building she's completely sweaty.

I saw Sharkboy in the entire entrance, we had not seen each other directly for two weeks, I had some small butterflies in my stomach, he hugged me and was very happy because I went to vote so he told me where I had to cast my vote and gave me a lot of water LOL.

At table number 3, some guys were waiting for me to teach me how to vote with the system that the university had, and in the blink of an eye I had already voted for democracy.

An unexpected kiss...

I was very happy, the student environment full of people with great hope waiting for a change of government in the university, that I was infected with that joy.

Sharkboy and I left the building to get some air, there was a lot of commotion in all areas of the area, there were many active and euphoric people making noise to avoid any kind of trap.

I tell Sharkboy to walk me back to the arch to catch my route home.

Sharkboy does take my hand, and this time I let go, because it was a completely different feeling.

I remember that next to the mirror building there was a small path cut in the middle of a forest, and there we had the most romantic kiss in our entire history.

It was totally romantic, nothing racy, there was no one around us, just us with our eyes totally closed.

I felt that a dark stage for us had ended, it was already the election so Sharkboy would no longer have to be campaigning and would have more time to share with me and everyone in the room.

Arriving at the bus stop, in the distance Nath, Ross and Gus were waiting for me, so I quickly tell Sharkboy what is happening.

We approach them, I take my student ID and hand it to the girl who collects the cards on the route, and I sit with all of them for a while.

Of course there was a lot of tension, I imagine that Gus realized what was happening.

"Jesus of heaven" I said in my mind when I saw the bus arrive from the route that Nath and I were waiting for.

We got down from where we were sitting, and at that moment we all started saying goodbye, good for Ross and Gus, because Sharkboy always accompanied me until I got on the bus.

I say goodbye to Ross, and when I'm going to say goodbye to Gus, he comes up to me and steals a kiss from me, a very detestable kiss, because it was almost forced and very unexpected for me.

What bothered me the most is that Sharkboy had been in the middle of the two, and had seen how another boy kissed me.

I push him away and try to punch him, but Gus quickly pulls away.

Sharkboy and I walked to the bus, and neither of them said anything, I didn't know what to say to him.

When I was going to get on the bus, I tried to say goodbye to Sharkboy, but he turned his face away, so I got on the bus really wanting to cry.

This was all my fault and I didn't know how to act anymore, I just laid my head on Nath's shoulders, and closed my eyes all the way without sleeping a bit.

True story, of what my first love was in college.

To be continue...

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Written by   95
3 days ago
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That's a normal reaction from Sharkboy. I wish Gus didn't do that.

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8 hours ago

i thought this is a review movie in sharkboy and lava girl. hehe. pardon me!

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3 days ago

It's good that you see it that way, because one day I will make a book in honor of him.

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3 days ago

My university is also main university in the whole country and it is big also we also have to walk too much to reach any place

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3 days ago

That's nice, but it's also exhausting, because in one way or another, the more people the university has, the fewer opportunities there are.

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3 days ago

that was Gus' fault and I bet Sharkboy was only jealous

$ 0.01
3 days ago

GusGus was a very rude boy, he thought that just because I gave him the opportunity to meet me he could treat me that way.

$ 0.00
3 days ago

there are really guys like that so it would be best to just avoid them💗

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3 days ago

hello! I'm really excited about what will happen next! And what makes me more excited about it is because it's a true story of yours. Can't wait to read your next article.

$ 0.02
3 days ago

I am very happy that you read me, and yes, it is indeed a true and very emotional story that I am very excited to tell. I'm already in the final chapters.

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3 days ago