Evil Dictators

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As of 2019, the number of people in the world is 7.674 billion and there is always and percentage of bad people. People are ready to do bad things, people than can sacrifice and doom all of humanity to get what he/she wanted. In the course of history, we see and learn many people like that, people that kill or order to kill other people just because of their difference in belief, race, and religion. In history many deaths are because of wars, nations that want to expand territory and power, some wars are fought to gain economic dominance and let other nations suffer.

With all the blood and tears shed in the past, still many people long for this kind of war or era. Until now many endless wars are being fought just to establish dominance or power. Humans never learn of the lessons and consequences that wrongdoings can make.

Every year we pay tribute to many people that die in different wars, massacres, and other types of killings. Like in November 77 1918, we remember the end of World War 1, people back then are not satisfied so they make another war, World War 2 which ended on May 8, 1945. Yearly we remember those main wars and be sad about how many people die and how many lives were shattered because of the war.

Behind every war, massacre and slavery is a dictator, a president, or just a mad man that wants everything in his hand. A dictator that will sacrifice everything in order to achieve his goals, does not care how many people die or how many countries are involved. He only looks at the price. Here are some of the most ruthless, evil, and shameless dictators of all time:

1.       Ismail Enver Pashas

A Turkish Military officer and leader in the Young Turk Revolution and eventually ho rose to power and lead the Ottoman Empire in both Balkan Wars and World War 1. In the time that Ismail Enver Pashas was war minister, he is not very useful and suffers many losses over and over again. Because of that failure, he decided to blame the Armenians, and that is what began what is now the Armenian Genocide. The word Genocide in coined to describe this event.

 Ismail Enver Pashas killed:

1,200,000 Armenian in 1915

350,000 Greeks Pontian

482,000 Anatolians Greeks in 1916-1922

And 500,000 Assyrians in 1915-1920

2.       Hideki Tojo

Killed 5 million people, Hideki Tojo was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army. He assumes many positions in Japan and has a major contribution to education teaching militaristic and nationalist indoctrinations.

During World War 2 Hideki Tojo starts winning many battles and gain popularity among Japanese people. But when everything changes and he began losing, and he went into seclusion, tried for war crimes, and was found guilty of waging wars of aggression.

3.        Leopold II if Belgium

Leopold II was the king of the Belgians and he believes that colonialism is required for a powerful country, so he form and group called the International African Society and travel to Congo. After they arrive Leopold II laid claim to a plot of land 14 times the size of Belgium and made many countries agree that he has the power to rule it. Then he forced the people into forced labor, created a bustling rubber industry, and abused workers.

Leopold II killed 2-15 million people in Congo

4.       Adolf Hitler

We all know that Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party. He became the absolute dictator of Germany from 1934-1945, he gained support from the people by promoting values like German Nationalism and Anti-Semitism. Nazi forces engaged in many battles murdering many as 17 million civilians an estimated six million Jews and 1.5 million Romanis.

5.       Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong was a Chinese Revolutionary, Political Theorist, and communist leader who led the people of China. He has many programs that lead to death, a decision that led to death, and chaos for his own people. His program to rapidly industrialize China led to 20 million deaths due to hunger.

His policies and political purges from 1919-1976 caused the death of 49 to 78 million people.


As you can see from this list there are people that choose to be bad and choose to kill millions of people for their nonsense ambitions.  And this person and country leaders are sometimes appointed by the people. So please in the following election of the country and world leaders, choose the best candidate, do research before voting and be careful who to choose.








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