BEWARE The Headache Inducing Facebook/Meta Ads Virus, PayPal and Credit Card Mashup

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1 year ago

Just when I thought everything is alright with the world I find out about my credit card dispute status from last month's bank emails. Good lord I was too busy to check my email account and see the bank emails. They have reached out several times via email about the dispute response they got from PayPal but no one even thought of contacting me by phone. Wow. What is the point that I have my phone number in their file???

For context, if you haven't read my warning posts about the Facebook/Meta Ads virus, what happened to me/my computer, etc., then read these first:

This is not a fun experience I tell you. I don't think I will ever be using PayPal anymore because of this.

Why? Well...

  1. I did not file a dispute with Paypal even if I have automatic payments setup for Facebook Ads via PayPal because I reported the fraud/unauthorized charge immediately to my bank so I would not get any more charges! Once I did that the bank contacted so next thing I know PayPal showed a case resolution note saying they will not be able to process any payment resolution at all because I contacted my bank directly. Well duh I needed immediate action to stop my card from getting charged so don't expect me to contact PayPal first when it doesn't respond immediately! MEANING their so-called Buyer Protection is USELESS in this case!!! The only reason I used PayPal is because of that and then they remove themselves from the dispute resolution only to provide the wrong info to the bank investigation later?!? WTF

  2. I found out today, my bank dispute documents show PayPal claimed the charges made by Facebook are all valid based on my payment history! Of course because PAYPAL IS IGNORANT OF THE FACTS OF THE FACEBOOK ADS CASE.

  3. First PayPal tells me to contact my bank directly about the merchant dispute and then they meddle with my bank by telling them the charges are valid when Paypal basically told me to exclude Paypal from the process?! WTF?!?

Now who is possibly at fault here on why the dispute has gone to shizz?

  1. My bank contacted PayPal and not Facebook.

  2. PayPal responded even if they are not supposed to instead of telling the bank the same thing they told me, to contact the parties involved directly!

  3. PayPal never bothered to check with Facebook regarding the bank dispute despite the fact of automatic payments. They are supposed to do the checking themselves because of the dispute filed! Why would someone file a dispute for no reason?! PayPal should have investigated thoroughly instead of being lazy in doing their job!

  4. Facebook/Meta did not contact my bank or PayPal regarding reversing/refunding the charges even if they told me they did!

Facebook already informed me they reversed the charges from the unauthorized ad last month so what's going on with the bank sending me all those emails??? (I even missed the dispute deadline to respond but I still replied to the emails today.)

As posted in previous articles this is what Facebook told me after they did another investigation:

Screenshot of Facebook/Meta Support Inbox message

The bank email I received a week or so after Facebook sent this did not reflect what Facebook told me at all. Why? Because the bank asked PayPal, that's why! Good lord. You see how a simple computer effing virus becomes such a huge pain in the ***!!!

What is the lesson in all of this?

Doing business online is not what it used to be. And now everybody wants to put everything online? HAHAHAHA. You even want 5G and AI? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Greedy people are everywhere so we should beware of our own thoughts and actions. You never know how greedy you can become unless you truly know yourself.

Anyway here are the lessons learned from my experience:


Why? Because your brain/thought process may be impaired due to whatever it is you're feeling. It makes you do things you wouldn't normally do (like click on a tempting/interesting computer virus source) and cause a lot of trouble once you're almost or all better. Ugh. πŸ’”

2. Do not use PayPal for Automatic Payments of Facebook Ads

As mentioned, BUYER PROTECTION is useless in this case because PayPal does not even investigate or contact the merchant being disputed! Lazy work are GRRR!

3. Never use your credit/debit card for automatic payments

Why? Because if somebody hacked any of your online accounts, you're fcked. Oh maybe you want to experience what happened to me too? Be my guest.

What should you use instead? Well I'd love to tell you but it's better to think about it yourself. There is a better way to pay recurring/automatic charges.

End thoughts:

Make sure you focus on doing good and have a strong faith in God otherwise life will cut you to pieces or you will succumb to doing evil deeds!

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. (😣)



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1 year ago


Scammers nowadays are very rampant, that is why we need to be very cautious in using any apps that requires filling our personal infos.

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1 year ago

Exactly. Everything is almost online so that's why even scammers/fraudsters are online.

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1 year ago

That's why I am scared to input my personal infos. In site because of like this situation that you had.

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1 year ago

Huhu, for me it's a must if you're an online seller but I will now do things differently so my funds will be safer. πŸ’”

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1 year ago

Thanks for this. Now I know that I would never connect my card to online payments in different shopping apps or FB. I think I'll only connect it to Gcash and the mobile app of my bank for faster payments to what I purchased at malls. I earn money online, so it can't be help to pay online, too.

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1 year ago

Yes this is the problem that can happen when everything is connected online. Huhu. πŸ’”

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1 year ago

That's what i'm afraid of connecting all personal information to online how much if online bankπŸ˜…

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1 year ago

True. People want to put everything online but many will find it easier to hack.

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1 year ago