I am saved... Wait am I? Part II

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February 19, 2022

I am saved... Wait am I? Part I

"That's not the bathroom, you can't go inside, come let me guide you to the bathroom" he's very serious while saying this to me.

Why I can feel that there's something wrong here? I thought there are only two rooms here, what's inside the room located in the kitchen?

It's been two weeks since I am staying here in the apartment. I wanted to leave but I couldn't find any job, it's hard for me since I am not even graduated from high school. My money isn't enough to rent a house so I accept Dexter's offer to stay here until I've got to find a job.

In my two weeks here, I still find this place suspicious though Dexter is kind to me, I can't fully trust him. He didn't tell me about himself only his name and his work, he's working at the clinic as a physician. That's all, he didn't tell me about his family or does he have a girlfriend. I guess he doesn't have since no woman went here in my two weeks. He's caring and always check if I'm okay but one thing he said to me that can't get out in my mind is that I shouldn't go inside in the door found in the kitchen. I wanted to ask him why but I am scared he might get angry with me.

Sometimes I heard a noise inside and I let it be, maybe it's just a rat or cat. I don't want to be paranoid.

"We will be going out of town, we have a mission to give a check-up in the city of Bohol. Are you okay here alone?" Dexter asked me and I answered him that I will be fine here.

When I woke up, Dexter already left. He left a note saying there's already food in the kitchen and that I should be careful. This is what I like about him, he's very caring. I am guilty that I think bad about him, I should learn to trust him. What he did what always good to me, he never take advantage of me.

Night comes, I need to prepare my food. I'm thinking of what I am gonna cook so I look at the refrigerator and see what's inside. While looking inside, I heard a noise again and this time it was very loud.

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They say curiosity kills the cat but I need to know what's inside that keeps on giving a weird sound. It looks like someone is throwing something. Though I'm scared, I slowly walk towards the door, and when I am in front of it I hold the doorknob, and when I am about to open it......

It's locked. Geez, where can I find the key?

I sneak into the room of Dexter, had it doesn't lock. I look into his drawer and check all the layers there. While looking at the drawer, something crossed my mind. What I am doing? Is this correct? I don't know but I'm curious and I sense something wrong inside that door so I continue searching. I found a small box and when I open it voila! It's the key.

I rush to the kitchen and insert the key into the door. To my surprise, I found a ladder that leads you downstairs. It's dark so I grab my phone to a flashlight so that I can see what's inside. I slowly move downstairs and am scared of what I'm seeing right now.

Is this real? I saw a girl with blood on her clothes and she had a handcuff connected to her bed. I can't move and think for a while when the girl talk

"Help me please. Help me" with her weak tone of voice.

I run to her and ask her who she is, she said she was the girlfriend of Dexter but when they moved together she notices that the behavior of Dexter has changed, she thinks he's like a psycho. Dexter told her to do things that she didn't want and when she didn't follow him, he locked her up here in the secret room. She was abused, based on her looks. She's been here for one month. I pity her.

"Please help me get out of here, we should escape before he arrives. You don't know what Dexter is capable of doing. He's insane, he hides his true color on his handsome looks. Let's get out of here." She said hurriedly.

"But you're in a handcuff, how can I remove that? I don't have a key"

"There, in the vase look and you will see the key" I immediately look inside the vase and she's right there's a key.

"Can you walk?" I asked her because she seems very weak. I help her and she told me that there was a door here that leads outside. We walk towards that door and when I open

"Where do you think you're going?". Dexter is there as if he's waiting for us. He has a dark aura and looks scary, far from what I have always seen to him before.

I close the door and we run inside. We climb to the ladder and lock the door. We hide in my room, Dexter doesn't have a key to my room.

" what we'll gonna do? I don't want to die"the girl said with a small voice.

" no, we will escape here, no one will going to die," I told her even though I'm scared also.

"Come out here you two! Or else you'll be dead! Now!"

We heard the voice of Dexter. I'm trembling with fear but I need to think. I look around and saw the window. I grab the blanket and make a long tie so that we can use it to go outside the window.

Before we go out... "Blag"

The door of my room opened and we saw Dexter. "Oh, there you are!" He grab us but I managed to kick him and he let go of me. He slaps the girl hard that causing her to fall to the floor. "How dare you escape to me? I told you, you're mine and you Shane, you'll be here forever. I will tie you also with this girl. You're not going to leave me! You two are mine."

He's crazy. I can see it now.

"No, you're insane. You don't own us!" I said and grab the girl. We run outside my room. Dexter grabbed my hair and pull me closer to him. The girl hit him with a flower vase and he fainted. This is our time to run.

We run outside, the girl was in my back and when I look at her


Then everything went dark.

To be continued.....

What do you think happened? Are they successfully escaped to Dexter? Are they safe already? We'll see the next chapter, thanks for reading guys :)


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Waaaaah psycho pala ang dexter nayun. Kaya nakakatakot mag tiwala agad. Di mo alam history ng tao.

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1 year ago

True sis. Wag magtiwala sa itsura haha

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1 year ago

Naalala ko yung nabasa ko sa wattpad, pero dun si girl kjnidnap eh kasi kamukha ng kapatid nya. Ending namatay si boy kase hinayaan nyang patayin sya ni girl, may double personality si boy

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1 year ago

Aw mukang maganda yan sis. Kakatakot may mga double personality.

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1 year ago

Oo sis, english sya diko maalala title nya.

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1 year ago

An interesting story Langga. Indeed Dexter is a psycho. He's really scary. He's out in his mind. I felt pity to the girl who locked in there for one month already. It's too long and the worst she's handcuffed.

This is the same with the movie I've watch last year langga. The guy is a psycho. A crazy guy. He locked the girl in the underground too. I can't wait to read the next one langga.

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1 year ago

He is indeed a psycho sis, let's see what will happen to them in the next hehe thanks for reading sis. What's the title of that movie sis?

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1 year ago

Yes sis that's true. You're welcome sis. I couldn't remember but I watched it in my Netflix. They are a couple and they live in a super high tech house and the wife don't know about the real identity of his husband. I will search it in Netflix sis. I forgot the title.

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1 year ago