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Week #1 Activities (July 29 to August 04)

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5 months ago
August 05, 2022

Week #1 Activities (July 29 to August 04)

I joined on July 29, 2022. The very first article I published was Greetings from LeonaReed, wherein I almost told about me, in continuation to about me another detailed and interesting article Things I Want, the Most, which is one of all time hits articles (so far).

My second article was to discuss the first five days of my crypto earnings, A 5-day Adventure and 0.03 BCH ($4.5) + 60 followers. In my initial five days, with the grace of Allah the Almighty, I became a famous member of The trusted me and gave me the FT feature, I am very thankful for that.

Getting around 60 subscribers in 4 days is another achievement, which makes me a special and hardworking person.

When July ended, I have given a brief detail about my crypto earnings in the month of July 2022, i.e. LeonaReed Crypto Earnings (July 2022). In this article, I have been through all my earnings from,, and Brave Browser Rewards.

Collected 0.03645862 BCH (~$5.15), 0.00079458 BCH (~$0.10) & 4.089BAT (~$1.75) from, and Brave Browser Rewards respectively (in almost 5 days).

Apart from my crypto earning, I got 60+ subscribers in, which I think is an excellent and great achievement.

  • It is one of the articles which is hot all the time, and I earned $2.92 via this article.

  • This article is so lucky for me, as getting noticed/rewarded from @TheRandomRewarder started from this article.

Despite, my brief introduction in the Greetings from LeonaReed, I felt most readers would want to know about my other things, so I wanted to let them know about what I want to have and love and wrote a few in another article on August 02, 2022 Things I Want, the Most.

So far, this article is one the the hottest 🔥 articles of mine of given $2.05.

Everyone loves outing, gathering and company with their family and friends. I am one of those people who love to have company or family and friends. The company/gathering of friends or family has always made me happier and I enjoyed it. For last few weeks, it had been cloudy and raining weather, so we could had any outing or dinner/lunch with family/friend.

Sunday, July 31, 2022, was clear sky and hot weather, I and the elder brother decided to eat ice cream and have some fun.

If you want to enjoy the Fun-Evening, here it is An Evening - Sunday Funday. It was around three and a half hours outing/fun, but still we enjoyed a lot.

August Month of the Green, Hmm? Pakistan, my beloved country was deported from British India on August 14, 1947, and has a green flag. On August 01, 2017, the Bitcoin core network was forked, resulting in two split cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Means Bitcoin Cash was born on August 01, 2017, logo of bitcoin cash is also green, and my earnings for August are so far so good, meaning it is also green, so it is making August green... August, the Month of Green & 5th Anniversary of Bitcoin Cash

Looking forward to your responses.

Goodbye for now


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Written by   115
5 months ago
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Keep it up ! It is encouraged that you are evaluating your engagement and looking at deeply.

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So sweet and kind of you. I have always found your comments, positive and in such a way that it always encouraged me, supported me and guided me. Thankyou so very much

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