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The Lesson Behind the Letter of Sailing a Ship

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1 month ago

This image was from Pexels by Павел Гавриков.

"Hey! Come over here!" A group of people with their black suits are chasing the guy from the busy street. They were running and chasing for almost 30 minutes and yet, they couldn't reach the guy. 

The guy looked at his back while grinning. "Run! Move faster! You cannot reach me!" He went inside the house and hid there. He is now chasing his breath; you will notice that he is tired based on his face. 

"Let him go." He heard it from the outside of the house. It was a call from the phone of one of the people who were chasing him. It was a sign that he is free now. He quickly ran to his car after more minutes of waiting so he could go to their mansion. 

"Where have you been?" An old man asked him. "None of your business" he answered coldly. The old man stared at him for a minute, then he smiled. "At your age, I am sure that you can take over the position in our company," the old man said. 

He looked at the old man with his bright eyes. "Of course, dad. I can be the CEO of the company. I am competent and suited for the position" he replied like a kid who got his favorite candy. The old man laughed at him. "It seems that you want me to die huh? I will do it soon." 

Van, the guy, sighed from his dad's reply. "I thought you would do it. Whatever" his dad is ill and currently on his deathbed. A few days left and he will leave the world peacefully. 

They have a company and his son, Van, is not managing it correctly. His son uses the company's funds for gambling, bad habits, and nonsense things. Despite these acts, he loves his son. He is not the typical company owner who loves the company more than their family. He knows that the company is in debt because of his son. He knows that soon, it will declare bankruptcy yet, he is letting his son do what he wants to do.

"He was chased by the people of our company partners, chairman." The personal assistant of the old man entered the room. "It was because of the debt." But instead of shock and madness, the old man laughed. "Let him do what he wants to do." 

"But…" the personal assistant is against the chairman but he can not do anything. He is loyal to the chairman for over three decades and he is not asking for any return. He loves the chairman like his own dad. He looks like the biological son of the chairman even though he is just an assistant, a buddy.

"No buts Daniel, you know me. Please call my lawyer to go here." The chairman instructed.


"Yes, we'll talk about something". 

The next day, the chairman called a meeting and announced the takeover of the position of the company. Of course, he gave the responsibility to his son. The investigators and other members do not agree but they can not do anything about it. They also have a close relationship with the chairman and they respect his opinion. 

Days after the meeting, the chairman passed away. They had a luxurious funeral wherein different CEOs went to the event. The chairman is known for being a good CEO. He is the only CEO that has no enemy, he helped a lot of people during his career. This is why a lot of people are respecting him. 

After the funeral, Van called the lawyer, he wants to know what is written on the will of his dad. It looks like he is waiting for this moment for a long time; he wants his dad to die. 

" Good day Mr. Vergez, I am Atty. Lo—"

"Stop talking nonsense, let's jump to the will". Van Vergez cut the words of the lawyer.

"Okay, so I will say what is written on his will"

The lawyer was shocked at what is written on the will. They were talking about this last week but the chairman didn't let him know what was written. 

"What!?" The little Vergez shouted, he was eager to hear what was written on it. "Just read it, I am sure that he will give everything to his beloved son. I just need confirmation." Van Vergez smiled with his thoughts. 'I will be rich' he told himself.

The lawyer coughed awkwardly. "Okay so here it is"

"I, Gough Vergez, give 10% of my wealth to one of my company partners, Vicente Corp…"

"10%!? To the company partner? How come!?" Vergez shouted madly. The lawyer can't even finish his words.

"I also don't know, we were talking about this last week but he never showed it to me. It was his request and I needed to respect it."

"Whatever, just continue"

The lawyer stared at him, seeming like he was afraid of how the little Vergez would react to the next statement. 

" the Vicente Corp. While the other 90% will directly go to my chosen charity."

The little Vergez looked at the lawyer. He can not process the statement.

"Are you kidding me?" He asked.

"No, it was written on his will. It was written by him. But he wanted to give this to you. He asked me a favor before we left each other last week. I didn't know that it would be the last time that we would meet each other." The lawyer gave the letter and left the room. 

Van Vergez opened and read it.

"If you are reading this, maybe you are mad at me. I did it so you will learn a lesson. I let the company live in your hands but you never took care of it. I am not mad, I just want you to learn. Soon, you will realize what I am saying. I love you, son. Learn how to sail your ship."

He is mad. Van Vergez threw the letter, he cursed and was badly mad at his dad. At this point, the company had a hard time coping. They were full of debt that they can't pay anymore. Hence, they shut down the company.

Van ruined his life. He slept on the street, he is homeless. He is always running with the people wearing a black suits. Until one day, he was caught by them while he was sleeping under the tree.

They brought him to an apartment, and there, a standing man was looking at the window. 

Van felt himself, he didn't feel any harm. The people in black suits didn't hurt him.

"So you're Van? Alright, I will give you a job opportunity. Work for me and change your life. Start a new life, forget your past and treat it as a lesson." The man talked to him. He didn't see this guy before.

"I am a bad son, but I am not going to work illegally. No thanks." 

The man laughed at him. "Who said that you will do illegal work? You will work at my company as a janitor. If you did your best, I will promote you."

Van doesn't have a choice, he is not eating for a couple of days, and he has no money. He doesn't have a shelter. From the son of a CEO to a homeless guy. After months of being homeless, he realized that he did bad with his dad and their company. He took the offer from the man.

He worked hard and started to climb on the position. In fact, he is now the manager of human resource management. Strangely, he was just a janitor but he became the manager. 

He started building his new life, far from his old self. He started to appreciate the things that he has. Then one day, an unknown number called on his phone.

The person from another line gave the address. It was the person that gave a job to him. It's almost one year but he never knows the name of this person. 

He grabbed the opportunity to talk to him. This is the second time that they will meet. He went to the place and there, he saw the man sitting on the swivel chair.

The guy clapped at him. "Please sit, Vergez." He is confused but he is following the man's instructions.

"I am sure that your dad is smiling from above while looking at you. This is what he wanted" 


"Yes, remember what's written on the will? 10% of his wealth will go to his company's partner."

Vergez looked at him, he knew what it was, but he never expected it. 

"Yes it was me. I am your dad's best friend. It is funny that you don't know me even though we were always together. Well, you're not getting along with him."

Vergez is speechless. He is just listening to Vicente.

"He never abandoned you. He said that I should keep my eyes on you while you are homeless. He knows that you will lose everything, but he wanted to teach you a lesson. I was waiting for this moment but you are always running from my men." Vicente laughed.

"I thought it was because of the debt of our company," Vergez replied, laughing. 

"Ah, I took care of everything about the debt. Your dad gave a huge amount of money to pay it before he died." 

Vergez embraced him tightly. He cried with Vicente's shoulder…like a kid who lost his dad. 

Vicente tapped his shoulder. "I know that this is the right time." 

Vicente gave an envelope to him and there is a contract inside. It is a document saying that the 10% wealth from his dad was transferred under his name.

"Yes, your dad gave it to me so I can give it to you…at the right time. At least you learned to sail your ship on the right path."

Van Vergez was happy. He used the money to start his business and started to plan about building his own company. 

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Published: May 6, 2022

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Written by   456
1 month ago
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Wow what a great lesson! Minsan sa buhay kailangan natin maranasan yung hirap para matuto tayong tumayo sa sariling paa natin.

Ikaw ba nagsulat nito @Laurenceuuu

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1 month ago

Yeah, the value of suffering makes sense.

Yep I wrote it.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Its very common to find kids who squander their parents money because they themselves do not know what it means to make wealth.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

It is always happening with rich people haha

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I might have watched a movie about something like this. I forgot the title though. Lots of lessons to learn from.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Oh I want to watch it then.

$ 0.00
1 month ago