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Date: 07/10/2022 
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Topic:- Monthly Reports (September)

Hello my family members. How are you all? Hope everyone is well. Alhamdulillah, I am also fine by the grace of Almighty Allah. Only Allah can keep everyone well. So all praise is due to Allah. Hope you had a good month last September. Today I will be writing about my September activities on ReadCash. Although today is the 7th. It should have been written about this a long time ago. But I have been mildly busy for a few days so I have not been able to write. First of all, I apologize for writing this article late.

I have written a total of 13 articles in the last month of September. My academic final exam is coming up. So I am a little busy with my studies. That's why I don't write articles every day. Anyway, let's have a brief look at my last month's articles.

1/ Time-management

The first article I wrote last month was about time management. Time is the biggest thing in our life. Success in life is possible only if you do the right thing at the right time. The article is about how to use time properly.

2/ About-binance-learn-earn

My second post last month was on a different topic. As we all know, Binance is the largest crypto exchange platform in the world. Every month Binance holds quiz contests on Learn and Earn on different coins. There is a chance to win crypto by answering the quiz. This article has detailed. You can read if you want. The article will be very useful for you

3/ Are-you-suffering-from-indecision

The third article of the month of September was on motivation tips. Many of us suffer from indecisiveness at the beginning of many tasks. It is a common problem. This article is about indecision.

4/ Success-and-personality

The next article was also motivational. Here it is written about success and one's personality. You can motivate yourself by reading these motivational articles of mine.

5/ Ethereum-merge

On September 15th, Ethereum got a big upgrade. This article has written about what Ethereum Merge is and how it works, what are the benefits.

6/ 5-motivational-movies

Many of us like to watch movies. There are many types of movies in the world. But there are very few best motivational movies. In this article I have reviewed some of the best motivational movies

7/ Tour-in-my-friend-city

Last month I visited my friend's city. I went there and saw many beautiful places. I have shared those beautiful moments in this article. In this article you will know about some historical places

8/ How-to-write-a-perfect

Many of us love to write. But not everyone knows what to keep in mind before writing a good article. In this article you will know how to write a perfect article.

9/ The-scientific-formula-of-love-

We all know different types of love. Almost everyone loves someone. But did you know that there are some scientific formulas for love? Read this article and you will know about it.

10/ Mental-illness

Man means he will have sickness in his body. Maybe physical illness or mental illness. We all know about physical ailments. But there are very few people who know about mental illness. This article is written about mental illness and ways to avoid it.

11/ 10-ways-to-become-a-successful-entrepreneur

In today's world, the world's richest people are all entrepreneurs. There are many steps to go through to become a successful entrepreneur. Here are 10 tips shared in this article that will help you become a successful entrepreneur

12/ How-to-write-a-perfect-article

Many of us love to write. But not everyone knows what to keep in mind before writing a good article. In this article you will know how to write a perfect article

13/ Graphics Design

The last article I wrote last month was about graphic design. Nowadays people are leaning towards freelancing. Because everyone wants to work as a free profession. And one of the main branches of freelancing is graphic design. The demand for graphic designers is high in the world. In this article you will learn more about graphic design.

Above all, let me know in the comments how you like the articles written by me in the last one month. I hope my articles will help you. Thanks everyone. Everyone pray that we can give you beautiful articles this month too.

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