The Coconut Tree

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2 years ago

August 22, 2021

Me and hubby have recently been drinking coconut water once or twice in a week. As we know that it cleanses the kidney and lowers blood sugar.

Recently, I have received a small income from my farm in Negros from the sale of copra. Just really a minimal amount but since it is a passive income then it is worth recognition.

This made me decide to write something about the coconut tree.

Do you know that all parts of the coconut tree have benefits or has its uses? Nothing is wasted!


The coconut fruit has four parts. The outer layer is called the skin, the hard layer after the skin is called the shell, the inner layer is the flesh or coconut meat and right in the center is the coconut water.

  • Coconut Water

As mentioned above, we have been drinking coconut water since my hubby arrives home. A coconut fruit vendor brings his goods through a “kariton” (cart) and he sells them at the corner where our driveway ends.

We asked him to separate the flesh or coconut meat from the coconut water every time we buy from him. Me and hubby drinks the water while my kids eat the meat.

What are the benefits for drinking coconut water?

There are plenty of health benefits from drinking coconut water but I will emphasize why we started drinking the coconut water. We practice drinking coconut water because my hubby has diabetes. As coconut water lowers blood sugar levels it would be beneficial for him.

Coconut water can also lower the levels of hemoglobin A1c. This indicates a better long term blood sugar control

Magnesium is also found in coconut water. This may increase insulin sensitivity and decrease blood sugar levels.

Usually when a person becomes diabetic, there are other organs that will be damaged. Maybe because of the medicines being taken in by the diabetic person. My mom, for example, her memory has been affected by her diabetes. She has now an Alzheimer’s disease. A friend’s husband who has diabetes has complications in his liver. He eventually died of liver cirrhosis. His mother, who also has diabetes, died before him because of kidney complications.

So it is better to keep our internal organs healthy. One way of making our kidney healthy is by drinking plenty of fluids. Though plain water will do but coconut water is better.

Another benefit from drinking coconut water is that it may reduce risk of heart disease. It has an impressive potassium content that can lower blood pressure.

  • Coconut flesh or meat

Coconut meat contains coconut oil that may boost good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol therefor it can reduce risk of heart disease.

Coconut meat may also aid in weight loss. I think it would be beneficial for me to eat the meat instead of my kids. 😁

As per research there are also downside on eating too much coconut meat so it would be better to eat it in moderation.

The young coconut meat can also be added to various recipes. One of them is fruit salad.

The coconut meat is also used to produce coconut milk. The coconut meat is shredded and then water is added before pressing it to remove the milk. I usually do this when I make Maja Blanca as coconut milk is one of the main ingredient.

While the old coconut meat can be dried out and used as copra. They are sun dried before the oil is extracted.

This is where my income from the farm comes from.

They first gathered the fallen coconut fruit. Once they have plenty already, they break the coconut fruit into half. They then remove the coconut meat and dried them through smoking. Per my staff, smoking is faster than drying them under the sun. They keep them in smoke until the meat is brown in color. This is then packed in sacks and delivered to the company who extract the oil while the excreted meat will be processed as feeds for chicken and pigs.

  • Coconut skin and shell

The coconut skin and shell will then be dried up and processed in to coconut floor scrub. The husk in between the hard skin and the shell can be processed into a rope.

The shell can be used in craft making. I remember during one of the blessing and launching of our project, the shell was used to hold candles so that the wind will not blow the light off. Of course the shell was cleaned and shined.


There are lots of projects that can be made from coconut leaves. It can be made into mats, hats and baskets by weaving. The sticks can also be made into broomsticks.


The coconut trunk can be made into timber and can be used for building huts. The rejected trunk can be processed into charcoal.


The coconut roots can be used in crafts and or a decorative furniture. It can also be used as firewood so with the rejected coconut trunk.

The Philippines has a lot of coconut trees and they thrive in sandy soils, loves sunlight and is tolerant of salinity. This is why it is commonly found on the beaches. The leaves give shades to the beach goers and coolness from the hot or humid air. It also gives a nice ambiance and view at the resorts.

Author’s note:

Some parts of this article has been researched thru Google. This is the site that was used in the research.

That’s all for now folks.

Thanks for dropping by.

Plagiarism checked!

I am forever grateful to these beautiful people who extends their support and love. You guys ROCK!

Thanks for the 🧡🧡🧡.

Lead image by Unsplash.

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2 years ago


Yan ang wala dito sa France, ang coconut tree. Gusto ko pa naman kumain ng young coconut meat.

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2 years ago

We have coconut trees in the farm and I remember when we were kids, we used to help our father sa koprahan. Though our help is minimal, for him it is a lot. We treasure it because its the time where we spend bonding with him and the rest of my siblings.

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2 years ago

I love coconut in all its forms. And yes, coconut water is great for health. And lately, when baking, I like to use coconut oil.

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2 years ago

I just learnt a whole lot on coconut than I did my entire life...thank you for this detail I'm for sure going to share this information to my family and friends. I'm also curious to seeing coconut meat and flesh too.

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2 years ago

I love everything coconut! From coconut water to coconut meat to coconut sweets and coconut tree, leaves, husks has so much use to make brooms, baskets, etc. Coconut water is sooooo refreshing :)

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2 years ago

I have never heard or seen coconut meat before. Is it the flesh inside after peeling? Also, I heard too that coconut water isn't good for children as it makes them dull 😄 I don't want to believe that because I also love drinking the water and I haven't used it to cook before.

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2 years ago

Super beneficial tlga ng coconut sa life... makapag-buko nga bukas:)

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2 years ago