BCH Trek: 0.26 BCH in May and Summary Report

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2 years ago

In the last days of May, I've been seeing a lot of users shared their achievements in that specific month of the year, and that inspires me to write this article; to share as well my BCH journey and achievements.

I've read some articles, and I saw how great their achievements are. Some reached their goals like the number of subscribers, accumulated enough BCH to reach their first Bitcoin Cash and be officially part of the #CLUB1BCH (a group or organization of certain people who hodls or keeps at least 1BCH on their wallet), and some wrote the lessons they've learned and the experiences they have encountered.

In this article, I will be sharing with you my BCH trek and will give a summary of the articles I was able to publish in May.

BCH Trek

To be honest, I never expect the Month of May to be this great. I thought it will be just another month that will pass and will be left me nothing but the thought of being unproductive and inadequate.

The beginning of May seems a bit off, cause I feel and see no progress in my wallet at all, as well as my noise cash account. Before the month started, I only have 0.002 BCH on my wallet because my April earnings were all used up for our necessities.

But as days passed by I am slowly seeing an increase and progress in it. And seeing those made me more inspired and motivated in exerting extra effort in the BCH's platform, especially Noise cash. And to tell you, Noise cash has been the biggest contributor or I must say took the biggest part of this achievement of mine.

In May, Noise had implemented so many changes (Update) which made the platform better, great even. They made an update that eradicates the spammers in the platform, they made changes that encourage its users to do better, be good content creators and make great engagements.

Before earning worth a dollar of BCH is even impossible for a day, but because of these changes earning even more than a dollar became possible. And that helps me earn 0.1 BCH in the first three weeks of the month.

In the last week of the month, another update was implemented, which is a new feature called "Channel", wherein users can create their channel where they could set moderations and rules. And to encourage its users to utilize the channel, they tried to experiment, they increase the monetary amount a user can get.

And I took that opportunity to accumulate more BCH, I used my niche; which is photography. I posted my photos on channels and put a caption that catches the attention of the readers. I utilized the channels well, and as a reward for doing such, I was able to accumulate another 0.1 BCH.

As the month was about to end, I exerted more effort, I sleep late (around 3 am) just to post and make an interaction). I didn't waste time and as a reward for those efforts, I was able to add more; 0.06 BCH.

Adding all of the BCH I accumulated in the first three weeks (0.01), in the last week (0.1), and the last hours (0.06). I earned a total of 0.26 BCH in May.

That made my month great! And with that, I am grateful to the platform and to all the generous and kind people I have interacted with.


In May I was able to write seven (7) articles same as the number of articles I wrote in April. Maybe that's the best I can or my limit, lol. Here is the summary of my articles.

  • Spending BCH for Mother's Day.

    In May, we celebrated mother's day, and to show my love to my mom, I spent a little amount of BCH for that specific celebration. I bought foods from my earnings and we made sure to make that celebration a memory to treasure.

  • How does it feel to be Unemployed?

    This one is a bit personal. I thought writing these experiences of mine could inspire a lot of readers, because I know, somehow, someone out there is also struggling in looking for a job, and someone out there also loses his or her job and was greatly affected by this pandemic. That made me share my job hunting, employment, and unemployment story.

  • Collecting NFT for a Cost: Update

    It's just an update of the charity project I started last March, where I collected NFTs from faucets and tried to sell them on Juungle.net market, and all the profits will be given to my beneficiaries, which are the children in my neighborhood.

  • For whom are your sacrifices?

    This article was all about the sacrifices of some noise cash users, I decided to feature their stories cause I know many will get inspiration from them.

  • A dream ruined because of pride?

    Are you living with your dreams? that's the question that was once asked to be, and that made me share the story about my dream that wasn't pursued. and if you wanna know why, you can check out the article.

  • What Was The Greatest Thing You Did For Your Family?

    I again asked people in the noise cash community about the greatest thing they did for their loved ones, and I decided to feature it and share with other readers for I know, someone out there has lost his or her drive to life, had no inspiration, And I hope they could get inspiration and motivation in someone else's story.

These articles are from different people, from different stories and experiences. They may come from different inspirations, but they share the same purpose; which is to inspire others.


The month may not start well, but it doesn't mean that it will end the same way. It is up to our hands and in our desires, how we make the most of everything, how we end something that didn't start well beautifully.

Your achievements may be different from others but always bear in mind that your story is different from them. And that your achievements depend on how much you exert effort for it, how much you persevere, and how much you give your all just to make it.

You will achieve great things if you put dedication and passion into it!

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Lead Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/6EnTPvPPL6I

Thank you cropped Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/t48eHCSCnds

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Medyp malaki din noh? Grats to you. Pro ganda tlga photographs mo

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2 years ago

Hehehe yes ms. Jane malaki nga, thanks sa new update ni noise. 🙏 Hala salamat sa pag appreciate lagi ate. Nakaka motivate, thanks so much, really. ☺

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2 years ago

Way to go, Jon! You can do more! Congrats!

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Yes Bloghound! I'll try to do more 😁 thank you, and i hope you as well.

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You're welcome, Jon :)

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