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How many people live thanks to Bitcoin Cash?

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1 week ago

Bitcoin Cash a means to live

Both and are designed to promote awareness and use of Bitcoin Cash, and not as self-sustaining platforms to provide users with enough BCH income to support their families.

However, some authors trained here acquired and improved their writing day by day. They show a unique perspective on the world of Bitcoin Cash, as well as other topics. Consequently, they earn income to meet basic needs and more.

I am impressed by the fact that they meet the impartial quality criteria of @TheRandomRewarder , the bot designed for this purpose by the administrators of the platforms, making them eligible for a proportion of the tip pool.

Also, I observe in young people from different places; much perseverance, getting tips between 10 to 30 dollars for articles. Those who are not so poor; aspire to accumulate 1 BCH, at least, as savings for when the price of it shortly to the moon.

More than 250 articles are published daily on competing for the equivalent of $ 1000 in BCH distributed by our diligent bot. So, simple math says that authors receive on average $ 4. And at; I estimate that it will be a similar amount.

Well, can anyone live on $ 4 a day?

If you live in any of the countries, misnamed, of the first world, You will say, "impossible." But for those of us who live in developing countries or bankruptcy, every penny counts.

Dear reader, how many thank you articles have you seen this year on I guess many.

There are many grateful people because otherwise, their lives would be even harder. In this sense, this is a very positive side of these platforms; without being charitable, they spread good to those who strive and give life to, and

In addition, there is another important aspect that I must not fail to highlight. It is the origin of the funds.

For the more than sixty thousand users of the platforms, it is not a secret that Mr. @MarcDeMesel , is the one who contributed the fund in Bitcoin Cash for them.

So, it is not surprising that for the community, he is a celebrity. He is a reference of admiration as well as a focus for criticism.

Moreover, the great benefactor actively participates in the platforms, sharing his investment methodology in his articles, not only in cryptos but also in other commodities and markets. It is valuable information for connoisseurs and for anyone who intends to learn.

Some of the highest tips given by him range from $ 11,000 to $ 1,000. If you do not believe me, you can consult the articles of:
























Without a doubt, the articles are excellent in terms of technical and informative content about Bitcoin Cash. So, the authors are well deserved for the generous tips from Mr. @MarcDeMesel 's wallet.

Listing the authors who benefited from tips below this range would be extensive, so if you want to know who others are, I invite you to do your own research, if he hasn't already done so.

I would be ungrateful if I wasted the opportunity to also thank him for his generosity in three of my articles. Thanks, my friend.

Closing thoughts.

I will not speak on behalf of the more than sixty thousand souls in the world that live on these platforms. It is impossible for me to know exactly the living conditions of each person, and to say, all or such quantity, but just knowing one is enough.

In this sense, I myself am one of them, who subsists in a country in crisis, one of the misnamed, of the third world. Paraphrasing popular wisdom, I will say,

Saving a single person is saving the entire universe.

Many thanks to all the anonymous people who make it possible for these laudable platforms to exist.

An original article by @Jnavedan

Cover image by Pete Linforth on Pixabay 

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Written by   113
1 week ago
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Great article my friend. I am also one of those who enjoyed the privilege of earning here in this platform. I am so thankful with the team behind this project and to Sir @MarcDeMesel. I am so thankful with him cause cause this platform change my lives since the day that I joined here. The day that I received cents of BCH. I am so thankful for everything they spread to lots of users.

Congrats my friend. ☺️

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1 week ago

I am also grateful with the bot for visiting my articles. It's so helpful for me. I know, Sir @MarcDeMesel can't noticed me for saying this, but I want to say thank you to him for being the way of many users here that change lives to better.

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1 week ago

As you mentioned my name and claim that some people live of and, I'm definitely not one of them.

I do have a low-paying job which covers my very modest living expenses and I blog in addition to that.

I would advise to not solely rely on tips. As the admin wrote: is not your job. You should not rely on it for income to survive. I think the same is true for

I write and blog, because I want to communicate ideas to the world. If I get tips for it, I'm certainly very thankful for them. If I don't, that's fine, too.

I'm not sure what your motivation was to write this article to be honest. What is the topic? What is the idea you wanted to communicate to the world?

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1 week ago

I'm not sure what your motivation was to write this article to be honest. What is the topic? What is the idea you wanted to communicate to the world?

Hello, my friend,

Sorry if I bothered you for tagging it. I didn't mean to, just, you are on the list of those who write great articles and received a good tip. An example for all who write here.

I think my friend @Fexonice1, whom I thank for his intervention, clarified the argument of the article well.

I'm sorry to hear you say that he has a low-paying job. So what is he doing there? Seek to be happy in another, or create one for yourself. You like to write, so make your passion the means to live and enjoy life.

Have a great day.

$ 0.00
1 week ago

No worries, I'm not bothered.

I just wanted to point out that it is probably not a good idea to solely rely on and for income. That is why I do work a job to pay my living expenses and in my free time I blog.

I wish you a great day, too. ✌️

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1 week ago

Bros, be calming down, a mentioned doesn't reduce your status in life. There's no need bragging about private life and it's not a bad thing if someone lives on income made from writing here. I have earned a decent amount from this platform and I must be thankful for that. You may not believe it, thousands of people do rely on this platform to survive daily. So it's basically right for anyone to appreciate the giver of such opportunity.

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1 week ago

Thanks my friend for your comments.

$ 0.00
1 week ago

I'm not bragging at all.

And of course, I am thankful for every tip I receive.

I believe that you misunderstood my comment.

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1 week ago

We are even bro, just let keep being happy here. Thanks.

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1 week ago

He's such a legend i was on of those lucky person and almost everyone who's working hard and loyal to platforms are getting what they deserved so we all are thankful for everyone!

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1 week ago

As I am living in underdeveloped country so these two platforms are just blessings for me.. ❤️❤️❣️🥰😍

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1 week ago

I am also from an underdeveloped country, and 4$ are not a great income but a great reward for me. Moreover, I am improving my writing skills as well. I know Sir Marc, @Ellie and bot all are trying thier best to make this platform good and more genuine for users.Many thanks to all❤️

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1 week ago

As for me, i'm still a student and don't have any income at all. And since it is pandemic and i'm only doing online classes at home, I also don't have an allowance coz i'm not spending anything at home.

BCH really helps me to buy some of my personal needs, only if it is necessary. The rest of my BCH earnings, i'm hodling, trading, and also giving some of t thru tipping even in small amounts. :)

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1 week ago