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So-called Lover (IV)

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1 year ago

It's been months since Jackson and I met. I've learned how to get through every day without thinking of any consequences and jealousy in my head. Maybe because I haven't witnessed Jackson be sweet to other people except for me or should I say, Chloe. He's been very close to me since she met "Samantha".

Jackson and I (Chloe) have been hanging out since then. Even just the two of us. We go home together, go to school together. It seems like I'm his girlfriend only that for him I'm his GF's cousin. Even the girls at school think I'm his girlfriend. And even when we say we're not dating and that he's dating my cousin, they don't believe us. Do I like it? Hell, yes, I love it!

Today's our monthsary! I've learned how to celebrate this occasion just over the phone. We have a good time even when we don't see each other. Sometimes we watch Netflix together using Watch party. It's okay. We're good just the way we are.

I was with my classmates when Jackson called my attention. He was smiling and I'm confused. The girls giggled more than I was inside my head. It's funny. He grabbed my hands and faced me. He asked me if I can set him up with Samantha at our house and he'll be waiting for her there. He said it's their monthsary and he wants to surprise her but he doesn't know where she lives. I didn't know what to say. I was supposed to say no but before I do, he folded his hands as if praying and plead to me. People are starting to stare at us and some are even whistling and clapping. I'm thinking they're thinking that he's pledging his love or anything romantic. He just smiled at them. Why would he do that? Why would he let them think he's into me? Wait, am I the one being played here? I agreed and told him I'll try to let Samantha come by later.

I told Mary and Amanda about Jackson's plan and asked them to accompany me later but Mary will help her sister with her project and Amanda will be having a dinner date with her family. So it's just Jackson and me later... which kinda gives me little goosebumps. It'll be the first time we'll be alone in a very quiet place. My parents will not be home for 3 days. They have a business trip. I'm starting to feel that this is what it's supposed to be. Like destiny is working its way for us both to be together. Or maybe not.

It's past 3 and I'm starting to get nervous. Time is ticking and soon, Jackson and I will be alone in our house. I'm anxious. And I'm excited. It's a mixed feeling. I feel kinda sorry for him cause I know, no Samantha will ever show up. Erin's not here anymore. And I definitely can't show myself up without having to tell him the real story. Just when I was daydreaming, the bell rang and I think I'm sweating even more. I gathered up my things and walked the hallway and saw him walking towards me with his face all bright with his smile that can melt any girl's heart. I forced to gather myself together. And just said, "hi". He put his arms on my shoulders. He always does that and I don't think there's anything wrong with it even just as a friend. Or maybe I'm blinded.

We grabbed a cab and while we're on our way home, something came to my senses that made me sweat more. I was so excited that I forgot to come up with an excuse for Samantha not showing up later. I'm so stupid. I forced myself to think of plausible excuses. What about she got hit by a car on her way? No, that can't be right. He'll be more anxious to see her. She's grounded? Hmm, what can she possibly have done, that Jackson didn't know, to get grounded? Oh, I was becoming more scared than excited.

We went to grab things to eat later, asked the driver t take the drive-thru. I was shocked to hear his orders. What does he think of us, dinosaurs? Is he going to feed the whole block? Are there guests that I'm not aware of?

As we arrived home, he helped me set the table for the food. He asked me if Samatha answered my calls. I told him I was able to talk to her on their landline and she said she'd be here. I don't know why I told him Samantha will be coming. Maybe because I still want to spend time with him. We decided to watch a movie while waiting for Samantha.

What does Chloe's plan for tonight? How will she get out of the situation that she seems to be making more complicated.

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Written by   399
1 year ago
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