So-called Lover (I)

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My name's Chloe. They call me Chlo. I don't even know why they make my short name even shorter but that's fine with me. Not much I can do about that. I have two best friends. Mary and Amanda. Out of the three of us, Mary has the most absurd mind. Cutely sometimes. She's like the baby in the group. She thinks kinda childish sometimes. But not the spoiled brat kinda way... I mean not all the time. We all have our moments. However, Amanda is the sporty one. She likes playing football. Actually, she's a varsity at our school. So yeah, she also has another circle of friends. But we've been friends since we were kids and our parents are friends. That's where our friendship started. Dinner party with families. And me... I'm like the big sister of us three. I am more adventurous. I am the one that pushes them to take risks in a good way and I have that 'whatever' attitude more than the two girls.

Mary likes this guy at school which I think, is favored by most girls in the school. He's on the football team for boys but Amanda doesn't hang out with him. He's just in the circle but they're not really talking. Mary, being childish as she is, asked Amanda to get Jackson's number. At first, Amanda was hesitant because she doesn't want Jackson or the other girls to think she likes him. After several days of badgering, Amanda said yes. Saying she's in a bet to get Jackson's number, Amanda asked her trusted teammate to help her. They were able to get his number, and she gave it to Mary.

Mary has Jackson's number for days now and every time we ask her if she has already called him, she says no and that she's shy. That makes us wondered why the hell did she ask for his number then? We keep on pushing her to call him just to annoy her. But I regret that this day. She gave me a piece of paper and when I read what's written. Oh, come on! I think I know what she wants me to do. And I'm right! Dang, I'm right.

So yeah, she gave me Jackson's number and asked me to call him and start a connection so we can all hang out with him sometimes. I didn't hesitate to agree. Noy because I like Jackson too. It's just because. I think it'll be fun. I plan to play with it a little bit. Though I think it looks kinda cheap! But I don't care.

A day after she gave me his number, we called him and I pretended to be someone named "Holly" but he hangs up the phone when he didn't believe my alibi where I get his number. I didn't bother to call back that day. But we plan to call back on another day. So I called him 3 days after using a different name and tone. I made my voice sound like a "sweet-lost-cute-teen-asking-for-directions" kinda tone. And I told him my name is Samantha. I got the name in the film I was watching that time. That's how random the name is. I hope I won't forget it. And told him my cousin from his school gave me the number and I just want to make friends.

We started talking and getting to know each other. Basic information like name and what school I attend to... Well, of course, all about me are lies that I had to take notes and record the call. to be honest, I was entertained. We talked about movies and music and hobbies we like. It wasn't that bad. Apparently, we both like the same genre in music and in films. What we are different is that he likes sport and I don't. And we also talked about it. We talked for like 2 hours, I guess. He asked for my number and I told him I'll just call him again tomorrow. I also told him I live with Chloe's family and that sometimes I am at our grandparent's house.

I had Amanda and Mary listen to the recording so they can catch up with how Jackson and Samantha "get to know each other". They were amazed at how smooth it turned out. We plan that in the next few days, Samantha will ask Jackson to meet up with 'her cousin' Chloe. So that we won't look like we put an effort to be friends with him and that 'he came to us' and not 'we came to him'... So if we're friends, we can hang out. Mary said that's just what she likes. To hang out with him. She said it's just a crush and not deep yet. So yeah, I agreed to make my friend happy.

The next day, I called again. It was better than the first day until he asked to meet me. I told him I'm not ready yet since I'm not really the type that calls random guys. He respected that and told me that he'll wait till I'm ready. He asked for my cousin's name again that gave me his number. I told him Chloe and I told him she's friends with a football player in the school so it'll be easy for him to find her. He didn't say he'll find her, though. And I didn't open it up or push it to him. It will make it look obvious.

At school, I told Amanda and Mary that Jackson asked for Chloe to Samantha. And Mary is kinda panicking and anxious all day thinking Jackson might show up into their faces. They notice 2 and sometimes 3 people almost following them all through our the day. It's not Jackson but it's his friends. Mary became more anxious. But Jackson never showed up.

To be continued..

PS: Just wanna remind you that Samantha is Chloe. These two characters are only one person. Chloe pretended to be Samantha.


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