So-called Lover (III)

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I know that time will come he would want to meet me and use Chloe to make that happen so I have been thinking of ways on how to do that to make him stop asking. And what I've thought was really really insane. But I don't have much choice other than to just tell him I am Chloe, do I? I want to ask my closest cousin, Erin, to pretend to be me and meet up with Jackson even just for a moment just so Jackson would think I'm real. And since Erin is from another town and she's here for a vacation, I thought this is the perfect time to do this.

I've been telling Erin about Jackson since the beginning and I know Erin's capabilities when it comes to insaneness that's why I know that the plan will go smoothly. That is if she agreed. Knowing her, with a little push, oh she definitely will do it. She's too crazy not to. She loves playing roles. She loves games. She will do it hundred percent.

I talked to Erin that night telling her about my plans and the favor. She's obviously surprised. She didn't know I'd go this far for a guy. At first, she's hesitant about it just because she doesn't want to blow this up for me. I told her I'll be going with her. I mean, Chloe will be with her to meet Jackson. So, she doesn't have to worry and she finally agreed. The only thing to do now is to have Jackson meet up with me.

Jackson and I were talking that night and I was tired of waiting for him to ask me again to meet up. So I asked him out. He was shocked but mostly he's excited. He wanted to go have dinner tomorrow but I told him, we'd better have lunch. I told him Chloe will come just to make me more comfortable. He didn't like the idea that much but he agreed. He doesn't have a choice, though. That thought made me sad. If he had a choice, he'd rather not want me in that date. Well, that's awkward. But maybe this is the consequence. He likes Samantha. Not Chloe. I should have known this would happen.

Erin (as Samantha) and I met up with Jackson the next day. We ate in a restaurant and I became the 3rd wheel on my own date, my own so-called bf, my own lies. It wasn't the best feeling. I don't think I liked it. Jackson was so sweet to Erin. And Erin was so good at playing the role. We had lunch and went to the arcades. I must say, I was feeling out of place with these 'lovebirds'. They looked good together. Erin was the perfect Samantha. She was just being herself and killing it. While I had to pretend to be someone like her and be left on the corner. But of course, I can't let Jackson notice my jealousy. Yes, I was very very jealous. Erin knew and tried (as much as she can) not to have the 'moment' with Jackson. But Jackson is so dang sweet and a gentleman to Erin.

He offered a ride home but we told him we're meeting our parents to have dinner. And we insisted that we'll just grab a taxi. He waited with us for a taxi. Before we ride the taxi, he kissed Erin but gladly, Erin turned her face so he only kissed her on the cheeks.

On our way home, Erin and I were silent. It was awkward. Then she began apologizing and she said she know it hurts. I told her it wasn't her fault. That I made her do it. I told her honestly that it was awkward but it was my fault. I told her we're good and that's true. She doesn't have any faults in this. It was all mine. The consequence of my lies. I started to wonder what happened if I didn't lie the first time I called him. I wonder if he'll still like me. I wonder if he'll still care.

Later that night, Jackson called me and I know I needed to sound happy but I can't. So I told him, I need to get rest and that I need to wake up very early tomorrow. We said our goodnights and I love yous and I felt a tear came down my face. I didn't know I'd like him, I didn't even know I like him that much already. It hurts.

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Thanks for reading the 3rd part of this story! This was supposedly the last part but I don't want it to look rushed so I will give him for the next part. I'm still not sure if that's the last chapter but I hope I can justify the ending. This is a fiction story or kinda... LoL..

Thanks again! I hope you have a blast!


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