Let me love you part 5 [final]

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Jenna was silent. Morgan got up and offered her a drink. He remained as casual as he could. Trying his best not to hug Jenna. When Morgan handed Jena the glass, she cleared her throat and tried to start talking. 'I missed you' the only phrase she was able to come out with. Morgan looked a bit confused and Jena felt awkward about what she said.

Morgan hugged her tight and says he missed her as much. Jenna felt relieved and tears fell down her face. She did miss Morgan and she's really sorry for making him feel like he's competing with her best friend.

Morgan hugged her tighter and kissed her forehead. He wiped her tears as he stared at her with his eyes shouting 'i love you'. Jenna never felt more at home than ever.

Morgan and Jenna spent the night talking and reminiscing while drinking. They didn't talk about Hank or the proposal. They didn't care about anything else and just enjoyed the night. Something they both needed.

When Jenna had too much to drink, Morgan carried her into their bed and just lay there until she fell asleep. He respects her so much and didn't want to go overboard as he still thinks they need to clear things out about their relationship.

When Jenna wakes up and sees Morgan asleep beside her, she slowly got out of the bed to make breakfast. She's never been so happy to wake up and make breakfast even before the Hank issue came out. Yes, she's done it many times but today is different.

She's never been this happy and contented. She then decided to see Hank and talk to him. She wanted to clear things out with her best friend to make way for her relationship with Morgan.

Later that afternoon, she went to Hank's house. Hank almost didn't want to open the door. But of course, he did. He apologized to Jenna. Jenna told Hank that she already made a decision and that she doesn't want their friendship to end. But Jenna asked Hank to give it time because it isn't as comfortable as it was before anymore. She felt bad for Hank but she didn't want to lose Morgan.

Hank let her go. As painful as it is, he lets go of the girl she loves. He lied and told Jenna he'll be leaving to do a project abroad. He wanted to go abroad to start anew. He can't find the peace and healing he's looking for if he's somewhere near Jenna. Jenna wished him good luck.

Months passed, the day that started it all came. Today, Morgan is proposing to Jenna. They're on a vacation on an island with their family and friends.

Morgan stands up and started speaking 'I would like to thank all of you for making this vacation memorable. Especially to this beautiful lady beside me. Jenna, you are the most beautiful thing that's happened to me. You are my north, south, west, and east, you are all of my directions. We've been through a lot and I still want so much more. I will stay with you no matter what. I love you and will always be grateful of you. Jenna, let me love you forever. Will marry me?'

Everyone shouts in joy. Jenna was tearing up while Morgan was speaking. 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' she answered.

Morgan and Jenna married the next year after Morgan's proposal. Jenna tried to contact Hank to invite him to their wedding but he didn't answer. She was a bit sad about it but it didn't make the wedding any less than happy.

A year after, Jenna gave birth to their baby girl. They were so happy and never thought they couldn't be happier with Ashley now in their arms. They dedicated their lives to their family.

2 years later, one afternoon, the family decided to have dinner in their favorite restaurant. When they were having dinner, they saw Hank enter the restaurant. Jenna was a bit shocked to see him after so many years. Morgan's already okay with Hank. He even asked Jenna to invite him to the wedding and to Ashley's birthday parties. Hank saw Jenna's table. He seems okay. He waved at them and smiled. Morgan approached him and asked him to join them. Hank said he can't because he was waiting for his friend for dinner. Hank said he'd love to come to visit some other day.

When Hank visited Jenna and Morgan, it was awkward at first. But then they talked and cleared out everything in the past. Hank apologized to Morgan for what he did in the past. Morgan told Hank he forgave him already. Jenna called Morgan into the kitchen and asked him if she and Hank can talk privately. Morgan agreed.

Jenna and Hank talked and had a closure. Hank told Jenna that he loves her and still does but he's moving on. He told her that he wants Jenna to be happy. He also told Jenna that he may not be there like how it was before but she will always be his best friend. He also told Jenna that she doesn't have to pity him because he's sure that he'll be okay and that there's someone out there for him. He told her that he was genuinely happy for her. Jenna pitied him a bit and was a bit sad for him but she loves Morgan and Ashley so much. She thanked him and she said she wishes for him to meet the perfect girl for him. They hugged and let go.

Jenna continued to have a happy life with her family. While Hank met someone that he's dating now for over 2 years now. They still talk and see each other on social media with no problems.

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