Never Do Today What Can Be Putt Off Tomorrow

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1 year ago

November 11 - 8:29 PM.

I still have some learning modules to check. But my mind is not up to it at the moment. I had a very busy day and I'm a bit drained.

I also have a few drafts started. Then again, I don't feel like writing any of them. So, I thought I would just write my heart out tonight once again. I could even type this with my eyes closed. Well, I did close my eyes when I typed that sentence.

Hello, dear readers! It's Thursday evening, and another weekend is just around the corner. But just when I thought I would have a lighter schedule this week, I realized there were lots of things to do this week. Something that I forgot to include in my schedules. Doing the grades of my students.

I really need to improve my planning skills. And I gotta get the fat cat's motto in life out of my head.

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So what have I done today?

Or let me start with what I have not done this morning. I have not exercised today. A minor setback. I did my morning prayer, but I have not meditated. I was also thinking of joining an online mass, but again, I haven't done it. I think I will try Zoho Notebook's alarm feature to remind me tomorrow morning.

This morning, I worked on that computer with a legacy system. I installed Oracle's Virtual Box and installed Windows 7 on it. But I could not mount their old HDD or any USB drives so I can copy their system to the virtual operating system. I guess I will have to finish that next week.

In the afternoon, I checked the works of one of my classes. I thought I finished their grades, but I realized that I still need to do some recalculations. I also checked the long test of a couple of classes.

I was planning to check some learning packages tonight. But I'm too tired. Not that I'm following Garfield's advice, but my brain is more active early in the morning. And I really need to recharge my brain. But if I could finish this before 9:30, maybe I can have some time to check a few learning modules.

CSI: Vegas

When I got home earlier, I spent some time watching the latest episode of CSI: Vegas. The series started six weeks ago. ( I guess the CSI franchise fans are not disappointed especially with two of the original characters being back in the series.


Wow! Thirty minutes have passed already. Am I typing too slow? Not really, the cute little troll is beside me trying to get my attention. A welcome distraction.

Anyways, here are some of the things that I really need to do before the weekends.

  • Verify my Steemit: Philippines community membership.

  • Make a post on Steemit

  • Launch my personal WordPress site. It's on a free hosting server for now.

  • Post at least one article for Forum Coin. If I remember it right the articles don't need to be very long.

There are still some tasks that I failed to accomplish this week, I am moving them next week. I need to finish my grades by tomorrow.

9:13 PM and I think I will have to stop for now.

Once again thanks for reading my rambles... I hope I did not bore you.

Until next time.

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1 year ago


Dami side hassles sir, buti nkakapanood ka pa ng mga TV series. Great job! Still a productive day!

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1 year ago

Pampa relax lang... paminsan minsan lang hehe. At dahil online kung minsan isang episode dalawang araw bago matapos hehehe

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1 year ago

I'm sure you achieved something today

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1 year ago

Yup. I just needed a break. 😁

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1 year ago

What should be done today should not be put off till the next day? Time waits for no man. If you miss the set time, it might be difficult to get back that time missed.

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1 year ago