Happy Halloween! I Think I Lost My Head This Month

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October 31

Happy Halloween, Readers! Since it's also the end of the month I'm going to mix this post with my end-of-the-month assessment. Have I met my goals? If not, what hindered me from achieving my goals? What I can I do about it?

Oh, No! Not Another Monthly Report!

I know, at the end of the month most of the articles are all about the author's "monthly report". Some of these reports are actually inspiring. They show us how much we could possibly earn from this platform and other similar platforms. Like these two articles:

These are the two articles that first came into my mind when it comes to earning posts. For me, articles like these are not just merely "Income" reports. The authors are sharing some tips, though in a subtle way, on how to maximize one's earnings from various platforms. And perhaps, learn which platform could give an aspiring writer the maximum value for their time.

What's in this post?

This post will contain the following:

  • My October Goals - A quick look at my October goals

  • Where I am now. - Let's see how close I got

  • What should I do next? - Do I need to describe this one?

  • Happy Halloween! - Yeah, it's Halloween night, Although it's not a custom here in our country, I have a simple plan for this night

So here it goes. I will try to keep this as short as possible.

Created using Pixteller

My October Goals

Here are my earning goals from various platforms

  • Read.Cash - $200

  • Noise.Cash - $120

  • Publish0x - $5

  • Medium, Forumcoin, myLot- $10

  • Fiverr and Bitworkers - $40

Writing Goals

  • 25 Articles for read.cash

  • For Publish0x, ForumCoin, Medium- One article per week for each of these platforms.

Other Goals

  • Start earning smartBCH

  • Learn how to do Social Media Marketing

  • Start my personal WordPress website

  • Two long jog/walks per week.

Where I Am Now

I was able to write only 16 articles or make that 17 including this one. So I am 8 articles short. But the average earning per article is much lower than I have hoped for.

For the 16 articles, I received $79.31 worth of tips. On average each article is receiving $4.96. This is less than half of my goal. But this did not include the price increase (and decrease) of BCH and the tips I received for my comments.

And at the time of writing, I have given $10.69 as tips. I did not record how much I have spent in boosting some of my articles though.

From Noise, I earned approximately $87.52. Surprisingly, this is higher than my earning from read.cash. Still, this is about $32 short of my goal.

Nevertheless, I'm happy with it. And I started giving tips from my wallet.

Thanks to my sponsors and upvoters

At this point, I would like to express my gratitude to my sponsors and frequent upvoters. Thank you for your unwavering support.

From both platforms, I have used about $125 worth of BCH. Partly to pay my bills and I lend part of it to my brother.

On the other platforms, I did not earn any significant amount, since I haven't been active on them still. But in Publish0x, One of my republished articles earned $0.82 but it gathered more than a thousand views. I think I will repost more on Publish0x by next month, we will see if I can earn $5 from there.

I failed to start in Fiverr and Bitworkerss though. But I have fewer offline schedules this November. I hope ... no I will make it a priority to start Fiverr and Bitworkerss by the first week of November.

On the other hand, I had a few offline jobs this month, from which I earned approximately $40. So my earning wasn't so bad at all.

My WordPress site, and Social Media Marketing Goals.

I started building up my personal site using WordPress.com. But the free account is quite limited in features, and the speed is frustrating. So, the other day, I decided to try a free WordPress hosting platform. I believe I can launch that site by next week.

Screenshot of my WIP Wordpress Page

As for learning Social Media Marketing, I'm doing some experiments with Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. No Facebook? I need to clean up my account or create a new one for this purpose.

Fitness Goal

Two long jog-walk per day. So far, I have accomplished this goal only this week. I did a couple of at least 9 KM jog-walk. I just hope the weather would always cooperate so I can keep it up.

What Should I do Next?

  1. Stick to My Goals

  2. Do more research on cryptocurrency

  3. Create a more concrete plan on how to achieve my goals.

  4. Read my goals twice a day.

  5. Monitor my progress at least once a week.

I should also consider some unscheduled work that is sometimes offered to me. I also have to deal with the occasional low-energy that I have been experiencing in the past few weeks.

In Closing...

Well, I could still say that I had a great run this October. Though there were times that I lost my head in writing I made a list of topics that I did not write. Anyways, it's Halloween night but there will be no Trick or Tricking tonight. So I will watch a movie or two from my list tonight

That being said, let me close this post with this greeting...

Happy Halloween!

Originally posted at digital-artbytes.blogspot.com. And I lost my head in making this one. Good thing I found it. hehehe.

Thanks for reading!

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1 year ago


hehe that last picture! Am so glad you found your head. I think with so many new writers on read, that the pot of cash now has to be divided much further so nobody gets as much as before with their articles. Great goals and you did well. Am intrigued with the publish0x i joined there long time ago and never did publish and now stitched attention to hive. Here is to a successful November for all of us!

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1 year ago

Hehe. I did that for fun 10 years ago. I just republish some of my articles fom read cash to Publish0x since they allow it. As long as you indicate where you first published it. Thanks.

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1 year ago

That was scary man, you did justice to the Halloween picture.

I believe that you can do better than you have done this week, instead of overloading yourself with target - just enjoy what you are doing.

October will be awesome.

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1 year ago

Thanks. I used Photoshop in making that. Hehe. Yeah. I hope I could do better this week and the whole monh of November

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1 year ago

Just work towards it keep your interaction at it peak.

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1 year ago

True... I guess that's one of the things that I need to do more...

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1 year ago

Happy Halloween to you too I hope you accomplish your goals. Good luck to you

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1 year ago

Thanks Happy Halloween!

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1 year ago

Though you had shorts on your october goals you still lucky to earned that sum. Happy halloween sir.

$ 0.02
1 year ago

True. I'm always grateful for my earnings here, even if i havent reached my goals. Thanks and Happy Halloween.

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1 year ago