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Fail Foward To Success

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1 month ago

Fail Forward To Success

"Ukemi" - the art of falling. In Aikido, before a practitioner could start learning the pinning and throwing techniques, he/she must first learn how to do ukemi.

With proper ukemi, a practitioner can absorb the pin or roll out the throw so he/she can get back up again without getting injured.

Here's a short video showing how to fall safely.

Hi. I have been a practitioner of Aikido for so many years. Although, it's been a long time since I practiced on the mat. However the lessons I learned remain.

And the most important lesson and skill that I have learned from this particular Japanese martial art are how to get quickly whenever I fall. And I don't just mean falling physically.

In this post, I will share with you my perspective on how failure could help us attain success.


The information here is all based on my experience and understanding. These are not experts' advice unless specified along with the source.

We All Have Experienced Failures

Who among us here can say,

"I never failed in my life."


"I never made a mistake in my life!"

Those statements can only be true if, AND ONLY IF, the moment you learned to walk, you walk 10 full steps to the waiting arms of mommy and daddy without falling. And once you got there, you exclaimed,

"See Mom, Dad! I told you I can make ten full steps today!"

Probably, your parents freak out and call an exorcist or a paranormal expert.

In reality, you probably fell after a step or two as you start to learn how to balance your body. Probably once or twice you hurt your baby buns and cried your lungs out.

And what did your mommy and daddy say? Did they cry in anguish...

"Our baby! Our baby fell! Our baby will NEVER learn how to walk ever!!!"

(I borrowed this line from Bo Sanchez)

No, they never said that. Instead, they said.

"Our baby made two full steps! Yehey!"

They as they pick you up, they would say...

"It's ok baby, you're still learning. Try again."

Life Will Throw Everything At You

Perhaps the biggest hindrance to success is our fear of failure. And we fear committing any mistakes.

And life will throw everything at you to make you "fail'.

If you take a look at the stories of different successful people, they all went through failures in their lives.

Col. Sanders failed to sell his chicken recipes to different restaurants before he started KFC.

Sylvester Stalone struggled and his 'Rocky' script was rejected by several producers. Stalone wanted to play Rocky, and the producers don't want him because he has a speech problem.

A producer offered him $300,000 for the script but don't want him as the lead actor. Stalonr rejected the offer even though he was broke.

Another producer agreed to Stalone's terms and offered him $35,000 only. Stalone agreed and the rest is history.

"Every time I’ve failed people had me out for the count, but I always come back.” Sylvester Stallone

Lessons From Ukemi

In Aikido, the practitioners were trained to fall safely, and get up quickly. If we get thrown, roll, and get back up standing

And that's how we should handle our failures.

We can make mistakes. We can fail on our tasks. We fall. We stumble. That happens to everybody.

But how do failures lead us to success?

Each time we fall, we roll and get back up on our feet and face life again. Learn from each failure. Don't let it keep you down.

Only then you can keep going toward your journey to success.

The key is, learn to fall safely and get back up on your feet quickly.

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Thanks for reading.


The stories of Col. Sanders and Stalone are well known and perhaps published and used many times over. I read these stories from different sources. However, it's still worth mentioning at least one of the sources of these stories.

Col. Sanders (KFC) -

Sylvester Stalone -

Lead Image: Unsplash

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Written by   88
1 month ago
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I love the analogy with Aikido and our respond to life with failures. A great life lesson indeed!

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1 month ago

I love the analogy with the art of Aikido and our respond to life with failures. Indeed, we have to roll, move up and move on.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

If can't fail you can't learn because no one perfect is perfect here. Like you said everyone have face failure but we think if we fail in every profession or don't do any work then we are failure in doing this works. Failure don't mean to fail I'm studies just.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Yeah .. I remember now that you know aikido.. and I told you jokingly that I practice Arnis but my mom use it to hit me so I throw it 😂..

But before that, I practice karate with my dad. He's a blackbelter.. the first step that we practice is to run. He keep telling me to - don't make an enemy and always have a long patience. If I can avoid chaos or a fight do it by running. pilay ako eh 😂

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Sorry for the late reply. Your dad is a wise man. Those who have a deeper understanding of martial arts always avoid conflict.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Great life lessons to learn from a martial art ... thanks for sharing it with us

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I love the way you use words and I love the way you always use something that we can relate to. The art of falling safely just totally explains success. Thank you

$ 0.05
1 month ago

Thanks for your kind words. Honestly, I thought I haven't organized this article very well...

$ 0.00
1 month ago

"Every time I’ve failed people had me out for the count, but I always come back.”

Sobrang ganda ng kaabihan nato, dina important if ilang beses mag fail or what. Pinakaimportant lang alam natin tumayo at bumalik sa kabila ng lahat

$ 0.05
1 month ago

That's true. Bangon ulit. Laban lang. Ang importante me natutunan ka. Keep on writing.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Salamat kuya 😇

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Stalone's example is one we need to remember. We do things our way when we feel we got the edge.

$ 0.05
1 month ago

We can only imagine in what state Stalone is now if he took the $300,000 offer and without him in the movie Rocky

$ 0.00
1 month ago

That's true. Winners have failed before being a winner. Take our first Tokyo Olympic gold medalist for example :)

$ 0.05
1 month ago

That's true. Not just one. 😁

$ 0.00
1 month ago