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A way to express your ideas.

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4 months ago

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 In this opportunity I will talk about writing, since it is one of the best enriching and stimulating ways we have to express ourselves.

There are many ways in which we can write what we think, either in the lyrics of a song, a novel, a poem and why not in their personal journals for those who have it. I believe that writing has many positive benefits because it helps us to organize ideas, minimize stress and serves as a way to let off steam.  Writing connects us with our inner selves and allows us to process emotions. It forces us to think, feel and reflect. It makes us face our fears as we write, assimilate and give meaning to what we experience.

According to the author (Cassany 1995) writing means much more than knowing the alphabet, knowing how to "put letters together". It means being able to express information coherently and correctly so that other people understand it, it means being able to write letters and any other type of document that allows us to survive. An example would be the writer of a novel where you are free to express without guilt, your anger, your resentment, your frustration? Only when you are empty of pain can you fill yourself with the will to live and that is what writing does.

In that sense, for those who are dedicated to writing or are thinking of starting to write, I think the first thing you should have in mind is a basic idea, that is, to know what it will be, either from an image, a dream, a piece of news or perhaps a conversation. From there, that spark that is inside you will emerge and slowly start to come out. Once you have the idea, think about it, visualize scenes, all this can be captured in a notebook.

Particularly, when I have the idea already focused, I look for a place to write. A place where I am relaxed and a schedule that best suits me. Generally, for those who write it is not enough to have a basic idea, you may have to ask yourself how to solve it, it is simple, you just have to ask questions to the idea such as:

How will I start the story?

What is the knot of the story?

How do I solve it?

Where do I take the story?

The more questions you ask the main idea, the less blockages we can find in the writing process and the more the story will flow.

For those who are engaged in writing practice, it is favorable to find a good start to the story. That is why you should not forget any idea you have in mind, elaborate several paragraphs and discard the one that does not catch your attention. Try to make what you write appealing to every reader, it is not easy, that's why it is important to keep only one beginning. On the other hand, writing helps you to have a balanced emotional well-being, it is very important to mention that writing improves your memory and you will remember everything more clearly, you can not only write in your notebook, if you do not have it at hand you can use your phone to write quotes that inspire you to have a good day.

Also, if you manage to cultivate the habit of writing, you will notice how your mind starts to flow much easier, you will feel much more motivated to develop writing in another way. As time goes by, you will realize that it is satisfying to go back and read what you have written, that will let you know if you have evolved. Writing is a purely verbal art, we assume it as something special because of its ability to vocalize complex thoughts.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that writing is a complementary process to reading, the two need each other continuously. A writer who has a habit of reading frequently is more competent, although for each one different strategies are needed. Writing contributes to a complex communicative process; and a reflection on the information to make it understandable, an organization of ideas, a procedure of cohesion, spelling and punctuation. Its value lies in representing words or ideas plotted on paper or other surface. One of the reasons why it is important is because it is a communication tool, we share information by explaining, telling and giving opinions.

Do you use writing to express yourself?

P.S.: I am taking a course in novel writing, and I decided to share with you through my publications the knowledge I am acquiring. That way we will learn together.

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 Dear readers, your opinions are very valuable to me, I will be very attentive to your comments. Thank you for investing your valuable time reading my post, best regards.

Disclaimer: I would like to let you know that English is not my mother tongue, I may even make some mistakes in the elaboration of sentences in my posts. Feel free to correct me attentively. It will help me in my learning process.

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Written by   45
4 months ago
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Just keep writing and reading. If you will able to read of course you have something to write. You have a a good thoughts especially when it comes from your heart. Do not bothered about the grammars because you have your own style of deviation. The most important here is you would able to express yourself, the thoughts is there. As times goes by, grammars can be learn.

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4 months ago

In order to make your thoughts understandable you have to write those words coherently. Make no mistakes with spellings and grammar that's the only way to express our thoughts. Thanks for this informative content.

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4 months ago