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I am BCH; You are BCH; We are BCH!

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2 months ago

Do you believe this? Or does it sound awkward to say that you're BCH? Of course, there could not be a literal meaning to that as BCH is obviously not human like you but a digital currency which has come to deliver us out of the oppression of local fiat and it's Authorities. But if you believe this and have ever thought of a future with BCH or you are already benefiting from the good fortunes of Bitcoincash then you could be a bitcoincash representation wherever you are.

If you are already here in the BCH community then you must be agreeing with me on the fact that, BCH is here to change lives. If you're not here yet probably because no one told you about BCH until you got to read this article, then I'm telling you, BCH is meant for all and there are obviously no selected group of individuals to enjoy it's advantages. You could be a Bitcoincash regular user, investor, merchant or anything. Within this community, there are opportunities awaiting everyone. Just grab the bull by the horn and you would be riding to success.

No Central Authority (No 'they')

One of the major advantages of cryptocurrencies which is the more reason many people have decided to embrace it so heartedly is the case of it's decentralization. Cryptocurrencies are believed to be completely decentralized which means that, there are no central authorities controlling them and the users decides what to do with their assets at anytime. Although, this is probably not true for some crypto but BCH isn't included. BCH is completely decentralized.

I read a post from the admin where a user was complaining about BCH falling from top 5 crypto to between 9-10th position and was calling on a non-existent "THEY" to do something about it. He/she was told by the admin to go and do something about it because there's no other person that is a better suit to take BCH to where it's supposed to be.

The admin created this Meme and I love it.

Bitcoincash has no CEO. It's the collective efforts of its users that will move it to the spotlight.

It's our responsibility to promote BCH

If you are holding any amount of BCH in your wallet or you are a regular user or earning it through any of it's paying platforms, then you should know this. It's our responsibility to promote BCH and make it global for it to successfully achieve the aim of becoming global peer-to-peer electronic cash.

-know what's your motivation

What is your motivation for wanting to promote bitcoincash? Is it because someone (enthusiast) has promised to give you a tip if you do so or because you truly share in the bitcoincash dream?

I love the reply Toorik gave to a user who asked for a $10 tip for his/her friend to promote BCH and on TikTok. A $10 tip is very small compared to what Toorik has given and could still give for such purpose but in order to correct a misconception, He opened the user's eyes to the fact that, his friend also could buy BCH and then freely promote it. In that way, he could also share in the success of his promotion. And this is very true for everyone. You don't have to wait for someone to give you a Tip before you promote something that you are obviously benefiting from.

You have to know why you wish to show BCH off to the world for you to successfully do that. If Bitcoincash assume it's deserving position today, we will all become beneficiaries and a part of the success story.

It's our responsibility to promote the community and keep it in check

The BCH community including the people and platforms like and is what brought many people including me to BCH. Now, I have become part of the community. I see it as a responsibility to get this opportunity to other people out there. This community has shown me so much love and given hopes of the future to many.

Doing anything to the detriment of the people and the platforms now would be you, biting the fingers that have fed you and still feeding you. We can keep the platforms in check by reporting spammers and scammers and also avoiding spamming and scamming ourselves.

It would not be a good gesture if we take advantage of the platforms and it's generous users wishing nothing but good for BCH.

Ways we could personally promote BCH

We have the tools to promote BCH. We can do it by ourselves and do not have to wait for anyone. Even though we sometimes need assistance from others but not always. Do the little you can in your own way.

Your social media handles

Social Media are a good tool to get our message to the world. You could write a positive article about Bitcoincash and share it to your social media handles and your subscribers will get to know the good in BCH.

You could make videos or short posts highlighting the benefits of using and holding bitcoincash and the associated advantages. You could include information about platforms like and where people could earn BCH for free and become part of the community. Believe me, this goes a long way in promoting BCH as well as helping more people to share in it's Beauty.

In Your Vicinity

Physical interaction matters a lot and that's what get people convinced the most. For me, I have the opportunity of living in a student environment where I interact with many young people who are determined to secure a good Future for themselves. I have successfully convinced a good number of them to join and I also have a BCH promotional campaign which I'm doing for the fun of it and the betterment of BCH.

You could also talk to the people around you, help them see reasons to start using bitcoincash.

-extra effort

There are people currently putting in extra efforts to get BCH to as many as possible within their country. For this to be successful, you might need some funding. You could draft you plan and start a flipstarter Campaign and the community will definitely come to your rescue. People have done it already and more are doing it.

Within the community

Within the online community, you could be a source of motivation to many especially newbie and give them reason to stay longer. How do you do this?

  • You could always write and share your BCH journey and success stories.

  • You could organize giveaways.

  • You could create BCH related tasks.

  • You could sponsor other writers and Upvote/tip good contents.

Many are doing these already and I have benefited a lot from it. #Club1BCH is a good example of this. I got my motivation from there and I believe so did many others.

The little things we do with a genue heart for the love and progress of BCH would go a long way and surely come back to all of us.

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Written by   114
2 months ago
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Very nice article. 👍

With noise. cash and the wallet, it has never been easier to introduce someone to Bitcoin Cash. And you can even give them a small tip in BCH without having to pay anything for it. I have just done that yesterday.

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2 months ago is actually the easiest way. Someone could just register and you prove your points immediately with free tip.

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2 months ago

Some are promoting for the sake of tips.m they should think that everyone will be benefited once BCH boomed because of this campaign .

$ 0.00
2 months ago

That is exactly my point. Promoting for tip is a misconception. Tip comes only as bonus but shouldn't be the major motivation.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

True... They should consider the bigger benefits once BCH moved to the moon....

$ 0.00
2 months ago

but we need it here on Earth, lol.

$ 0.00
2 months ago