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Just today, my teacher went for supervision in a school. He is a home management teacher who loves his job to the fullest and has passion for cooking. To be sincere, I have not seen the kind of dish he brought back. He was given two types of dishes and one of it was the one I tasted. It tastes so delicious. He gave some of the second dish he was given to my boss.

He brought Semo md soup. The soup was melon soup. It looks so delicious and well prepared.

The one I was given is the hotdog. This should be my first time seeing this kind of dish. I was initially thinking that it is something that will not have taste not knowing that it will look so delicious. I took a bit of it. I discovered that what I was tasting contained many kinds of ingredients.

In the bread, there was


The gizzard made the hotdog to look so delicious and taste as if it is something else. On a normal day gizzard do make snacks taste delicious.

Mayonnaise: The only thing I knew one can use mayonnaise for is salad and sometimes one can apply it to bread. This can really taste so nice. I do eat it with bread most of the time. Mayonnaise is rubbed in the each slice of the bread and paired together. It's a sandwich. But the mayonnaise applied to each slice of bread and then the gizzard will be placed alongside.

Sandine: I know you have tasted this before. Sandine comes with pieces of Titus fish. It is always having this aroma that would make you know that it is sandine. I love eating it with bread or when I'm preparing either indomie or spaghetti.

Egg. The egg sliced but mush. The egg used cooke.

Sometimes eating this kind of food can make you look settled and robust.

Take a look at the whole images I took related to the sandwich.

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Yummy yummy tasty hot dog

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