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6 months ago

I had this topic in mind since like two weeks ago.

I was seeing a movie that particular day; on my phone when this message popped up.

I was so shocked and that was basically because I know this boy in question, I know him so well. He is nothing like whatever he was portrayed as in this message.

I had to put a call through to the number that sent this message, luckily for me, he picked and we had a good and calm conversation.

I was not happy with the way he lied and called the debtor a thief, I explained my grief and he explained his; making me understand the reason for his action.

Well the story was quite brief.

The person who was tagged as a "thief," borrowed a certain amount of money through a phone app and promised to pay back with interest at a particular period or point in time.

Unfortunately, I guess; due to some unforeseen circumstances, the person couldn't pay up his debt.


The creditor made it known that the reason why he went that far with the debtor was because the debtor...

  • Stopped picking their calls.

  • Blocked them on social media (WhatsApp).

  • Marked their messages as Spam.

  • Blocked their phone number.

After the creditor explained all that to me, I became speechless and blamed the debtor for doing all aforementioned.

For the debtor to have done that, then definitely the creditor would have thought or imagine that the debtor wanted to run away with his money.

Although, when I questioned the debtor as to the reason why he did something like that, he told me that the reason he did that was because ever since the deadline elapsed, they kept disturbing his phone with calls and messages everyday.

Either ways,

I told him to not have done that..., he resolved to put a call through to them to explain his present pressing needs and why he hasn't been able to pay them.


as its name entails simply means collecting something, either money or material things, to pay or return later on.

Based on my candid opinion; I would say that one shouldn't borrow at all except the situation warrants it, but even at this, I'll still prefer borrowing from friends, family or organizations; familiar with me. Borrowing from all these apps is a No for me.

Also, you borrow when you're very sure of the time you'll be able to pay back.

Some people don't even have a means of income; yet they go about borrowing money from people and apps.

In the above message, they said the debtor ran away with the sum of 200,000 in naira. But when I questioned the debtor, he told me that it was a borrowed 30,000 that summed up to that amount, and that was because of the terrible interest they kept adding.

Either ways, if you must borrow, then:

  • Don't borrow money to start your business or any business. Of course you can request a little amount from your family or friends... but it's not nice to get a loan to start your business.

  • Don't borrow money to invest.

I have a friend who did this and it turned out that she borrowed 30,000 in naira to invest in one application she heard about and saw online, only for her to get scammed.

Investment on its' own is already hanging on the fence, but borrowing money to invest; especially in an investment you are not sure of, is worse.

At this point I don't even know what to say again because the truth is that; even when we borrow from some certain kind of friends or people, they start embarrassing a person when the person doesn't meet with the deadline. Words like...

  • He's owing me and he can go out.

  • He's owing me and he's eating.

  • He's owing me and he bought that shirt.

They tend to watch your every move, especially when they stay or live in an area not too far from yours.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

I just hope that if we ever get to a point where we can't help but borrow...sane people should be the ones we'd ask for help. But hopefully we won't get to such terrible stage.

The feeling of being indebted to someone can even make a person loose his/her freedom.

It is well.

It's been awhile here on and I can't still say if I'll be consistently active, so much pressing needs to attend to in the physical world, together with my upcoming exams. Seems like they are all getting me choked up.

Also hoping @TheRandomRewarder visits soon, so I can renew my sponsorship with you all.


It's one thing for a person to get sponsored and it's another thing for that sponsorship to be renewed. Thanks alot @Aimure for the sponsorship renewal.

Till we meet again in my (Sighs) next article and in yours.

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   216
6 months ago
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Some people takes small amount of money but the increasing interest on the money make it huge and hard to pay. I really don't support the idea of borrowing money but to manage the things in what I have.

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6 months ago

For some situations, you could be free to borrow or postpone like business or investment but for some cases, you need to get a loan to pay for a hospital operation for example for your father or grandmother or partner or even yourself. Not all people have money for such debts. What you speak about is totally different and is a scam schema.

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6 months ago

I know someone who have the same case, they never answered a call from an unregistered number because they are thinking it is the one who they have debt. In their part they already paid the amount they borrow and already paid a huge amount as interest but still they are keep collecting money from them. I also told them that they signed an agreement to pay for that period of time but they didn't follow it. I told them to answer the call and settle things properly but still they used not to answer it.

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6 months ago

If we borrow from somebody we should be responsible for paying it back. Trust is what matters.

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6 months ago

Even 1naira, I don't encourage anyone to patronize loan apps. I don't know which one is better between the normal physical loan and the virtual (loan app). But one thing I've noticed about the loan apps, no matter the amount of money, once the date is due then be ready to be dragged at every angle... they don't listen to explanation. I haven't been in such condition but I've have with critical experiences

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6 months ago

Let's just hope that we don't get into situations that will make us become debtors.

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6 months ago

Sometimes, these messages are sent to defame the person (debtor) in question. Why'd they say he ran away with 200K when it is in fact 30K. If you want to do such, at least be honest about it.

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6 months ago

Even here in Philippines,same situation on yours.there are some organizations here that manage the money to lend a big interest but in the end those organization disappears bringing up all the money.all it was scam

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6 months ago

Debt should be payed, I'm now struggling also in loans but I tried my very best to pay them monthly.

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6 months ago

that's sad, the debtee should have not published his name all over your place.

your article made me remember about my co-worker who created lots of debts from loan apps and offices. One day she ran out of everything and even have a hard time on buying food. now she and her family rents from one place to another to avoid those whom they borrowed money from. Its sad because they have been lending and loaning for new phones way back then

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6 months ago