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How to make lace pancakes

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2 months ago

I promised to post a recipe for lace pancakes tomorrow, but I couldn't resist!!!! These are awesome! Make these for sure! Baking lace pancakes is not hard at all, and as it turns out, very easy and fun!

I want to share with you a recipe for delicious Pancakes in a hole, as I call them) Pancakes in this recipe are good with all fillings, both sweet and savory. It's also delicious to eat just with sour cream or honey.
The pancakes themselves are fluffy, that is, not too thin!)
I would be glad if you like my pancake recipe.

I've tried this recipe a few times, every year for Shrove Tuesday, but now finally I've found the perfect batter for lace pancakes - moderately fluid, moderately thick, just the right consistency, no sticking, easy to remove, in general, beautiful!

Of course, you have to practice a lot to get such beautiful patterns. But in general, if you do not set a goal to create a masterpiece for the exhibition, drawing patterns with dough is a fascinating activity!!! Hearts, sunflowers, lace! And children are so excited! I drew them a cat, and cars, and stars! And my dad made a pancake in the shape of an anchor, since he builds models of ships.

Now I decided to try the lattice pancakes, which I saw in the beautiful pictures. And it worked!

1 cup milk (200ml);
2 eggs;
1 tablespoon sugar;
A pinch of salt;
60 grams of flour;
2 tablespoons of sunflower oil.

How to make patterned pancakes:
In warm milk add eggs, sugar and salt, beat with a mixer. Sift flour through a colander. Whisk again, so that there are no lumps. This is a very important point, since even the smallest lump will get stuck in the hole through which the dough is poured. Add vegetable oil to the dough and mix. The dough is ready!

I used to pour the dough simply with a spoon, but this time I tried a more convenient way, thanks to the author of the recipe! We take a half-liter plastic bottle, in the lid of the bottle we make a hole 2-3 mm in diameter with the tip of an awl, not too big, so that the dough flows in a thin stream - then the patterns will be more elegant.
Pour the dough into a bottle through a funnel, screw the lid on.

Well heat a clean dry frying pan and, for the first time, grease it with a thin layer of vegetable oil or lard. Next time you don't need to grease.

Now let's draw! Think of your own patterns, but note: first, you need to draw quickly, so that the pancake baked evenly, and secondly, the lines should be moderately thin, so that when you turn the pancake is not torn.

15-20 seconds, and it's time to flip! Do it very carefully, picking up the pancake with a thin wide spatula, you can also help with your hand. The same on the second side, and the lace pancake is ready! They bake instantly, which is another advantage of this recipe. And how delicate they are, both in appearance and in taste!

Imagine, create, make yourself and your family happy!
Of course, every housewife has her own recipe for pancakes, familiar and favorite. In the process of baking thin, delicate pancakes, you just need, as they say, to get used to it and everything will turn out with your eyes closed.

If you want something unusual, learn how to make openwork pancakes. An ordinary recipe with unusual results, because each prepared pancake is like a real work of art!

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Written by   31
2 months ago
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I love your unique lace pancake making processes. I think I should try it.

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2 months ago

This is interesting, I should try this sometime.

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2 months ago

Thank you for this my friend. ❤️ I am thankful because I love pancakes too. I tried once making a pancake, I bought it only in supermarket, the ready to cook.

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2 months ago