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Silver Necklace Finale

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5 months ago

I have spent enough time to train at Silver Land's Training ground. As of now, I still don't know what I am preparing for. But right from the moment I saw the mythical suit, I was dazed. I wanted to wear it, but I do not know if I will be allowed. Anyways, today is my final training.

I am just following him. He keeps on talking, but I am not interested. I can feel the pain in my body, but I have to keep on walking.

When he stopped, I also stopped. And what surprised me is that, we are currently inside the room where the mythical suit is found.

I asked him why we are there and he just responded that, this is already the right time.

I frowned upon hearing it. I was stuck in the moment. There are things in my mind that I want to say, but it was solved when he speak again.

"This suit is actually meant for someone like you. You are the Extreme Silverian Ranger, and it is your duty to save the Silver Land."

I do not know what to react. At first, I laugh because I thought he was just joking. But, his faced was so plain, and it seems that he is asking me if he was just a joke to me.

Anyways, I grabbed the opportunity. I once dream to become a superhero, and this could be the perfect time to fulfill it.

He allowed me to wear it. I was smiling so wide while heading to it. When I started to wear it, it's like it is so cool.

When I have fully wore it, I looked at the mirror and I was amazed by my reflection. I was about to turn my gaze when suddenly we heard a big blast from outside.

It seems like the chaos has started. All I can hear was the scream of Silverians. They were all shouting. The Silverian warriors started to fight the Copperian Bots and Mechas.

The man who is at my side a while ago started to join the fight.

The Copperian Bots have caused a massive damage to the city in just a short period of time.

Without thinking twice, I started to walk. I still don't know how to use the suit, but with my instinct, I just pressed one of the button, and then I started to go up.


I did not expect that the suit can helo me fly. I used it to go nearer at the bots and mechas. Some of them are using their laser and electronic guns on me, but luckily I managed to dodge them all.

I pressed another button and then, an electronic gun came out. I used it to shoot them one by one. When the other Copperian Bots notice me, they immediately chase me.

Unluckily, the energy of the suit was drained. I have no choice, but to fight them using my acquired skills from the training.

I knock them out one by one while dodging their attacks. Later on, I find it difficult to defeat them just by doing, so I tried to find a way to kill them all at once.

I have notices that I haven't clicked yet the last button in my suit, I immediately click it without thinking twice and then suddenly, a big blast happened.

I did not expect that it was the destructive option. It was too late before realizing it all. My suit exploded together with the Copperian Bots and Mechas. I have noticed that the silver necklace wasn't damaged. It was in my hand during the explosion and it saves me from the explosion. Though, I received a lot of damaged.

Before I lose my consciousness, I heard him saying something. But, I just can't understand it.

"Cong.....a...ions! Mis.... Com... ted. "

Then, I woke up from my bed.

I looked myself in the mirror. I did not feel nor see any changes in my body physically. But, I have noticed one thing. I saw the silver necklace on my neck. I screamed and with this thing that I made, I was scolded by my mom.

Thanks for reading it!

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Written by   357
5 months ago
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