Songs worth Listening To ( Phora )

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There is nothing I love more than playing music while working, or playing music while walking alone... Most of the times I don't like walking with people coz I won't listen to my music in peace, while walking together We'd have to talk to each other... I do use my headphones almost every single minute of my life...

Most people in my street gave me a nickname ( earpiece boy) lol I don't actually care about what they think about me coz am always happy, most of the songs I listen to always gives me goosebumps and while most of them are related to my current situation, it kinda makes me wonder if there were actually referring to me lol...

Songs That Am Addicted To

Last two years I was chilling with my big bro, he was playing music on a loud speaker i had nothing doing at that moment and everywhere was silent so I had no option but to listen to the music..

So I asked him the name of the artist and he told me..

  • If you want to know the name of the artist keep reading..

Few months later I was playing music with my audio mack and I checked the recommend song and I came across that same artist so I decided to use the opportunity to listen to his songs..

Artist Name: Phora

Phora is his stage name, his real name is Marco archer, he is 27 years old..

This artist has been one of the best artist that I have come across so far, for me he is the best rapper when it comes to telling stories in songs or talking about reality and love...

While listening to most of his songs I wrote down Some lines that are facts, these lines will keep you thinking and you'd ask yourself some certain question...

Reason Why I Love Phora

  • When it comes to story telling he keeps it real 100% and all his lines are true lines, for example you'd hear him say stuff like getting shot and stabbed multiple times..

  • When I made some research on his songs he was actually telling the truth, he has been shot and stabbed multiple times but thanks to God he survived it....

  • He talks about depression and suicide alot, and I kept asking myself if he is actually thinking of suicide, trust me his songs are too much handle...

Songs To Recommend

If you ever want to list to Phora's songs I think I know the perfect ones to listen before jumping into other songs, though these are my favorite...

  • God's Plan - Phora

  • Fake Smiles - Phora

  • Fake Smiles 2 - Phora

  • Sinner -Phora

  • Sinner 2 - Phora

  • Sinner 3 - Phora

  • Sinner 4 - Phora

  • To The Moon - Phora

  • Yours Truly - Phora

  • You can also listen to his album too: Bury Me With Dead Roses...

Trust me you'd love the ones I recommended first, they keep you think and give you goosebumps lol... Download them and tell me what you think, make sure you use your headphones while listening to them... Love you guys stay safe..

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Well If you are a fan of Rap music that talks about real life situations, then you should definitely listen to NF

His music is Real & highly recommended.

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2 years ago

Yea, he is one of them... I love him too

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2 years ago

Wow it my first time hearing about phora I will check out some of his songs I see you really love him

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2 years ago

Haven't heard about Phora yet, but I guess the songs are good since you are so fond of them. Thanks for letting us know that such artist exists :D

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2 years ago

It's the first time I hear the songs you wrote. I'll take a look.

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2 years ago

Music have been an impact in my life and listening to those voices gives me vibes, seems I'll listen to some of this Phora listen to his songs and also learn for it.

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2 years ago

Just download anyone from the first 3 I wrote it will surely give you goosebumps

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2 years ago